Happiness is a Warm Keyboard=I Live to and Love to Write

Where have all my imaginative thoughts gone to?

I ask myself this as I try to conjure up words...to bring my story back to life...to continue where I’ve left it off and take it through the middle, and on to the ending.

It's not often I’m lost for words; in fact, I usually carry too many around and toss them out of my thinking bag a bit over zealously…then I have to comb through the mess of words I’ve tossed about and kick out the useless, over descriptive and unnecessary ones...and try to push them all back in the word sack...sometimes they refuse to go.

But today, I'm not having that dilemma...today I'm sitting in stony silence, watching that darn blinking cursor with equally blinking thoughts...and feeling frustrated.

I don’t like this feeling…not sure of where I want these characters to go...where the story needs to  bend…and...I'm  equally infuriated that these characters won't help me. After all, I brought them to life, shouldn’t they feel obligated to take the reigns, is that too much to ask?

Maybe, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone; this non-fantasy is a lot harder to write. I cannot fall back on something magical to spice it up and...you know... I love writing about magical beings. Still, I know there’s a story in me for these characters and I will find my footing again...just not today.

Today it's taken me a few more cups of tea to stimulate the old writer’s mind and get my imagination to see where the story could go...but...it's not working.

I love writing and I don’t often get discouraged. Of course, writing is more fun when it flows like a movie in your head, and not so much fun when it takes a long commercial break...but trying to fight it, when thoughts are the most opaque, is fruitless.

I’ve also learned, getting away from it, going outside and enjoying your day, is much more productive and conducive to a getting a new perspective on your story; it clears your head of cobwebs and false starts.

So to that end...I am signing off; closing down the silence of those characters...and taking a walk outside.

Since nature has given me a rare sixty degree moring here in too sunny, hot Florida, I think it’s meant to be…I think I have an obligation to enjoy, and explore, this bright, cool gift of nature…and I've decided I will accept this gift, with grace and surrender.

It's all about letting the things we cannot change be, and revisiting new possibilities…tomorrow.

So enjoy today, whatever the weather may be, and look for inspiration in mother nature…she never disappoints. She inspires me to see new worlds within this one.

So I am going to capture my day ...or as is said: " Carpe diem! To one and all.

Thanks for listening. smiley


your walk made your wonderful anemoi poem, so it was time well spent! I found this very interesting, though,  as reading your stories, they do seem like a free flowing stream; I do hope you are able to continue soon, both for your sake and selfishly mine as I love reading them   :0)


Thank you Di-hard, I think a walk in nature is reflective and calming and for me, conducive to creativity. I do have a few new ideas for the two stories I'm working on; I'll just have to see which way the characters want to go. smiley


just do your best. That's all we can do. 


Thank you celticman; I appreciate the encouragement very much; and you are rght.smiley