Who the hell is Constance?

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Who the hell is Constance?

As the subject demands. What?? Some sort of new critique agency? Sorry for the urgency, but I haven't been around for a while :)

Whoever she is, she never comments on my work. I won't be sending her a Christmas card.


I know she wears a hat yet she doesn't know what colour it is. Is that any help?
Oho...so I may deduce that she is a person? Presumably of high and esteemed talents..?

Natalia :)

I haven't a clue - where does she appearonthissite?(apologies,thespacebarhasjustdecidedtofalloffinmyhand)


In reply to Fatboy- as Denzella said, at the bottom of the page when you are submitting a new piece.

Natalia :)

Yes, Constance appeared at the bottom near the submit button on my page too. I think Footsie said that she wasn't quite ready for whatever her function is to be.
She's still trying on all her hats (without knowing what colour they are).. I am sure her talents are mysterious..wearing a hat without knowing what colour it is is quite a fête complis!
What's good about Constance is that she is so constant and consistent.
Excuse me?

Natalia :)

Constance is one of my favourites. I fashioned her from clay to do my will and several of my won'ts. Now she's gone. Come back Constance, I didn't mean it about the soup strainer.
If she's gone to hell God- then you're in for it! Whatever did you say to her?
The Ostrocats were, of course, the cats of the East. They ate nothing but pepper and admired each other's elbows enormously. Then the Visicats came, bringing their poor dietary habits and bad table manners. It all came to a head in the Battle of Constance. The Tudors, Victorians and Nazis were all waiting for an opportunity to enter children's history. This didn't seem to be it.
I can't repeat it, o hat from on high. It was all a tragic mistake brought about by too much soup.
Poor Constance! When she is reborn I expect to read some of her comments about the whole affair. Perhaps she'll come back as a cat hopefully with all her elbows intact.
Pumpkin soup or lobster soup?
LOL...I'll be sure to Google...uhmmmm...Pepper Cats. FYI...I'm a New Zealander all the way!

Natalia :)

I have absolutely no idea what anyone is talking about here. I'm guessing it's some sort of code... I heard mention of Nazi's, so it has to be an attack command of some type... All of you have been reported to Homeland Security.