The East End Butcher Boy

24th April 2013. A date that wil stay with me for a long time. It's the day my book was available on Amazon. It took a year to write and then another year to re-write and edit. But at last its out there.

I've also put a couple of vids on youtube to promote it. Here are the links



YAY!!!! That is FANTASTIC j, I told you your work would do more than only be on Booksie! Congratulatory HUG & Blessings from the South :-) $


Thank you very much Shannan.


Good for you! Big cheer and best of luck. Dx

Thanks Den. Your turn next!


Cool - Go Denni :-) Look forward to celebrating that one too :-) We'll all have to have champers at a marked time ;-)



Damn right Verdana! Congrats again to you.


Hope that the marketing and sales aren't proving too challenging - how has it turned out so far? $


I'm really pleased so far Shannan. The paperback is selling more than the Kindle version. The sales are over three hundred so far and thats about 100 kindle and 200 paperback. I get a report from amazon on how many are selling each morning. Yep, so far so good!


YAY! That is MARVELLOUS :-) Well done :-) have a super weekend! $


And you!


new jolono Just ordered your paper back, The East End Butcher Boy. Sounds great. Well done,can't wait for it to arrive. julie

Thank you very much Julie.


new jolono Well! it was the way the Editor t.cook (Tony) has explained it in depth so great,made me get Ray send for it. Stormy have a good week-end. So pleased for you. julie.

new jolono Hi! Fabulous writer you are just finished, read book The East End'Butcher Boy' few days. Riveted,exciting,dangerous,parts funny, young lad,and challenging so many deals, in it. Well done! Didn't expect that ending,never know. Does it really happen today? Story tells so many different things happen great. Bit scary. Not knowing going happen next,good writer. Think horse was running yesterday something like jolono,going to say busy. take care don't go to too,many butcher shops. Must have worked so hard on this gripping story. Sure it happens even now some how! I went with mum way back,Petticoat Lane. Also remember joints hanging up in butchers,when a child. Thankyou julie

Thank you very much Julie, I am so glad that you liked the book. I think things like that do still go on but I'm sure it's much more difficult to get away with some of the things that we did back then. I have recently returned to the Butchery trade and now go to Smithfield Market early most mornings. it's changed so much from how it was back in the seventies. But the banter is still there! I pass Petticoat Lane twice a day, that too has changed a lot. Once again a big thank you for taking the time to read the book. it really is appreciated.


new jolono Hello! Ah! at last two comments I wrote, on your amazing,book I have read. At last the third reply comment,has gone through alright opologies. Busy many of us singing in groups,places coming up we are all kinds,but whole voices make the sound great. Music Director Conductor compiler,Simon Gray teaches us all that go,pay no sheet music super. So read book in few days. Ooh,good luck Smithfield Market. You have worked so hard on your book I can tell,like you say! Sometimes think if keep altering changes very,thoughts ideas from the beginning,do you think so. We might? get London on 18th. See Ray's doing. I had better write ups for you on book,but all went. 'Track' mine is unavailable long time,don't quite understand. Well I have bought a few Abctales books,good read all writer's work,sometimes Ray send for. Very reasonable too! glad. Well used get full flounced petticoats 'Petticoat Lane,London so reasonable,now over £3O here,and who! got one,my dream! but need full skirt,or dress show it off,if ever use fun! Blighter's rock signed message in his wow! nice. Sun is shining off today la la la! julie