Childrens Stories

Magical stories for kids.


Georgina and The Dragon (Written for St George’s Day)

Once, there was a little girl called Georgina who absolutely loved Dragons.

A Christmas Quarrel

A Christmas tale of quarreling mice.

A Fish Out Of Water

Mr Pisces, the fish shop owner, was having a terrible day. Nothing seemed to be going right.

A Giant Leap

On a floating lily pad in the middle of a big pond sat a little green frog called Frederick and Frederick was very proud, as all frogs are, of his jumping ability and would croak boastfully to all th

A Pennyworth of Magic - A Christmas Tale

And there were some beautiful things on the shelves, like porcelain dolls in old fashioned dresses and singing, clockwork birds in cages.

A Very Hot Day

Oh dear me, what a scorcher of a day it was. All the birds and animals in the forest were sweltering in the summer heat.

An Egg-straordinary Adventure

There, infront of us, enshrouded in creeping mist and tangled vegetation, long neglected and forgotten but still magnificent was the thing that I had been searching for, for so many long years, the

Babooshka Bear

Babooshka Bear – Part 1

Buzzby, the wonder bee

And, later that day, in the palace of the Queen Bee, in front of loudly cheering and buzzing bee citizens

Ramoon and the army of a thousand monkeys

Once, in a far off and exotic kingdom, there lived a young prince called Ramoon and Ramoon would often go to the market place to listen to the storytellers and watch the street magicians perform their

Rebecca’s Rainbow Ride

There was once a little girl called Rebecca who just loved to paint and draw rainbows.

The Boy and the Deer

There was once a young boy who would play the ocarina and play it so well that birds would come and perch nearby and cows and sheep and other animals would stop their grazing to listen and, one day, w

The Giant and The Shoemaker

Once a kingdom was threatened by a terrible and ferocious giant. His name was Megalumpus and he was ten times the height of the tallest man in the kingdom.

The Golden Knight of The Sun

“Wake up, little princess’s”, he said,

The Little Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep

The little brown bear just couldn’t get to sleep because all the other bears in his cave snored so terribly.

The Slug’s Star

One warm bright summer, a long time ago, in a pretty little green garden, birds sang happily in the trees and bees buzzed busily about the flowers and all seemed beautiful and peaceful and blissful bu

The Treasure of the Sand-Fairies

One hot June day, a little girl called Caroline was at the seaside with her mother.

The Carnival

One day Elsie awoke to the sound of a big drum booming outside her window and, pulling her curtains wide, she looked out and saw that a carnival had come to town.

The girl who was scared of clowns

There once was a little girl, named Jemima, who was terribly afraid of clowns.

The girl with dancing feet

There once was a little girl called Torina who was born to dance. She danced all the time. She danced to school and she danced as she was doing her chores; sometimes she’d even dance in her sleep.

The Wizard and The Selfish Princess

Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by a little six year old girl.

The Difference Between Stories And Lies

The great storyteller Ansoluman was once asked, by one of his crowd of regular listeners, “Are your stories true?”.

The Princess In The Pearl – Part 1

I really wanted to write a conventional fairy tale of the Disney cartoon variety, with a handsome prince and a maiden in distress (although I know that Disney princesses are alot tougher these days)

The Princess In The Pearl – Part 2

And so Prince Walther, though he had always been sceptical about such things, now went to see an old mistress of white magic called Napowera

The Princess In The Pearl – Part 3

"Atlast", said Napowera, "True love has conquered all"

Wolfy, The Sheep.

There was once a sheep that had a long, bushy tail; two large, pointy ears; a long, pointy nose; long sharp,pointy teeth and made a terrible howling noise and this sheep’s name was Wolfy.

The Guest List

“What an odd lot of guests to invite to a tea party”, said Susan’s mum.

The Sultan’s Egg

Once there was a little girl, the daughter of a sultan who received, as an Easter present from her father, the gift of a fabulous jewelled egg.
Gold cherry

The Amazing Mr Meep

There was something rather peculiar about her lodger, Mr Meep.

