Mayweather v Pacquiao ( Part 2. History)



It’s the fight that should have happened 5 years ago. Some would say when both men were at their peak.

In 2009, the American Sports Channel ESPN, announced that contracts had been signed and the fight would take place on March 13, 2010. They’d jumped the gun. Contracts had been sent from one camp to another but not signed. Things had to be sorted.

These two fighters each believed that they were the best on the planet. They were both World Champions. So how the fight would be billed. Would it be Mayweather v Pacquiao, or Pacquiao v Mayweather? It’s important because it’s usually the better fighter (The Champ) whose name comes first. Who would be first to enter the ring? The Champion is usually last to enter the ring meaning the challenger has to wait for him. Who would be the first to step on the scales at the weigh in? Who would have the better locker room? Two men with big egos. No one wanted to be seen as the challenger. Most importantly how would the purse be split? The Champ usually gets more than the challenger.

It was rumoured that these things were sorted out amicably with some compromise. It would be Mayweather v Pacquiao. Mayweather would be first in the ring and wait for Pacquiao. The purse would be split 50-50. But the real obstacle was blood testing. The Mayweather camp asked for “Olympic Style” drug testing. Team Pacquiao agreed.

Then it all became silly.

“Would the tests be Urine or blood, or a combination of the two? Would there be set days for the tests to take place or would they be random? Who would do the tests? What organisation? Who would oversee it?

Pacquiao agreed to Urine tests at any time and 3 blood tests. One in January, another 30 days before the fight and another immediately after the fight. It seemed fair.

But Mayweather wanted something different. He wanted random blood tests (anytime) during the build up to the fight. Pacquiao’s team refused. The fight was off.

Mayweather accused Pacquiao of running scarred. Pacquiao said that he hated giving blood as he felt it weakened him (Religious beliefs). Also random blood testing would mess up his training schedule. Pacquiao said that Mayweather knew all this and knew that Pacquiao would never agree to it and therefore it was Mayweather that didn't want the fight.

Various counter offers were made by both teams but an agreement couldn’t be made. The fight was off.

For the past five years the fight has been on and off more times than a whores knickers.

Even now with only 8 days to go there is still controversy over ticket allocation. I understand that it has now been resolved and the contracts were signed YESTERDAY!






Bloody hell, that is cutting it fine.


brinkmanship. It's good box office and as you said with egos the size of Europe there's not a lot of room for comprimise. 


So, who's going to win?


Smart money's on Mayweather. He's odds on. Especially to win on points. Pacquiao for me though. 


Pacquiao stops Mayweather in the 8th - remember Frotch v Groves II?


Remember it was. You and your Chrystal Ball...?


I also fancy Pacquiao to stop him but it's a tough one to call. 


It is jolono, it really could go either way.