Mayweather v Pacquiao ( Part 4. Almost There.)

Almost There.


In just over twelve hours’ time, we’ll know who’s the world’s best boxer at welterweight and more importantly who’s the best pound for pound boxer alive today.

It’s being billed at Good Guy v Bad Guy. Floyd Money Mayweather the multi-million dollar, cocky, arrogant, bully boy American against little Manny Pacquiao the quiet well- mannered Filipino.

Not quite the truth. That’s what the promoters want us to believe because it all adds to the hype. When Mayweather takes over a restaurant and buys dinner for 200 of his entourage it’s seen as brash and cocky. When Pacquiao does the same thing everyone says what a nice kind hearted person he is. Pacquiao spent somewhere between $3m and $4m on 900 tickets for his family and hangers on but the headline was “Generous Pacqiao treats his friends”.

Mayweather is telling everyone that this fight is only worth the $400m revenue because of him. Not true. He needed Pacquiao. No other fighter could have given him the purse that he’s expected to get (win, lose or draw).

So who will win?

Smart money is on Mayweather to win on points. He’s without doubt the bookies favourite because he is so hard to hit. His defence is unequalled. He can “spoil” a fight by using his ring craft so well that a fighter can only seem to land blows on his shoulders and upper arms. Fighters get frustrated and begin to take chances. Mayweather then picks them off in the second half of the fight with hard hitting combinations that soon take their toll. That’s the way he wins most of his fights.

Pacquiao hits hard. He’s also got lightening quick hands. Shane Mosley who has fought both fighters said about Pacquiao “I looked at this little guy and thought no way is he going to beat me. The next thing I knew I was getting up off the floor and feeling dizzy.” Ricky Hatton, who Pacquiao beat in two rounds, said “Even when he punched me on the arms, it hurt!”

It’s simple physics. Speed and velocity equal power. That’s what Pacquiao has. Not only does he hit hard, he hits with speed. If and it’s a big if, he can catch Mayweather then it could be all over. But 47 other fighters have tried to find the answer and have failed. Mayweather wins every time. He’s NEVER been beaten as a professional.

So…it’s easy. If Pacquiao can get in quick, land punches and then move away before Mayweather has a chance to counter punch, he wins. If, like every other fighter he can’t hit Mayweather due to his fantastic defensive skills then Mayweather wins on points.

Me? I’m on Pacquiao.

The one thing that I want more than anything, is that it’s a great fight. I’ll be watching it in a boozer in London with about 30 mates. Can’t wait….


God, I wish I could be with you jolono.  Have a great (if not long) night.


Getting there at 10. I've been in training all my life for this night...




I'd be the ropes after six pints and snoozing by twelve, in my bed and knocked out by 2 am. ha, I thought the pubs shut early in london. Don't know much about boxing, but I'd guess from what I've read, Mayweather to win, twelvth round knockout. 


We had to get an "events" licence from the local authority. It's all ticket so technically it's a private party. Lot's of grub to keep us a wake and coffee ( with brandy) every couple of hours! Cabs booked for 6am!


sounds good mate. enjoy your night (or morning). 


It's a tough one...but I'll try my best.


a draw, but Mayweather wins on points. Sounds about right. Slept through the hype and can't say I missed anything? 


Long night. Mayweather won easily. 8 rounds to 4. He did what he always does. He bloody well wins! My head hurts....