Poetry Monthly

Travelling from one place to another heightens the senses. In October we hit the road again and the quality of the journey was astounding – poetry that used memory in both the surreal and conventional. Your confidence in experimentation stood out and loudly. Some pieces have been selected for POTD and POTW which goes to show that Love-writing’s theme gave rise to great work - a big thanks. Detailed critiques are also emerging now, so do get involved and reciprocate on other member’s work where you can. Here are three diverse pieces to enjoy:

Always one for humour, Luigi’s pithy road to the future. Light and lyrical:


Love-writing’s narrator is a vulnerable back-seat passenger. Childhood shaken up:


Philip Sidney's stunning nostalgic walk through the past:


I’m ridiculously excited about Bee’s idea for this month. Here’s what she’s after:

                                                    The Stage is Your Page - Performance Poetry

How does performance poetry differ from the bog standard written variety? I guess the quick answer is that one is written to be read and the other to be said - out loud to be heard. But where written poetry can be a private means of expression, performance poetry is read or recited for the benefit of, or in a way that acknowledges the presence of an audience.

Performance poetry transforms readings into the theatrical, using atmosphere and emotions, along with experimental rhythms and dramatic effects in order to engage the audience in a listening experience, which requires an immediate response, without the benefit of too much thinking time. Examples of performance poets to look up :- YouTube Examples:Taylor Marli (as he takes the P out of performing poets) - "I could be a poet"  /  Kate Tempest - "My Shakespeare" / Hollie McNish - "Embarrassed” / Maya Angelou - "And still I rise"

I’m notching this up a step to ask members to come out, come out, wherever you are and record a video or audio performance of their poems to share with us on ABCTales. Go on, don’t be shy. (It’s not a pre-requisite - the page still counts!) Most ‘phones and ipads have recording facilities. You can visit YouTube or Soundcloud to upload both videos and voice. Hudsonmoon’s a pro at performance. Take a look at his videos and I know he wouldn't mind supporting members if any minor technical queries emerge. Can’t wait to listen to your inspirations. See you in December. Thanks for getting stuck in.


Photo Source: http://tinyurl.com/nfyw378


This is ACE!


Cool! I'm excited about this!

The beat of your heart is the mellifluent rhythm to my soul.

Challenge accepted. Can't wait to see/hear what people come up with.


What a great idea from Bee. I won't be much help on the technical end. Being an idiot and all. I always use phone or ipad and upload to Youtube, then share the link. Even if it's just for audio. If you don't want to be on camera just point the device at something we might find interesting, like the inside of your refrigerator. Bet we'd learn a lot about you. Like me, for instance. During those long hot summer months I always store my underwear and socks in the freezer. It keeps them out of mischief. And wearing cold underwear in summer is the right thing to do. Also, kudos and a cherry-topped ice cream cone to Vera Clark for doing such a briliant job with the Poetry Monthly. Can't wait to see the wonderful creations coming our way this month. And please don't worry about messing up. In the immortal words of the painter Bob Ross, "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents."

All the best.



I have three handicaps: I haven't a video recorder, my voice sounds awful and I am not photogenic. So it has to be the page once again and - who knows - perhaps a humorous one. I have the germ of an idea.


You can still write a performance piece, Luigi. Some poems just beg to be read aloud by the reader, if not the writer. In fact, I think it's good practice to do so. Look forward to reading yours - outloud.


Cheers Bee. Your wish is my command.




It's an age-old choice between page or screen, Luigi.  I know which one I'd put my daughter on.


Hudson, only just read your handy advice guide. Thanks! My notifications must be off as didn't see all these answers. Such an exciting brief, can't wait to catch up on listening to them all. No chance I am talking to a small screen with birds living in my hair, one eye looking at the poem, other spinning right to check the red light blinks. I might butcher one up about my dad.