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The difference between AI & Intelligence

The difference is becoming undistinguishable as things like heuristical analysis and metaphoric morphisms are now making it so.

My pressies this year...

I got a box of biscuits, two pairs of socks, a diary, a cheque, lots of chocs and an M&S gift card. ,I am very happy.... Thanks for the cards,...

I/O Robots.

Are IO robots self aware' of their senses? That is can they experience at different levels of sensitivity? Humans can, it is this which determines...

Backtracking & Forward-centric mechanisms.

Backtracking and forward-centric mechanisms such as curiousity and exploration helps create a 'self awareness' or consciousness which results in the...

The problem with backtracking and intelligence..

The problem with backtracking being used to create intelligence, is that you must have an expression to backtrace. Humans create their own...