Novels in Progress

Pure Magic Prologue

It is believed that the witches live among the humans but they try not to reveal themselves. the Skotadi however don’t believe that humans should...

Pure Magic Chapter 2

The next week passed very quickly for Lucinda once classes resumed the Monday after spring break ended. Lucinda was very impatient for the week to...

Legend of the Crystals The Beginning

It was said long ago that six crystals were created to defend against an ancient darkness. Each crystal was unique and represented the elements: fire, water, earth, wind, light, and dark. They were given out only to those who had a connection to that energy, but there was a catch. The user of the crystal had to know that it was not the source of their power, but was meant to focus what they already had. Of course that didn’t mean they could unlock more power within. If they used the crystal as a source they would be consumed by the crystal and loose themselves gradually until the crystal completely destroyed them. Many believed this to be a myth but as it had occurred once before, it was soon to happen again.