The Two Princes

Prince Happ enters the world of dreams to save Princess Iness.

The Two Princes – Part One

“What can she be dreaming of that fills her with so much joyfulness?”, he wondered

The Two Princes –Part Two

But who had eyes that could see into the human head and heart

The Two Princes – Part Three

The prince returned home to his palace then to tell his wife and his courtiers that he had to depart upon a long journey to a foreign land.

The Two Princes – Part Four

Then the prince and his strange retinue returned to the forest of the Fairy Queen and she led them to a nearby lake where, she said, there was a bridge that they must cross.

The Two Princes – Part Five

And so as magical bells chimed on the hilltop high above, all tried to scramble upwards as fast as they were able but moving through dreamland was an...

The Two Princes – Part Six

Atlast, they saw the palace of the dark prince of dreams before them, though strangely, up close it looked more like a flat oil painting of a palace and yet, lining up to enter through its painted