Happiness is a warm keyboard= I live to and love to write

I have not been blessed this week with the art of literary creation. I have been staring at blank pages for far too long…and too many hours…to feel content with my day.

Why? What causes this lack of concentration…This ebb from imagination to flat line? I’ve only an empty room and humming keyboard responding…no answer forth coming.

It is frustrating. I know the story is there and the next chapter on the verge of birth but...here…just on the precipice of a thought I hang…and dangle…and twist…but I cannot force the process.

I’ve tried typing any thought that takes hold but when I read that printed thought…It lacks conviction and sounds false to the character…and so I delete.

I have to admit…This week I have not been in the proper frame of mind to compose....Maybe it's simply not the time for me to write.

I look out the window and see the leaves turning green on the trees. I know the air is warming and the days are getting longer…Maybe I'm in a transition as well. Maybe I need a fresh start to my day…to my story?

I concede to this non writing moment and decide...I'll go for a walk…soak up life and nature around me. Enjoy the feeling of being alive on this fine summer day…and hope the literary muse…will smile kindly on me tomorrow…

Thanks for listeningsmiley





Hi Penny,

I'm so sorry to hear you have writers block. I know how you're feeling because I went through the same thing some weeks ago. It can be so frustrating, but I promise it will return and you'll probably surprise yourself at what comes out of your imagination.

May the power of words be with you very soon.


Thank you for the encouragement Jenny, It is frustration when you stumble around words trying to find the story again but you're right - this too will pass- it's just bothersome until it does.smiley