Stories geared towards a younger audience.

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Stories geared towards a younger audience.

It may just be that I'm new here, but most of the stories and poems seem to be rated PG or for Every Age Group, I rarely see an Adult Only entry. Am I right to say that most writers here are gearing their writings towards a young audience?


No, it just means that writers on this site are writing material that everyone can read. Adult only ratings are for stories inappropriate for children. Just because a story is rated pg, doesn't mean it's aimed at children specifically, but that if a child does want to read it they can. They may not even understand it, but that is beside the point.

Natalia :)

I'm new around here, but I agree with Natalia. And though all of my stories so far have been rated PG, I am certainly not writing with little kids in mind. "A child of five could understand this. Someone go fetch me a child of five." -Groucho Marx

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There's plenty of adult stuff on here. In fact, there's plenty of everything.