London Competition ( Update)

The entries so far have been coming in thick and fast. There is just one week to go ( deadline is midnight 13th August). All details can be found on this link.

Just £2 per entry and there will be a winner for best Poetry and best Prose. The prize is a copy of The Gentle Author's "London Album" and a copy of my own book "The East End Butcher Boy". That's £30 worth of books in total. As long as it has a "London" theme it can be entered.

Go on...have a go!



£2 doesn't get you a block of cheese. Right enough, I like cheese. The East End Butcher Boy isn't about meat as many would think, but one of the best books not about cheese since Wotsits were iinvented. Go on, what have you got to lose. Enter. Two squeaky, measly quid. 


Hi Jolono.  Just seen this with regard to comp.  You have seen my attempt on my page. Is this ok or should I move it.  Regards  Roy


Hi Roy, seen it and added it to the Comp. You're in!


Bless ya Jolono. You're a star.