Let's Start Again Book Out Now!

The wonderful wilkybarkid has put together a book of all the entries from our last 'Let's Start Again' competition.

It's available, price £5.99, from:


I do hope that many of you will take this opportunity to buy a little bit of history - and see yourself in print!

Many many thanks go to wilky for his sterling efforts on all of our behalfs.


Hi, Just wondering where the proceeds from the book are headed? J x


Oh, I see! I am so sorry - of course I think you should get paid for your efforts but I was also hoping that a charity would benefit once you have been paid for your time. Of course, I am hoping that a lot of copies will be sold because it's a great collection of work! J x p.s. off to buy my copy now! Can you sign it, please? x


Special Offer: Quote code EARLYSHOPPERUK when purchasing up to 11/11/11 and save 20% off the price.

Hi All, although I think this is great, I personally would of hoped for all the entrants or at least majority of them to of been in the book and that is what I thought we talked about in the forum. It is good to see more writers on abctales in print, but lets strive to get all in some form of print even if we do a compilation for charity as suggested above :)) Keep writing Keep Smiling :)))

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new WilkyBarKid Hello! Thankyou, all the hard work and time, you have put into this Anthology book! As you know I have or we,ordered bought. And I am still, reading marvellous writer's and author's work everyday. All different way's. Of writing. If we get to London, I will bring the book, 'Let's Start Again' and may be you could sign, please! Would liked another book, but short cash this week. With birthday's and show! And now it is reduce a bit. Had shows pay for, and his birthday. Both O.A.P. Unless possible put another anthology book buy! Please. Well done John selling too! I carry my AbcTales Magazine, 23 all in, true, and me show and tell all meet, when I get jerk! in me ask them, or tell them join, no experience for them. All the best. I once, printed? pay £15 for one,in books of so many,that happen each time. After four definitely finished. Know my meaning.? And alway's ask for more, of course. And word's like your or could be a writer, few years, back what! rubbish. On a 1st one. julie Cavalcaderl x Nov 10th November Odering another 'Let's Start Again' Great book! Thanks re-duction. julie x

I had hoped all the "58 contest entrants" would have been receptive to seeing their story in print. I now hope that ABC Ed WilkyBarKid who kindly put his time and effort into producing the "Lets Start Again" book is not financially disadvantaged in anyway. I intend to purchase another copy to give away as part of the "Read a Book" and pass on to another scheme. Brian.

Hi Wilkybarkid :) sorry not responded earlier but only come on certain amount of times a week and been ill last week or so on and off. It was not meant to offend I was saying how great it would be. and I do not believe that I got a email off anyone about having my poem in the book? although I have had problems with an old email and use one starting with pretty......, so unless it was emailed to that address I did not get asked sir :) So I presume my poem is not in the book lol. I am glad that others are. But well done on doing all the hard work Wilkybarkid. Keep writing Keep Smiling :))))

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new WilkyBarKid And Editor t.cook AbcTales.com (Tony) MY OPOLOGIES POST JUST COME. AND THE 2nd BOOK of 'LET'S START AGAIN HAS ARRIVED NOW. 10.45AM. FRIDAY 25th NOVEMBER. Thankyou so much all your long hours,you must have done pn printing,'Let's Start Again' Marvellous book. I received my 1st one amazing within two days. Ray does it all by Paypal I can't do all that. I pay him. Always. And your kind email,to ask like to put mine in. Still reading great first one of all well edited. I took my first one to 'The Wheatsheaf'with me. Many thanks all your help MY OPOLOGIES BOOK 'LETS' START AGAIN JUST ARRIVED Friday 10-45am November 25th 2011. Many thanks. Great Fabulous hard book cover wow!. Hope all is ok. cavalcaderl julie x AbcTales.com x

Hi Guys :) Could any 1 tell me if there will be any more editions of 'lets start again' book? only I would be happy 2 buy the one you have done now, however I am not i a postion 2 order another if any more editions came out so just checking, so if some 1 could get back 2 me on this, I would appreciate it. thanks Trish x

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