A fictional account of true events that took place in the Chagos Islands over 40 years ago. The Chagos Islanders are currently looking for justice.


I felt this needed an edit, to make it shorter and simpler. I am hoping that with help from with family and friends, with art work and sound, I might be able to put this on You Tube to still keep trying to tell people what happened there. If anyone wants to find out more about Chagos please look up or contact the UK Chagos Support Association who have been campaigning for years for their right to go home.


Sorry if I'm repeating myself as I've tried to add an edit already and also put it on the forum. This is important. This is about theft. Please sign the petition below by midday today, November 3rd, and pass it on any way you can.


Chagos - sign by 12 today
I've just tried to put this on my story Bird in the Sky (Chagos folder) as an edit but can't see it there. I must have done it wrong so am trying the forum but please pass this on however you can.

There is a deadline to a petition on Avaaz which needs signing by 12 midday - today. I put Bird in the Sky on four years ago to try and add a bit of support to the Chagossians' campaign. I mentioned it to someone at work and he said 'Where the **** are the Chagos Islands?' That's the whole point. Not enough people know about this shameful event in our history although we are living in a culture that seems to accept that planes are sent from Diego Garcia. I lived as a child in Seychelles at the time some of these things were happening. My dad worked there. None of us knew until years later what had happened. It was completely hidden. The Chagossians' protest has been peaceful and dignified. That has not been respected. Please add your name to the petition and your voice to the campaign and pass this on in whatever way you can.