Glimpses - Practice work from 2005

These poems come from an exercise I did in a class with Gillian Allnut, a poet who won the Northern Rock Foundation Writer’s Award duruing the time I met her. Of all the classes I've dipped in and out of, I think I learnt the most from her. We tried to modernise Haiku and were asked to base them on family or friends.

Sumo Sister

She is a little baby sumo Owl eyes and light wisps of honey hair. I tease her by withdrawing my face As she leans to suck my nose. She flops forward but isn’t ruffled.


We play drafts and I always choose the colour We watch Gone with the Wind because she says it’s my favourite We eat mince and dumplings because she says its Dad’s favourite


Nana and I knit. I sit on the red puffe at her feet. She is mild when no one else is here. When I drop a stitch she picks it up.

Great Uncle Kenneth

He has a hump on his back and is missing a thumb. Trapped in the sawmill when he was young. He stoops over the table Drinks tea from a tiny cup Dwarfed in his coarse fingers.