Happiness is a warm keyboard = I live to and love to write

I’m lost in the magic tonight.

When a writer has to leave a story for too long they have to reacquaint themselves with the characters. So I am living in ‘A Wizard’s Magic’ and getting to know my hero and heroine again and actually liking them. And like a reader, I am wondering where this story will lead them and how will it end?

It is so easy to lose the thread of a story when you can’t sit and write 24/7 and that’s what happened to me…I couldn’t find those moments in my day… and for a long time I had to give up on writing at night, too tired from the days requirements to keep my eyes open.. let alone my imagination awake to finish a paragraph…much less a chapter. The days demands made it difficult to stay on the story and continue the narrative…I lost the concentration and the story progression.

So tonight…I am filling a small glass of red wine comfort…and reading my way through the posted chapters,…and like all authors do…I am finding errors, revisions, corrections and story shifts and re-editing, which is both good and bad because I am filled with second guessing…but it’s necessary for me to get back into the lives of the characters and give them the proper last chapters they deserve.


Tonight…I am giving my undivided attention to my craft... in the wee small hours of the morning…on a full moon night…I am letting myself be swept away in my own imagination and loving it.

Thanks for listeningsmiley




yep. I guess we've all done that. 


Thanks...good to know I'm not aone.smiley


I know exactly where you're coming from . I do hope you are able to find time to continue, I so enjoy reading the Magic of your story.

Take your time, it took me three years to finish one of my story's, so stick with it.

All the best.

Jenny. yes

Thank you Jenny-

I'm so glad you understand and yes some stories can take years to complete. For me, it's because I have a habit of rewritting - but I've started again and posted the next chapter for "A Wizard's Magic" and I hope I'm on the right path for Troy and Serena.smiley