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Hi all

Haven't been around for a while, so....well, hey!

The thing is, I sat down to write the other day (for the first time in AGES) and found that I couldn't! I mean, like, I wrote stuff, but it's!! I literally had four word documents open and they were titled morbid things (e.g Fifteen Regrets??!!! Where did that one come from??) I proceeded to write about an ordinary girl who one day starts cutting her wrists, turns into a madwoman and begins shouting incomprehensible things at people on the street.

I just can't get out of writing sad, sick stuff that I hate! I've always had a bit of a depressed, intense writing orientation but this is getting way out of hand!

And this is a time when I really need my writing to support me emotionally and let my feelings out, but writing all emo isn't making me feel any better!

How do I stop??

Natalia xx

Hello, my wife and I have written many poems and stories about birds and animals. Try writing about them. All the best from us in your search for peace. God bless.
Richard L. Provencher
I don't know you well enough to know what the problem might be, Natalia. Me? I had a similar problem and couldn't snap out of it. I consider myself a humorist. But I just wasn't feeling very funny. It concerned my wife to point that she had me go to a therapist to talk it out. I know pointing people in the direction of a therapist sounds so lame and obvious. It's what I used to think. 'Therapist are for crazy people.' I had a rude awakening. You know what? I found out I was pretty normal. I just wasn't able to focus. I was obsessing over issues in my life instead of getting on with it. I needed to write, but seemed to have lost the ability. Talking it out helped a great deal. Sorry. Didn't mean to get so wordy. But anytime I hear someone say the word 'depression' it brings me back to another time in my life. I wish you well, Natalia. And will plan on catching up on some of your posts. Rich


Music works for me. If I find my writing is getting too depressive or morbid I listen to whatever music I think will snap me out of it and more often than not this sets me off writing love poems. I didn't say good love poems but poems just the same. Depression is horrible and I hope you soon feel better. MOya
The two Richards both make good points and Moya's tip regarding music is a good one too (I have used music to good effect in promoting creative writing. This piece by Aaron Copland is very uplifting and positive (I haven't checked if the link works or its quality, sorry): Give it a listen! Richard L's advice strikes home for me. I recommend thinking of something like a plant or animal or an example of wonderful architecture (a bridge, or farm perhaps?) and simply making a list of images or pertinent metaphores about the chosen theme. Make a deal with yourself to only list benign/beautiful things. I guarantee if you stay focussed and determined not to allow yourself to be drawn into negative things (even if they may have literary merit) you will end up with a positive and uplifting piece. Whatever you decide, I wish you good luck with it.


Music? I can't believe i didn't bring it up. I find it difficult to write in complete silence. I always have music of some sort when I write. For the Craven pieces it's strictly 40's music. Ink Spots, Harry James, Louis Armstrong, etc. I would definitely go with music. Rich


Thanks all for your kind comments :)

Natalia :)

Natalia, I'm going to disagree with everyone else. I think you're writing IS supporting you. I wrote a lot about things in my past and that enabled me to move on (I've since met other people who haven't moved on and keep reliving them). Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying you need to move on from anything, that was just my experience. What I'm saying is that your writing is suppporting you by giving you 'release.' In therapy they'd call it the 'abreaction.' Just like a little child puking up, better out that in, eh babe? By writing about it (whatever 'it' is a metaphor for) you've found the release and can now move on. Your writing is quite possibly your own therapy for other events that may be happening in your life (financial worries, changing job/lover, anything), and by using the metaphor of "an ordinary girl who one day starts cutting her wrists, turns into a madwoman and begins shouting incomprehensible things at people on the street" it prevents you not doing that exactly, but perhaps shouting incomprehensible things at your loved ones. You've found your release. Some people punch the heavy bag, some go for a run, some get into fights in pubs, some scream at their family or workmates, some write about it. It's just a different form of 'release' from emotions that are bothering you. I think it's healthy. (sounds like a good read though)


I think writing, like everything else creative is a channel. You're going to colour it with whatever state your subconscious is in. I think like Karl says get the catharsis flowing. Find out what you do to release. I also think creativity is one way of doing it. Got anyone you can sink a few drinks to and just tell them everything? that's my favourite *S*