Mr Meep 2 - Mr Meep Goes To School

Attempt at a sequel. Hope it's okay.

Madison's Medicine

When I first submitted this it was called "Grandma's Medicine" (and the girl in the story was called Deborah) but I've made a few changes to it and I hope it has improved.

The Ugly Prince

Once upon a time, a King, called King Humboldt, told his daughter Katarina that she must marry a very unattractive prince.

Hal, The Witch's Dog

On the tip of the top of Witch Hat mountain; a mountain so called because it was as black as midnight and looked very much like a witch’s tall, conical hat...

The Little Lost Polar Bear

This is a story that I wrote as a teenager but, after rereading it, I decided that it wasn't too bad so I'm posting it here. I hope someone else likes it.

One For A Box Full Of Mice

“Where is your hope now, little mouse?”, asked a mean ginger tom as he dangled a little brown mouse by its tail.

Night Of The Cat Cruncher

One Halloween night, when the moon shone big and bright through the window of a living room, a pet cat was prowling round the house when it heard a spooky voice from high above.


Christmas fairy tale, I hope its not too dark or scary for children.

LEO & LYRA - Part 4

Scorpio was admiring herself in her mirror and how pretty she thought she looked in the crystal crown which she had stolen when she heard...

LEO & LYRA – Part 3

“Oh no!?”, said Lyra, her tears splashing against the black crystal floor of Scorpio’s dungeon, “What am I going to do now?”.

LEO & LYRA – Part 2

But, far off in her palace of darkness; Scorpio, a scorpion tailed wicked space witch was watching Lyra through her magic telescope...

LEO & LYRA – Part 1

There once was a grey, rainy, cold little town in which everyone was mean...

The Tartan Piper

Dinnae yi listen tae any o’ that blether aboot the Pied Piper o’ Hamlyn, for he wuznae Pied at aw.

The Unicorn and The Pegasus

The unicorn had been very jealous of her flying friend, the pegasus; a winged white stallion that could swoop and soar and loop the loop through the air.

The Animal Hotel

I was a down and out dog, it was back in the days of the depression, when everyone was out of work and there were plenty of stray dogs wandering the streets.

Wonderella (IP) – Part Two

Buttons and Charlie never could have expected what happened next.

Wonderella (IP) – Part One

“Chuck Charming, the multi-million dollar philanthropist is throwing a big Christmas charity bash at his enormous Tudor mansion”, said Ma Ugly...

Fire & Lightning

I heard a song about an Electric car on the radio today and thought that this would make a good eco-kid's story/advert for electric cars.

The Little Lady

“Tedward!”, called Emily, a five year old girl, opening a little sunshine yellow suitcase on her bed.

The Gnome And His Neighbour

There once was a terrible, miserly, crotchety old gnome who lived in a little rickety shack deep in the woods.

Jack and The Snow Beast – Part Two

Part 2 of a fairy tale set during the Klondike gold rush.

Jack and The Snow Beast - Part One

A fairytale set during the Klondike gold rush.

The Reindeer Rut

“It’s me”, bellowed Mars, turning his head and antlers up to the sky, “I’m the strongest so I should be the one who leads the herd when it pulls the Gift givers sleigh and anyone who disagre

Santa’s Sack - Part One

It was a bright moonlit Christmas Eve when white snowflakes fluttered down from the sky and all the world seemed silent and covered in a deep layer of snow.

The Segregated Bus – A Utilitarian Parable

Parable, partly inspired by Rosa Parks and partly by 'The Italian Job'.

Jemma, The Mermaid

Another attempt at non-fantasy/drama.

The Great Firework Contest (IP)

Two kings, the King of Armorica and the King of Sovieta, once arranged to have a firework contest to show who was superior.

The Shoeshine Boy : A Christmas Tale

A bit early for Christmas but hope you enjoy it.

