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Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Finding a poem this week was quite hard because the quality of submissions was even more outstanding than usual. I think maggyvaneijck is the rightful winner though, with the multi-layered Blue. Definitely one to read again and again. For the Story of the Week you're getting three for the price of one! Noo's trio of wonderful shorts, each with an unlikely ending - and they were so good, I am nicking the title and theme for this week's...

Competition Alert!

Make sure you visit ABCtales on Saturday when we'll be announcing the details of our fantastic new competition!

Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Two wonderful autobiographical pieces take the honours this week: Cannonette's Slip One, a slice of life about knitting and a nan who can do everything all at once, and Scorpio88's The Mechanic, a fleeting moment of a childhood summer. They are both brilliant - do read them! For this week's Inspiration Point I give you a phrase that's been in the...

Story and Poem of the Year 2014

Pete and I have been reading and rereading like mad for the past few weeks - all the stunning poetry and prose that makes ABC such a wonderful community to be a part of, and I think it would be fair to say that nailing the very best is the hardest thing we’ve collectively done. Here are our Picks of the Year for 2014 - we hope you like them as much as we did! For the Story of the Year it’s a tie: both very different but equally wonderful...

Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week.

Congratulations this week, (for the second time in a row!) to Old Jack is Back for his excellent Janus in a Dinner Jacket, and also to Sean McNulty for Christmas Game Over using a format borrowed from the Fighting Fantasy books. It's set at a Christmas party and works surprisingly well! Here's this week's Inspiration...

Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Sometimes less is more, and there's no better example of this than our Story of the Week - love-writing's dispassionate account of the loss of her baby at birth: Congratulations also to Parson Thru for Broken Faith, our Poem of the Week, which is a simple yet powerful reaction to recent events: The Inspiration Point for today is The Shortest Day...

January 21st. Save the Date!

Here's something to look forward to next month - one of ABC's legendary readings at the wonderful Wheatsheaf in Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia. We usually start around 7 - 7.30 pm and finish by 9.30. We'll be reminding you nearer the time, but for now, do email us if you'd like to read - we only have a fixed number of places. If you've never been to one before, it's a lovely relaxed evening in a beautiful place - do try to come!

Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Two wonderful Picks of the Week today. Story of the Week goes to Noo's beautiful piece inspired by Iggy Pop and love_writing's stunning Black Fog was a no-brainer for Poem of the Week: For this week's Inspiration Point I am nicking the idea from Noo. Take a song and go from there - anyway you fancy. Good luck!

Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

Big congratulations this week to Linda Wigzell Cress for her three-part biography of her grandmother - a fascinating insight into early twentieth century Bermondsey, and again with London as a theme, but definitely another time and another place, john_silver's wonderfully bitter Poem in a Nice Suit:

Story, Poem and Inspiration Point of the Week

This week's poetry pick was nominated by another ABC writer and I can't think of a better c hoice. Please do send us your nominations - we don't get enough! Congratulations to Scratch for his sparse, enigmatic Unknown Girl: Congratulations also to The Other Terrence Oblong, who just gets better and better, for his brilliantly witty piece The Work Problem: