London Competition.

The London Competition! 2 Books to be won. The Gentle Authors London Album and my own not quite so great East End Butcher Boy! Just £2 an entry ( See home page). Anything about London is welcome. Prose or Poetry it makes no difference. I want to know what you think about London, How you feel about London ( Celticman, I already know what you think, but have a go anyway!). I want to hear stories and poems about London. Sights, smells, sounds...anything! Over £30 worth of books to be won. Each for Poetry and prose. Come on....just £2 an entry. I Love the place but you may think differently...


yeh, I'll have a go. Happy to. 


Good man. You know it makes sense...


bookies have installed me as second favourite to win it. 12/1. 


Nichola Sturgeon and Ray Winstone are both even money!


Can you repost older poems - might give more variety - at £2 per entry, of course! Rhiannon


Thats fine Rhiannon.