Bedtime Stories For The Child Inside (not suitable for children)

Farytales, with a slight twist.

Is That You Santa Claus? (bedtime stories for the child inside)

A stranger up a chimney. Could it really be Santa? Or, just an insane man with an eating disorder. A happy tale of friendship and cannibalism. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Country Miles And His Flammable Piles (bedtime stories for the child inside)

If only people would have left Country and his lady love alone, this would have been a heart warming story of love and devotion. As it is. They didn't. Now, it's a story of hatred and anal rage.

Tawdry Teets And The Magic Boob Fairy (bedtime stories for the child inside)

Tawdry Teets was a timid, flat chested little dormouse. Until the fateful day she was visited by, The Magic Boob Fairy. A heartwarming tale of breast enlargement and revenge.

Peter Flaccid And His Non-Stop Erection (bedtime stories for the child inside)

Peter Flaccid was just an ordinary, everyday bat. Until the day he was bitten by a nymphomanic vampire bat. A tale of horror, lesbian fairies and love.

Larry Putter And The Wizard's sleeve (bedtime stories for the child inside)

Larry Putter was just like any other wizard. That is, if every other wizard were a hermaphrodite. This ia a tale of magic and wonder...and extra genitals.

Sambo And The Timberwolves (bedtime stories for the child inside)

Sambo was used to being picked on by Dutch and his gang. He was an easy target. He was different from all the other children. As he was an albino. A truly uplifting story of good against evil.