What a Supreme being chooses to do

chapter 1 No Matter

A Supernatural being, - what is he like, what will he do?

Chapter 10 Family troubles, family preservation

A small lamp of truth preserved, and the compassion of the Supreme Being to those who called out to him.

Chapter 11 Rescue and ingratitude

A great rescue, but fear and grumbling

Chapter 13 Banished, but then return to wait …

Often leaders increased in greed, proud and unscrupulous, they no longer lead, in a way that is helpful and needful to those under their banner, forgetting who chose

Chapter 14 The Solution Materializes

The Supernatural Being becomes a created one to rescue through his own suffering (cf Aslan on the stone table)

Chapter 2 Skill makes the physical

What a supernatural being could do

Chapter 3 The wardens

Wardens to care for what has been made, happily, amicably.

chapter 4 Perfection Poisoned

Mutiny, and consequences.

Chapter 5 Solution planned

Can the Origin help the suffering rebels?

Chapter 6 It couldn't go on like that

Violence everywhere, — would such living still be protected?

Chapter 7 New Start

A damaged sphere, help there for the asking

Chapter 8 Dispersed

The saga continues – rebellion and pride have led to enforced dispersal to fill the sphere to look after it, but they don't work together, nor serve the Owner well.

Chapter 9 Increasing ignorance, the Owner brings light

Chaos of understanding; the Supreme Being starts to teach a group, – would they listen and teach others?

Timelines Chs. 15 &16 (final) Rescue-Applied, and Completion

[The Supreme Being, had made the sphere and stars; the wardens had turned away from his delightful service, and lost much blessing; he had come to take their due penalty, death, but then …]