The Scarlet Web

Shelley Summers is sixteen when she is subjected to a serious sexual assault in a London underpass, the repurcussions of which are to have a lasting effect.
Ten years later, she is working as a journalist for a nationwide magazine when she meets a senior detective who is investigating a series of murders, committed, he believes, by the same person.
The deeper Mike Eveson's investigations go, the more he is forced to a troublesome conclusion, that the woman who is responsible for the murders is the very same one he has fallen for: Shelley Summers.
But is he right?

The Scarlet Web, Prologue

Shadows shimmered around the subway walls like dying flames from a candle as she hurried into the faltering light. The other end of the underpass was scarecely visible and seemed a quarter mile away, though she knew it could be no more than a hundred metres. She'd known there was somebody behind her because she could hear the rat-tat-tat of footsteps on stone as she'd headed down the ramp...