Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

It’s been lovely to read a few Halloween / Samhain creeping onto the site. Keep them coming.

Meanwhile, as usual, it’s very hard to choose just one Poem and Story of the Week so have a good of what’s been posted this week - there are lots of gems. 

Our Story of the Week has to be celticman’s Creeping F-ing Jesus. I suppose it’s very unusual to have Story of the Week twice in a row, but it’s so moving and well-written and you must read them if you haven’t already. There’s Vermin and Glasgow’s Necropolis posted today.

Poem of the Week is marandina’s Samhain and Beyond, it’s a wonderful poem that captures the spirit of the season.

Our new Inspiration Point is here:

Happy Friday! 


Congrats to CM who is on fire at the moment. Thanks a million for the accolade. Made up. Paul :)


thanks marinda and the pickers. there's lots to be thnkful for.