Rio at Ludlow

So much for putting him away for a few months! That was the plan but the stable is in great form so we decided to give him a run out today at Ludlow. Where is Ludlow? I hear you ask. Well, imagine the end of the world and then a bit farther than that!

It's in Shropshire and close to Wales. From London the train takes over 3 hours and then theres a short cab ride. To be honest for a race that lasts a few minutes its not worth it. Even though I love Rio and want to see him run everywhere he goes the thought of over eight hours travelling there and back is just too much.

So I'll be watching it in a bar in the City with a glass of something cold in my hand.

He's favourite today, 2-1. Its not an easy race and once again hes the youngest in the line up.

He's in the 3.10 race so if you get a chance to watch it, give him a cheer please.

I'm staying in the bar for a while afterwards and meeting up with Karl Wiggins. Might have a sore head tomorrow!


Don't lead Mr Wiggins astray Jolono, he's a sensitive boy and not well versed in the ways of the world, lol.  I hope Rio wins!


Last time we met up we were only going to stay for a couple and ended up being chucked out at closing time! I'll be cheering him on. The Horse, not Karl...


good luck jolono. at 2/1 I won't back him. I'm more of a let's back the outsider kinda man (greedy). But for once, I hope the favourite wins.


Me too CM. He's a "false" favourite as far as Im concerned. The stable is in great form and I think thats why he's become the jolly.I have a feeling he'll go off at around 6-4. Too short....


I've just come in so I've missed the race but I hope he made you proud.



He came third. The jockey said that he finished tired. So we will put him away now and let him go and eat grass for a few months. Hes had a long season and time for a well deserved rest. We'll see him again in March/April.


I watched the race before this and Rio looked tired at the finish, probably with the weight of the money I had on him. I'm sorry he came third, but glad I didn't back him especially at those odds.


Great time last night with Joe and some of his mates. They're a quiet crowd, given to saying 'grace' every time someone bought another round. Their naturally introverted personalities were somewhat brought out of their shell after a few pints and bottles of wine, but it was plain none of them are used to the demon drink.


Hi CM, both McCoy and Johnson said the same thing. " He'll be a better horse next year" He wont be five until May so he's still a youngster. Another year of growing and strengthening up and we'll see what we've got. 


Ahh Mr Wiggins! Despite getting in at gone eleven, I was still up and at Smithfield just after five this morning. I must have been on auto pilot!

Anyway, a very nice evening. I'm glad we had those two sweet sherries and I have to admit that I was jeolous of the "snowball" that you had to finish the evening off.

Hope you enjoy the steaks! 


Joe the steaks were lucious, moist and sexy! We had them with melted stilton, garlic-stuffed mushrooms and parmentier potatoes. And I can assure you there wasn't much left for the dog afterwards.So many thanks for that.

I can highly recommend this East End Butcher Boy!