have you ever

opp is it just me or has anyone on here ever done what i just did. done some lovely writing and hit a key and opp it all gone and you can't remember it lol laugh 

 hint to myself and to all copy and paste and save it before you lose it like I just it . i don't know how the rest of you are but when I write, it comes from somewhere don't know where. so once i write it i won't remember it unless it's down on text somewhere lol

i always call writing a craft, if i look back on some of the things i wrote when i was 12 and look at them i go ouch me now being over 21  well call me 21 and a bit  lol

and for me i have known that if someone asks me to write something for them i can't do it like a factory, it doesn't work, it has to be what i call that hand of whatever it is to hit me and i just write.

sometimes it's like it not me it's someone else ok call me nuts 

i think we are all a bit nuts  a mix bag of nuts 


We are all most definitely nuts! smiley


sorry to hear that swinwoody, I remember it happening. Bummer. 


You're not the only one. It's happened to me on a number of occasions, especially when I first started on abc tales, it makes you really stressed...well it did me, because like you I can never recall what I wrote to begin with, poetry especially is something you write in the moment and can never get back. Now I not only write a copy out by hand, but keep a copy on my laptop and another on the computer, that way I hope I'm covered. 

Sorry to hear of you loosing your writing, but don't ever give up, just put to one side and start afresh.