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Technical advice


Um...quick know the who's online says like 36 users are online but it only shows me like 10 of them. How do you view all the users online?


I've had a play with this for a good twenty minutes, Natalia. In order, I guess, to casually reveal how the magic works and smugly bask in the praise of my technical wizardry, but I might as well come clean - I can't figure it out either.
Ah, so it's different to Facebook when 'being online' means they are online and available to chat right this second if you feel so inclined. Maybe that's why Natalia was asking? Just a guess.
Ftse, you are too damn foxy and clever for mere mortals, permission to lie down with an ice-bag on my brow sir? xxx


So essentially the wording is a little misleading. It should say "There are currently 41 users and 152 guests online, or at least they have been online recently but they may have gone off to make some tea, or possibly for a wee." I look forward to seeing this new and more accurate description at your earliest convenience.
So in that table, at that time, I was the one most currently active. Trust me, if I requested a page, there's no way I'm off having a wee within 6 seconds. I ain't no Speedy Gonzalez...! :p Oh, wait - that table's actually live. It's updating itself every time I reload the page. How... scary! :-/
on a completely different subject, i loaded me account as usual and got a very long list of articles which arent mine at all.. what happened?