Froch v Groves

I'm off to Manchester tomorrow to see the fight. Its the biggest grudge match since Benn v Eubanks all those years ago. These two are not playing up to the cameras, they really do loathe each other!

On paper Froch wins. Easy, he's the most experienced and has fought the best there is at his weight. But, Groves has the con fidence of an unbeaten fighter. He really thinks he's indestructible.

I'll give a full report on Monday. Its on Sky pay per view and the undercard is pretty good as well.

So, I've forsaken West Ham v Chelsea to go see the fight. Thats how good I think its gonna be!

The plus side is that the football is on the tele. so will be able to watch it in the hotel before the fight!


I wish I could be there with you jolono.  Froch wins.  The ref will wave it off in the ninth.


Possibly Scratch but you never know..... I fancy Froch all day long but I have this nagging doubt about Groves...


Well time will tell.  Groves is a cagey runner and from what I have seen, which is not a lot I grant, lacks the nastiness to put his back foot on the floor and bang.  


Don't know much about boxing. I'll check the papers and look forward to your report. If' I remember rightly the last tip was Rio had no chance!


You're right CM. Thats why I don't gamble ( much). This is a fight that I'm looking forward to because it just could go either way. Froch is a certainty on paper, but Groves...

Scratch, Groves is up for this fight more than any other. he's been taunting Froch for weeks. He even said yesterday at the press conference just how he was going to fight Froch in the first two rounds and exactly how many right hands he would land. Shades of Ali there...

Whatever happens it will be a great weekend. Just me and my son Tom getting some quality time together, watching a classic fight. He's 28!


He's a lucky lad (Tom not George) then.  I hope you both have a great weekend.  Ther's a pub close by to wher pe you wil be called The Britons Protection:

It's the one we all went to on the darts and doms end of season trip in the story Barred Sine Die.  If its still the same it's well worth a visit.  That's a long time ago for me and nothing stays the same so if you go and I've put you on a bum steer I appologise.


Now normally I'm not one for saying 'I told you so' but I just copied and pasted this from BBC's sports page:

"George Groves says he will demand a rematch with Carl Froch after a disputed end to their WBA and IBF super-middleweight title fight.
Froch retained both titles at the Manchester Arena after referee Howard Foster stopped the fight in round nine."
I should've put a tenner on it.


ah scratch, should have is always easier retrospectively. I'd two bets yesterday. I put the wrong one on and it got gubbed. the right one (less odds) won.

read about the fight though. seems to have been a bumper.


Sure did celt.