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Reverse Polish Parser by SS Meghani

// Reverse Polish Parser. double eval_parser(char* newyk, int *error) { double answer=0; switc=newyk[x]; if ((switc=='%') && (x==0)) // In...

Bad to me.

The Birds in the Sky, Will be sad and lonely, If they knew that I lost, My one and only, If you're bad to me. (chorus). The Rivers and the Oceans,...

The difference between AI & Intelligence

The difference is becoming undistinguishable as things like heuristical analysis and metaphoric morphisms are now making it so.

My pressies this year...

I got a box of biscuits, two pairs of socks, a diary, a cheque, lots of chocs and an M&S gift card. ,I am very happy.... Thanks for the cards,...

I/O Robots.

Are IO robots self aware' of their senses? That is can they experience at different levels of sensitivity? Humans can, it is this which determines...