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Unsung genius.

Did anyone ever play a computer game called Baldurs Gate 2? by a company called Bioware. I think it's probably the most well written game I have ever played. The lead villain is so good I almost want him to defeat me. They managed to get David Warner to voice him in the game and it's a great fit.

Anyone else have any unusual places to find great stories, computer games rarely do it for me story-wise but this one did :)

Dragon Age Origins - that's a great epic story with some fantastic characters.


I've only ever played one computer game; Blade Runner by Westwood Studios and I enjoyed that but usually computer games don't interest me.
Man, I haven't played computer games since I was like 5. I was such a geeky child...Reader Rabbit...Maths Invasion...JumpStart something or rather... Sorry that was completely unnecessary but I'm going to press post anyways.

Natalia :)

Ah, I remember the days of simple games loaded from cassette tape. How I was drawn into the simple pixel world of Beyond the Forbidden Forest... Now that C64 game had atmosphere and giant scorpions... I'm currently playing Skyrim and it's amazing how computer games have evolved into massive epics with huge storylines. I also remember playing Bladerunner - that was a really good game cleverly done to fit in with the classic film. I wish they would release it on IOS.


Dragon age yes! why? same guys who did Baldurs gate, same focus on good well written characters. Blade runner was fantastic for its time. Natalia everything you say is necessary *S* Some of these games are getting too good in terms of story. Bioshock 2 wrote the whole father daughter relationship well, gave me a few tears at the end. Skyrim is great, strange how we now have access to these worlds rather than relying on books to give it to us.


Asylum...I think that's what it's called. A doctor wakes up in an asylum and you have to navigate him through a world run by 'Mother' where all the adults have been killed. Very dark kept me amused for hours. 


If you're open to video games as a medium of story telling, then give The Last of Us a try. At first glance it appears to be a survival-horror zombie game, but that's just the background which drives the main story of a developing relationship between a burnt-out aging man and a 14 year old girl. It's intelligent, mature and emotional involving.

I think we're going to see much more of this sort of thing in the future - while it appears the movie industry is churning out more and more unimaginative explosion-fest reboots and sequels, the video game industry is starting to make art.