Frankenstein Tales

Story vaguely, sort of to do with Frankenstein.

Igor's Story

A bit of the Frankenstein story.

Domestic Bliss At Castle Frankenstein

I've been thinking, Igor, our relationship is getting a little, erm, tense and, dare I say, stale.

Frankenstein Meets Der Volfman

“Igor, come here,” the Baron said through the intercom that he had invented in his secret laboratory and installed in every room of castle Frankenstein.

Frankenstein And The Warp In The Space-time Continuum

“Master, come quickly!” Igor said over the intercom as he peeled potatoes in the kitchen of castle Frankenstein.

The Monster's Surprise Party

“Shut up, Igor, and think yourself lucky! There are thousands of starving beggars wandering the countryside who'd jump at the chance of changing places with you – at least you get an occasional turnip and gruel allowance in return for your tawdry, half-hearted favours.”