Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write


The computer hums. The blank page pristine in its emptiness – I take a breath and concentrate on the characters and story—suddenly that blankness is filled with words. Thoughts fly so fast I typo trying to get it all down. When I stop my eyes widen.

What have I written? How could I have let the story bend this way? I should delete all the way back to blankness- but I hesitate over the key--- No, I can find the words. I will create this world.

I’ve never been there and have no history book to read of it. Was it a myth or fact?  A poetic account real or imagined? A large area of water that may have once been filled with a massive land. A cataclysm undocumented and unsubstantiated yet holds a legendary affect on the imagination.

What if ?... What if Atlantis had been real? Where would it have been and who would have occupied it? Like the gods of Greek and Roman Mythology could Atlantis have had its own ruling gods? Of course it could have.

And that is the line I followed and wrote myself into a corner.

Now I have to create that unknown world in words, breath life into its existance. It’s lived in my writers imagination as a place of unbelievable artistry and invention but to put imagination to words and fill the ‘what ifs’ of others...  it is a task that at the least is daunting and at the most impossible.

And yet I will not delete -- I will let my wildest imaginings come through in words and fill the pages. I will write this chapter and on to completion. If in the end it falls short... at least I tried. And then I can always hit ‘delete’.

Thanks for listening. smiley

To read my dilemma here is a link to Chapter 6 “Antediluvian Trouble”.




Good piece! It sums up the writer's struggle very well.

Thank you. It helped to flesh out my dilemma and I am so very grateful for your comment.