Chepstow Friday 12.50

Rio is running in his second race at Chepstow this Friday ( 18th). I will be there ( of course) along with a few pals. We are hoping for a good run from him, but a lot depends on the weather. Won't know if its on or not until Thursday. Can't wait!


Good Luck with Rio- let us know how it went. Weather all right now? Is it on?

Thanks Pia, there is an inspection at the course at 08.00am so will know more then.


Meeting was abandonded due to the weather. I'm gutted he had a great chance today and was napped in a few papers. Oh well, we'll have to wait for next time.


Snow,rain? Was the track ruined? What a shame Jolono- hope he's in good shape next time.

He is, so just have to wait for his neat run. Thanks verdana.


Jolono, Have tried to reply to your email concerning Lincoln but it has for some reason not gone. Will try again Moya

Thanks Moya, keep trying or try to send me an email via my contact page.