Magical story about a girl and her father.

Calabella – Part 1

As the priest read the strange sounding psalm in some odd language she didn’t understand, the

Calabella – Part 2

The towering, gilded pillars of the afterworld were a beauteous sight to behold; ornamented at their capitals by golden acanthus leaves and, along the length of each column, by swirling arabesques of

Calabella – Part 3

Heaven can often be a time aswell as a place, and for Calabella that day and the few days that followed it were certainly a heaven.

Calabella – Part 4

Through the pitch black, stormy night, through howling wind and roaring thunder, the odd black umbrella flew until it reached an old house that was perched high upon a rocky hillside and, folding up

Calabella – Part 5

Forgetting all about the strange thing at the window, Calabella had fallen deep into a dream and, at first, it was a happy dream of she and her father and her mother all living joyfully together in th

Calabella – Part 6

Then there was a loud knocking at the front door of the house and Calabella’s mother got up from her bed saying, “Who could be knocking at this time of night?” and, just at that moment, she hear