Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write

1/1/2021, 12:02am...I sit on my porch watching the fireworks bursting in the night sky over the rooftops of celebratory neighbors, reflecting on those drizzling, dazzling colors of isolated celebrations and it takes me back in time.

All the New Year day celebrations I've partied through with bright eyes filled with the promise of a new year, celebrating that hope with friends and family...and yes, that look back is very clear to me…as turning our heads to the past always will be.

That rearview looking glass, compartments of time, framed albums of snapshots, has gotten longer through the years... and these chronicled highlights of events and people, who’ve left big footprints and deep impressions through cumulative years, stirs a caldron of bittersweet emotions.

If I look closely, I can see the minute changes taking place in myself through my changing age and hear the echoes of questions…What is life…What does life have in store for me…What knowledge of self will be nurtured and what will fade?

Ultimately coming to the understanding that destiny is not always in our power to control, there is a sad enlightenment in remembering those formative years and how they unfolded.

But today, on this unwritten, first day of a new year, the weather man has predicted a bright sunrise and heralds the day shall dawn warm and dry.

Ahhh, this Florida welcome to a New Year will feel like the newness of a spring day.

I smile and imagine the day springing new growth and blossoms of beauty from within us and we stand strong against the weeds of dissent that had been allowed to prosper in the last year and it helps us find the unifying words to calm the storms of hatred hat hav bewed unchecked.

Obviously, I have a very optimistic hope for better days ahead and a child like trust there will be opportunities to bring it to reality…but I have no guarantee this will come to pass. I have no guarantee the next minute of my own life will come to pass, as nothing beyond this second is promised.

The present is…the future is not.

Still, optimism sparks my dreams and I do see a new year fueled by kinder wishes fulfilled.

So in light of my very strong desire for goodness to reassert itself in this conflicted world… I wish you all A Happy “New” Year…and raise a toast to say…

May it truly be NEW and brightly lit with sparks of kindness and healing for everyone who is sharing this very small planet.

Thanks for listening,smiley













Hi Penny,

I always harp back to that Monty Python saying:- Always look on the bright side of life, Think positive and keep smiling no matter what. smiley

There are so many people worse off than myself and family. I think of all those that don't have the luxury of a roof over their head in this biitter cold weather. The people stuck in airports anxious to get home to their country, but unable to because of Brexit.

LIke you I have some wonderful memories of fun parties and New Years that I never wanted to end. That's what making memories is all about, so that in later years we can smile at past moments. smiley

It was nice to read your writing here and glad you're feeling as positive as you can under the circumstances.

For me my hope for the New Year is that my right hip improves, although I feel another hip operation is the only answer,  as I can't walk very far with out a stick for support. But with all the NHS problems, I'm not sure they're performing hip operations, so for now managing with the stick will have to do. 

Like you here's to optimism, wink kindness  and healing for everyone.

Take care,



Hi Jenny - I didn’t know you were still having trouble with your hip and I pray it will heal and give you no pain soon and you will not have to suffer through another operation. Perhaps just a little more time will improve it...so wrap your self in the blanket of love and healing wishes I’m sending your way, and take care. `Happy New Year Jenny…may it truly be a Happy and Healthy year for you!


sparks of kindness would, indeed, be a blessing. 


Hear! Hear!    Happy New Year Celticman!