Lost treasure and lust in Argentina.

Northwest Argentina, 2000. A violent, scheming Englishman intrudes into the lives of his colleague, Peter Atkins, a lecturer researching a book, and of the residents of the remote town of Cafayate.

Peter has things to hide from John – his lover, Sara Bolivar, the daughter of a former soldier, and a cache of silver that he has come across in the desert valley leading to the town. Wilson lusts after both.

His attempts to seize them reawaken ghosts of Argentina’s 1970s Dirty War, and disturb the peace the townspeople have made between themselves.

The Cafayate of the story is based on the real town, but only loosely.


Silverland I

It was a Ford Falcon. The engine was cooling, making tiny noises that echoed in the narrow road.

SIlverland II

Peter was reading, or something. He’d muttered something about “re-evaluating some maps” while they were still lying in bed, about half an hour ago. Sara had let him go, but not very willingly.

Silverland III

“He came here again! On the very same day he dared to show his face here again! I didn’t let him through, he stayed out here in the shop, but I don’t know how he could dare!”

Silverland IV

Anna sat with her hands folded in her lap while the two policemen filed in and stood either side of the door. She could feel her pulse fluttering in her throat and moved her head slightly to ease it.

Silverland V

Anna too was in candlelight. She trod softly around the room because quiet would help José sleep more soundly in the next room.