Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

It's been a brilliant week on ABC.  Not only have we had some wonderful work, but in response to the IP writers have been reading out their work either on their own Soundcloud or on the ABC Soundcloud account.  Please keep doing it!  

Our Story of the Week is insertponceyfrenchnamehere's lovely 'Katy, A Ghost Story'.  Insert is usually to be found commenting on other people's work and providing invaluable assistance to  our new and existing members on the site, so it's great to read her work again - and to hear it on Soundcloud!

Poem of the Week is Jupiter Moon's 'september makes dark'.  It's a very different take on the ending of summer, here presented as something to  be very much welcomed rather than regretted:

This week's Inspiration Point - a bit of a continuation of last week's - is here: