The East End Butcher Boy

When i published my book last year i was in such a rush that i didn 't edit it properly

Now I have and added another 3000 words. If you bought the original let me know and I'll send you a copy of the latest edition.

I'm not trying to push the book just trying to be fair to all who supported me here on Abc....



I've got a copy on my Kindle. How would you send your amends?


No idea! But I think I can send it to an email address? 


Not sure how it works.


Or me. I'll send out paperbacks......



No, that seems unfair. That costs time and effort (which is the same thing). Send the copy of amends.


Can email me, Joe. Would love the other 3 thou if it's no trouble.


Hi Ray, do you have it on Kindle? Im trying to put it free on Kindle for a few days so that people can download it for free. Should have it sorted by Monday. I'll keep you posted.