The Kitchen Cupboards

I promised my wife that i would put some new kitchen cupboards up before Christmas. I let her down, time just seemed to fly be and I never got round to it. So I promised once again to get it done between Christmas and New Year. Down to B&Q early on Saturday morning and bought 2 large wall units and one small one and 5 doors. Assembled them quite easily and put them on the wall on Sunday morning. I was really pleased with myself, the job had gone well. They looked great. We started sorting out the kitchen and soon filled the new wall units with various things from glassware to crockery.
21.12 Sunday evening, sitting down to watch a new series called Ripper Street on the TV. Suddenly the whole house seemed to shake, there was the most almighty crash from the kitchen. Yes, you've guessed it, the cupboards had come off the wall. The raw plugs hadn't held and had come away taking a large chunk of the wall with them. The kitchen looked like a war zone. We were still clearing up the mess at ten o'clock.

Back down B&Q on Monday, buying the same again, only this time buying massive screws, giant raw plugs and just to be on the safe side some "no more nails".

Job done... well, fingers crossed.


Crikey Jolono- how many plates and glasses were broken- not too many I hope? Here's crossing my fingers for it not happening again! Makes me think of one of my curtains which is fastened with sewing pins because I just never get around to sewing a hem on it. But you can't see it with the naked eye.

Quite a few Pia. We waited a while before we re-stocked the new ones! So far so good...


This made me smile jolono as my husband spent six months self building my kitchen. I tried so hard to be patient until patience snapped. Reading highhats comments has comforted me as I put up some curtains in my caravan; fixing the hems with tiny gold saftey pins. Guilt should set in...but it hasn't.

They're still up there Esther!