The Tortoise & The Goldfish

The Tortoise leaved slowly through a large and musty old tome while the Goldfish, far too modern to be bothered with ink and paper, instead amused himself with a little glowing gadget called an elect

The Magic Toybox – Part 1

It was a cold, December night and snowflakes large as goose feathers fell upon the ground, making a snowy carpet so deep that even a tall man, walking through it, would have struggled not to get snow

The Magic Toybox – Part 2

Over the many rooftops of a snow covered kingdom they flew, Prince Tyan and Princess Katzerina, upon the back of the magic rocking horse and all below them looked like a toy world and all the hundreds

Dora and The Flying Bed

A fairy story written for a child who's ill in bed to read.

The AbrakaZebra Crossing

At the AbrakaZebra crossing stands the magical Lollipop man and children and fairies and other folk who wish to cross over into Fairytale Park beyond, with its silver swings and shimmering golden See-

How to make a magical cup of tea – Part One

“I simply must have that root”, she said, dourly, one day, staring into her magic golden teapot

How to make a magical cup of tea – Part Two

It was a bright, breezy summer day and little Clara; a chirpy, rosy cheeked and curly haired, 5 year old girl was lying on her lawn looking up at the funny shaped clouds drifting through the sky above

How to make a magical cup of tea – Part Three

Clara had never seen anything like the mountain the broom now landed upon. Everything about it was dreamlike; everything seemed to glow with a bright, hazy light and the river that flowed nearby

Mr Meep 3 - Mr Meep’s Summer Holiday

“Welcome to Paradise; the holiday planet of your dreams”, said a smiley Robo holiday rep as Mr Meep and Doris Didcott came down the gangplank of a star-cruise liner together.

The Stone Princess – Part 1

Many bright, silvery moons ago, in a pretty garden far away there was a stone statue of a beautiful princess. No statue carved by mortal hands was ever as lovely as that stone maiden.

The Stone Princess – Part 2

For many sunny days and starry nights the squire rode, over steep green hills and rushing silver

The Stone Princess - Part 4

But then, just when Gordo thought nothing could be more terrifying than the two beasts he had already faced , he suddenly found himself enveloped by a thick, white fog; a fog so dense that he could no

The Stone Princess – Part 5

Now Gordo followed a narrow, winding road along the side of a mountain that was lined with prickly pine trees and, as he rode slowly upwards, the thought to himself how beautiful the scenery was.

The Stone Princess - Part 6

News spread quickly around the forest that a man had arrived on a cloud-galloping horse with a lovebird upon his shoulder.

The Stone Princess - Part 7

The dreaded fortress of Ulcimea was an enormously tall, tar-black tower; so tall that, leaning from its uppermost window, one could easily have reached out and lit a candle upon the sun or even caught

The Great, Big Hole

Once, in the middle of a small village, there was a great, big hole.

The Dog That Nobody Wanted

Once upon a time, there was a pet shop and in the window of that pet shop was a dog. It was a very sad dog because you see, no one ever wanted to buy it and take it home.

Fiercer Than Dragons (IP : co-operation)

Once, in a far off jungle, there was a terrible, ferocious, scaly, fire-breathing dragon who all the other beasts of the jungle were afraid of.

The shy, little Mimosa plant

Once, in the garden of a great Sultan of Persia, there grew a shy, little Mimosa plant.

The Wizard Of Autumn

It was the Feast of St Michael or Michaelmas that occurs every 29th of September and two little children called Tom and Sarah were walking through a dark, windy wood with their lanterns held aloft in

The Silver Lining

“Stop! Stop!”, cried Molly's old Aunty, grabbing hold of the pink handle of the umbrella that she had just opened, “You should never open an umbrella indoors. Never. Don’t you know that?”.

Once Upon A Birthday (Inspired by my Birthday, October 4th)

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a little girl made a very long list of things she wanted for her birthday. The list was so long that it went all the way down to her feet.

Mr Bear and The Autumn Leaves

Mr Bear was feeling very grumpy indeed. He was having an awful time trying to sweep the autumn leaves out of his cave.

The Friends Of Mr Caterpillar

“I wonder what’s wrong with Caterpillar”, said Mr Earthworm, one day to his friends, who lived at the bottom of a flowery garden, “He’s taken to lying in bed all day.

