Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

I have two equal and very honourable mentions for Story of the Week - both currently lighting up the site and both sadly drawing to a close. In these interesting times they have been a wonderful distraction and I will miss them greatly when they're finished. Please make sure you have a look before they get removed for submission:

Our Story of the Week though, is airyfairy's magnificently therapeutic howl 'Scream' which has struck a chord with so many others since she first posted it:

Our Poem of the Week is the brilliant 'Philosophy and Cappuccino' by agnosticnun:

Read everything mentioned above and you will have a much nicer week!

Here's this week's Inspiration Point:


Congratulations to both the poem and story of week! I really thought both of those were great. 

And thanks for the mention. But no need to worry. I've no plans to submit (and pull) Flamingo Hotel anywhere. I'm just happy for it to be here.