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3D Panaromics.

In the future with spreadsheets you'll be able to attach icons to a worksheet cell. For example, if you have a description 'Water Bill' next to that...

Forward sense, Backward sense..

Our sensual experience is slightly different for everyone. This is because we are all unique, and different from each other. Basically, our sensual...


Backtracking. By Salim Shahbudeen Meghani. Suppose in a worksheet, you have the numbers 1,2,3 in cells a1,a2,a3. In cell a5 you have the formula =a1+...

WndProc (Part 5)

goto finished; } doitselect : if (hredraw) { cval=nHscrollPos; sprintf(szBuffer," "); TextOut(hdc,cxChar*1,cyChar*4,szBuffer,3); a=4; for(i=1;i<=...

WndProc (Part 4)

SetBkColor(hdc, RGB(200,200,200)); SetTextColor(hdc, RGB(0,0,0)); if (hredraw || vredraw || credraw || (dscroll==5)) goto doitselect; else { cval=...