The Whale In The Bathtub

“My name is Wilberforce”, it said

The Snow Baby – Part One

Far off, in the land of the midnight sun; in the northernmost part of the North Pole was a kingdom of snow and ice and an ancient Eskimo tribe led by a terribly tyrannical chief called Angry Bear.

The Snow Baby – Part Two

Now the Snow Baby lived with its mother and father in their hut and, because it was a magical baby it was stronger and smarter than other children.

The Christ-mouse Cheese Caper

Down from the fireplace, where they had been hung by the little children of the house, leapt the two little red and green, fur trimmed Christmas stockings, much to the surprise of the old ginger tom,

The Fairy and The Star

The Fairy and the Star were having an argument. They both wanted to be on top of the Christmas tree, you see.

The Toys at Midnight

“Yes, mum” he said, happily, “Everything’s just fine now”.

Stop the Zrogs!

ZROG is a word ZROG a word ZROG word ZROG-"Burp!" that eats up other words. The only word that a ZROG doesn’t like eating is petunia. ZROG –“Yecch!” PETUNIA When two

Mrs Padstow’s Golden Chain

Mrs Padstow was very eccentric, everyone said.

What is a Flobbert?

My flobbert’s quite a naughty little creature, always getting into mischief.

The Fisherman and the haul of gold

Once upon a time a fisherman was fishing on a lake when, in his net, among the flapping fish, he found a golden crown.

The Last Boy

mother and son saw daisies springing up.

St David & The Dragon

Once upon a time, in Wales, St David was riding past a village when an old man; a village elder, approached him, asking him for help.

What am I?

when the egg hatched out, the little bird stuck its head out and the moment the mother duck saw it

The Tibbar

Once, a little boy called Tom was playing in his back garden, kicking a ball around, when he noticed something amazing sitting on his front lawn.

The Great Egg and Spoon Race

It was Easter in Fairy tale land and all the fairy tale characters had gathered to watch the annual Easter Three-Legged Egg and Spoon Race, the winner of which would take home the much coveted golden

Easter Chocs Away!

The easter Bunny looked back on the old days with a sigh, remembering when there had been four of them; The Easter Bunny; The Wester Bunny; The Norther Bunny and The Souther Bunny, each of them charge

The Messy Prince

“Oh Prince Rupert”, said Queen Daphne to her son one day, “When will you tidy up your room. There are toys and comics and all sorts scattered all over your floor.

Lucy and The Pink Dragon

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lucy whose father owned a Chinese Restaurant called The Pink Dragon.

Why rabbits deliver Easter eggs

Once, a long, long time ago, the Maiden of Spring asked all the animals to deliver eggs to the good children for Easter.

The Snake Prince

Once upon a time, a handsome prince named Phillip was turned into a snake by an evil witch because he had rejected her advances.

Take a step back (IP)

There was once a young, naïve and inexperienced fairy named Sammus who, in order to receive his fairy wand had to, as all young fairies do, grant three wishes.

Jacob and The Wolf (A short fairy tale)

There was once a young boy called Jacob who lived with his uncle in a cottage in the woods and everyday Jacob would have to walk to the school in a...

The Autumn Queen

‘Twas on one moonlit Autumn night; bright coloured leaves covered the ground, when I beheld a wondrous sight; a band of fairies dancing round. And,...

The Birdseed and the Cats

Once there was a man who put bird seed and water out because he loved birds and wanted his garden to be filled with happy singing birds and before...

The girl in the dress of Autumn Leaves

Once upon a time there was a girl called Anna-Nanna who wore a dress made from Autumn leaves. Her evil step mother made her wear it, you see, because...

The Dormouse who couldn’t sleep

One chilly late Autumn day, a long time ago, when all the trees had turned beautiful shades of red, orange and gold and all the ground was covered in...

The Cosmic Kiss

Once upon a time, the moon and the sun fell in love. The moon thought that the sun looked very splendid, all dressed in his flowing golden robes and...

The Snowman’s Kindness

One snowy Christmas eve, in a garden outside a little suburban house, there stood a snowman that two young children, called Tom and Janet, had made...

