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There are varying degrees or levels of 'intelligence' in animals. 1. Those that are conscious of themselves and know that they are alive. 2, Those...

ezspread.rc (Resource script)

// Microsoft Visual C++ generated resource script. // #include "resource.h" #define APSTUDIO_READONLY_SYMBOLS...

I'm just trouble..

I am a blob, Such a slob. Just a bubble, Posing in the grubble. Grim faced and troubled. Playing with my knife, Creating sickness and strife. Having...

I'm not a good boy..

I'm not a good boy, I am a yob. I'm not a dog, I am a God. I live in a bog, And smell from me gob. I'm not a good boy, I am a yob.

Always look on the bright side of Life...

Always look on, The bright side of Life. Even though you've, Had a fight with your Wife. She took a knife, And stuck it in your chest. And you're...