Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the Month of December, very kindly chosen by Ewan:


It’s the first time for a long while that I’ve had the honour of picking the best of the month’s work. It’s just as difficult as I remember to choose. As it’s December there was a great deal of very good work reflecting on the time of year.


Pick of the Month goes to a returning ABC-er, the very talented Drew Gummerson for MovieLand! Parts 1,2 and 3, a short story hiding sentiment in its cynical heart, much like its narrator does. Some will remember Drew from the past, I for one am glad to see him back with us.

I must dish out some honourable mentions, although as I read through the posts this month it was quite daunting to see how very much good writing there was. Anyway, just in case you missed them, do look at Canonette’s ‘The Office of Indecipherable Envelopes’ Parts I and II

and HudsonMoon’s annual Christmas-sy Craven Danger piece. ‘A Belated Craven Christmas Carol’


Rosalie Kempthorne maintained the highest of standards as usual, do read ‘Claws’ if you haven’t already.


There are some fine poets writing at the moment and one such is onemorething also a returning member, only this year. Her December pieces have been consistently good, from



Rich in imagery and subtext, any read will bring its own reward.


Just as good in December was the less prolific but equally proficient Di_Hard (there’s Christmas-sy, eh?) Di_Hard’s wistful, lyrical poetry is always enjoyable and ‘woods, late’ was no exception. It's my choice for Poem of the Month:




Thanks Ewan for your kind words and I echo what you said, lots of good stories, poems, pieces on here  so it's an honour to be chosen. 

Congratulations to all those mentioned and more. 

It's a pleasure to be back and see you all around the site over the coming months.