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The Naughty Little Girl

A little girl called Lucy Lee once hid behind her Christmas tree to wait and see if Santa would appear. But down the chimney, came instead a beast...

Christmas Tin Of Beans

1. There is not much cheer at this time of year when you live within our means. 2. But we still give thanks to the food bank for this Christmas tin...

Used Shoes

Used shoes, battered and trampled upon with tied down tongues and worn out soles; full of rain. I feel how you look; worn and worn out by miles of...

The Lucky Snowflake

1. Once a lucky snowflake fell down from the stars above; it tinkled like a crystal bell granting my wish of love. 2. It must have done. It is no...

The King of Winter

I was the King of Winter, a long, long time ago; built monuments and pyramids from ice and sleet and snow. I was the King of Winter but then the...


4 of my comments have received 5 Great Feedback votes

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​I can't give you any advice

Posted on Tue, 14 Feb 2017

​I can't give you any advice but I hope that praise will do. Its a memorable, beautiful and poignant poem that addresses a feeling about modern life that I completely understand and share. Its why I hope ideas like faith and magic can survive the...

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Comment: A Haiku

Posted on Mon, 06 Nov 2017

Comment: A Haiku

Comment from insert;

'Really enjoyed' my haiku's.

A bright Autumn day.

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Posted in Some Autumn Haikus

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A punk protest poem that runs

Posted on Fri, 16 Dec 2016

A punk protest poem that runs amok upon the page swinging a baseball bat of invective.

I also liked the way you cut to images in your poem as if it were the script of a tv news broadcast. I thought that was quite innovative and gave the...

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Posted in subjected/ subjugated

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I remember reading "A

Posted on Tue, 01 Nov 2016

I remember reading "A Clockwork Orange" because I couldn't get hold of a copy of the film (still banned at the time) and not really understanding what all the fuss was about. Then having seen the kubrik film it still seemed less extreme than alot...

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Posted in A videsat from Alex