Rio at Ascot on Friday

We were concerned about the ground. If we'd had a frost then the ground would have been too hard. But its been mild and a nice drop of recent rain has made the ground soft and just what we want for Rio. 

Because of his last win he's up in class and up against some good Novice Chasers. But, we know he jumps well and the distance is no problem for him.

We're hoping to get either Richard Johnson who rode him last time or Tony McCoy. You can't get any better than that.

Will he win? Who knows, certainly not me. All I know is he's in good form and getting better and more experienced with every race.

He's running in the 13.30 race on Friday at Ascot.

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Come on Rio!  Those are big name jockeys you have in mind jolono.  Good luck, I hope that he romps home.


I'll stick a fiver on him, but he better win or else he's dog meat Rio.


Just heard that Tony McCoy is booked for the ride. CM, hope your fiver turns into something bigger. I've got the sausage machine on stand by just in case!

Scratch, what can i say. i'm chuffed that he's running at Ascot, who knows next stop could be Cheltenham, but thats just a dream at the moment!


cheers jolono. I just hope Rio knows your a dab hand with the sausage machine.


shit. I put a fiver each way on him, but put the 3.30 race at Ascot.


alas poor Rio, ridden by Tony McCoy, led the whoe way until the last fence, only to drop behind and come in second. Bad news. It was the favourite. Worse news- well done Rio-but still dogmeat.


Well, I've put the sausage machine away, for now at least! I watched the race and Rio wasn't fluent over a couple of fences, which is unlike him. He did exactly what we wanted him to do, which was take the lead and run at his own pace.

McCoy was complimentary afterwards saying that the ground was a bit " heavier" than expected and this could have been why Rio couldn't get a good jump at times. he also said that he needs to mature a bit more and will be a much better horse next year. He was the youngest in the field and the winner was a year older.

So now we put him away till the spring and let him have a holiday.

I'll go and see him next month and give him a cuddle, but also to see just how much sausage meat we can get!


I suppose to put it into perspective, if you'd asked me five weeks ago would I be happy with a first and a second in his next two races, I'd have said a big fat yes.

Next year we will really see just how good Rio is.

Now, the other one will be two in January and is unnamed and hasn't yet had a saddle on his back. But his breeding is superb. He's our BIG hope!


Bloody Hell jolono! how many have you got?  coming second is a good place.  I'd be chuffed.


Just the two Scratch. Rio, and a foal we bought last year. He's out of a Horse called "Presenting" who was a Group 1 winner but had to retire due to injury. His mother was a good chaser. Hes still a baby and has done nothing more than  eat grass for the past 12 months. But next year we'll start to train him properly. We have high hopes for the boy. We still cant make our minds up what to call him. We've argued about it for months! Over a glass of something of course...


What about 'Alphabet'?


What about Missippi Gambler?

I'll wait till next year before I put my hard earned cash on what I hope will be a cert... not a dead cert though!  I'll splash the cash when he's ready.  Well done though to the both of yers!