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I have 3392 stories published in 30 collections on the site.
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The Ghosts and Mrs Calendar

There once was an old woman, an old widow, named Mrs Calendar, who knew all the ghosts in her old house. She knew poor Tom, the little boy who lived...

Patrick's pear trick

Patrick made a pear appear and then he made a pear, a pair and then he made the pair three and then he made a pear tree, then he made a pear forest...

Fish, Bird, Mouse, Cat, Gulp!

Once a fish, a bird, a mouse and a cat lived together in a house. Gulp! Uh? I mean a fish, a bird and a slightly fatter cat lived together in a house...

The Perfect Place

Once, a group of men went searching for a land of peace and tranquility. They searched for years, travelling the world until, finally, they came upon...

Butterfly Soul

sky. of the wing Butterfly My soul, changing colour, flies. Beautiful song of the Earth.


3 of my comments have received 4 Great Feedback votes

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​I can't give you any advice

Posted on Tue, 14 Feb 2017

​I can't give you any advice but I hope that praise will do. Its a memorable, beautiful and poignant poem that addresses a feeling about modern life that I completely understand and share. Its why I hope ideas like faith and magic can survive the...

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A punk protest poem that runs

Posted on Fri, 16 Dec 2016

A punk protest poem that runs amok upon the page swinging a baseball bat of invective.

I also liked the way you cut to images in your poem as if it were the script of a tv news broadcast. I thought that was quite innovative and gave the...

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Posted in subjected/ subjugated

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I remember reading "A

Posted on Tue, 01 Nov 2016

I remember reading "A Clockwork Orange" because I couldn't get hold of a copy of the film (still banned at the time) and not really understanding what all the fuss was about. Then having seen the kubrik film it still seemed less extreme than alot...

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