Story & Poem of the Week, & Inspiration Point 2nd June 2023

Chosen this week by Ewan.

Hello all, another bank holiday week, but that hasn't stopped you gifted writers one bit. Naturally, that makes it all a bit difficult, and in the end whatever someone picks, it's all as subjective as subjective can be.

Anyway, Poem of the Week is onemorething's 'Mother Dies' and very nice to see something from one of our best poets again.

Honourable mentions go to Simon Barget's Elk and Marandina's Ranthambore, which would have been contenders on any given week.

Story of the Week was no less difficult. In the end, I chose Aronowitz's historical fiction saga Night Comes Down. There is plenty to get your teeth into already.

I must mention ElegantFowl's Cogito, Ergo Amo. which I stumbled across today, very topical though written some time ago.

The long form multipart pieces by Vincent Burgess , Mac_Ashton and philwhiteland , which may well one day be novels, are certainly great fun. You can start at the beginning by following the respective links.

Ip is here