Happiness is a warm keyboard = I live to and love to write

Find your way home? What does that mean?

Find your way home in writing is being true to what you know. Even in non-fiction and fantasy fiction where you can pretty much create what you want…you have to believe it yourself or no one else will.

I am having that kind of dilemma. “Antediluvian Trouble” is giving me all kinds of trouble.

I can create the characters /personality and such, but the surroundings of Atlantis are causing havoc. I’ve posted and deleted and posted and still I am not sure I am creating what, I think, is the true picture in my head.

I know where I want to end this but how to get there, and the scene it plays in, is still developing.

I now understand how a story can take literally years to complete.

I have tried going to my comfort zone to write this book. In the wee hours of the night, when everyone is sleeping, my music playing and soft lights illuminating little, except for the harsh light of my laptop, a good cup of tea, wine would just put me to sleep and that would be anti-helpful, I’ve let my mind create and words flow at will and I have come up with some keepers, but in most sessions not much.

I want this story to shine and to do that I have to reach into storylines I have never ventured in, worlds of destruction, deep dark egos, gods with powers that can corrupt and annihilate, Heroes facing sinister selves.  

Writing is like life – you take chances to grow and hope you do not fail. I want to grow in this and failure is not my target. But I'm not looking to be famous I just want to be proud of what I create.


Sitting here with brain cells firing and words colliding, each wanting to be the victor and I am the ever cautious keeper hoping to let the right words in.

 Thanks for listening.smiley

If you read this chapter and care to comment - will be appreciated much!




Hemmingway said all rough copy is shit. Almost everything I post in my collections are rough copies awaiting criticism to improve or stop trying to improve it, its already there. Shoot the engineer. It's time to manufacture. Usually when I'm trying to imagine, which in itself is almost impossible, I come somewhat near what I'm trying to imagine but not there. Sometimes that effort is enough and surprises the hell outta me. I take the effort, the rough copy, and throw a title on it and see if it sticks to the wall all by itself.

I don't try to imagine as I don't try to fall asleep because when I do try to fall asleep, I'm up all night with insomnia. Don't try to imagine. Let imagination come to you just as sleep comes to you. Keep track of the imagination that's coming through whether or not if it the imabgination you were trying to imagine. Take the gift your imagination is giving you....capture it with love...pretty a bow on it and see if it flies on its own.


Thank you and I will try to do that. You make it sound poetic as well as useful to just let it be.


The thought in your head and those on the page are different beasts. I wouldn't worry too much about first drafts. Get the words out of your head and on the page and make them sing for their supper later. 


Yes I will...as you've said get the first draft down -then tamper with it later.  Makes me feel it is okay to have a rough beginning and okay to have a wrok in progress too. Thank you so much for the insight I do appreciate it.


This story in my head needs to be free and so I will go on this journey - and let it go where it will.