Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

A writer knows when a character has taken full form. They become real to them. The dialogue flows like true conversations and the next line writes itself, because the character's personality dictates it. That’s when a writer will tell you, they are in the zone.

The story is practically writing itself. The words are images of movement and you know immediately when a line is not right, it doesn’t fit the character, it wouldn’t be what they’d say or do.

It’s amazing when you feel this connected to the story. It’s like being on another plane of existence…and it’s so rewarding when you read back what you’ve written and think…did I write that? As if you were in a trance…and maybe you were.

This pure communication of mind to paper, or computer screen, is transcendental when it happens and it doesn’t happen all the time. The writing muse, if you will, is very discerning and elusive and will not inspire on demand but when all thoughts align and the words flow like pure poetry, life is truly good.

So after a spell of nothing, no ideas, no perfect dialogues it is sheer happiness when you find yourself in the muses favor.

I have been playing with a new story for a while and trying to reworking some older ones that have remained unfinished and I’m finding, for what ever reason, I am suddenly feeling inspired.


So tonight I’ll let the lamp light shine… fill pages with words…see a story take shape… and fall in love with all the characters…and as I sip that honeyed tea, I hope all the writers tonight will find their inspiration...

Thanks for listeningsmiley                                                             




I so enjoy reading these blog pieces, Penny.  I always find it weird, that sometimes the words flow and the ideas pour out, and other times it's like walking through treacle, up a mountain, with a wardrobe on your back.  Always lovely to see new work of yours on here.

I am truly humbled by your comment airyfairy - and so happy you've enjoyed my littel blog ramblings. Thank you.smiley


It's great when you get in the flow, then you know (what I'm not sure). 


not sure either- but it is a great feeling. smiley