The Ice Dragon

Once, a long time ago, to the north of a little snow covered village, there lived an Ice Dragon, all alone, in a cave of glittering ice. No, not a...

Billy,The Big Headed Bully

There once was a boy called Billy who was a bit of bully on the playground and would always take great pleasure in picking on kids who he didn’t like...

Santa and the Purple Scurf

It was on a snowy Christmas Eve, long ago, that Santa and his Elves at the North Pole received a very peculiar letter from one of the billions of...

The Tale of the Jester and the Laughing Bird

Have you ever listened to the birds in your garden; the chuckling chaffinch or the Great Tit that chimes like a bell; the Dunnock whose song is like...

The Wizard of Winter

There once was a Wizard, some called him Father Frost and some Jack Frost, who lived in a castle of glittering ice at the South Pole. Hundreds of...

Sasha and The Snow Deer

One very cold but very white Christmas, a long time ago, a little girl called Sasha, who liked making things, made a reindeer out of snow; a Snow...

Jungle Bells

It was Christmas in the jungle. King Lionel, the lion who was king of all the Jungle had declared that all the animals were to celebrate Christmas...

The Fireflies (A Christmas Fable)

Once, two little fireflies were looking for a home in a tree. First they tried a tall Oak tree who was very, very proud. “Please, Mr Oak tree, sir”,...

Springtime (A Fairytale)– Children's Musical Play

Springtime (A Fairytale)– CHILDREN’S MUSICAL PLAY Scene:- The forest Bear and Hedgehog and Dormouse are all fast asleep in the forest, snoring. Enter...

The Santa Trap (A Cautionary Tale)

There was once a little boy; a very mean and greedy and selfish little boy called Wilfred Bagstowe who thought that if he trapped Santa Clause he...

The Little Rag Doll

One Christmas, a long time ago, all the dolls in the Nursery held a dance to celebrate the Nativity. The Tsarina of all the dolls who was a nesting...


“Eek!”, cried Vikki one day, waking up and feeling something crawling over her ankle. Throwing off the covers of her bed, she looked down at her feet...

The Eternal Traveller

As I was outside my house one day, I saw Old Olaf the eternal traveller passing by and I asked him if he would sit down and take a rest at my house...

The Tale of the Remarkable Tool

Once, in a distant land, a great king received a traveller; a wandering knight and the knight told the King how he had travelled many hundreds of...

The Fox With The Golden Tail (Some Tales of a Trickster Hero like Brer Rabbit/Anansi/Reynard the Fox)

There was once a fox; a fox named Balder who was born with a pure golden tail that shimmered very brightly in the sun. It was a beautiful tail and...

The Parable Of The Powerful

There was once a little broken piece of a machine and, because it was broken, the machine couldn’t work properly and had to stop. “Look how powerful...

The Spider who was afraid of flies

There once was a spider who was very afraid of flies. Every time he saw a fly, he would cover himself up with his legs and cower, shake and shiver or...

Mr Mushroom

The daffodils were blooming; the birds were singing happily in the trees and two little girls called Gina and Ava were playing in their back garden,...

Jim and The Money Monster

There was once a poor boy named Jim who lived with his mother in a rickety old cottage in the woods and one day she gave him some money to go to the...

Lizabella and The Troll Parents

Once, many years ago, there was a little girl named Lizabella whose parents were replaced by Trolls. The trolls broke into her house one night;...

A Very Remarkable Fox

There once was a fox that entered a hen house and ate up all the hens and their eggs and, because he was a particularly greedy fox, ate the brightly...

The Genie Bear

It was a warm sunny day and Sandra was sitting on the beach enjoying herself, digging a deep hole in the sand with a spade when, suddenly, the end of...

The Children and the Ugg-Ugg

Once there was an Ugg-Ugg; a most curious sort of creature, that dwelt deep in an enchanted forest. It had eight legs; four long and four short and...

Ugly Pugly

Nobody liked Ugly Pugly because he was so ugly. Everyone said that his ears were too big and that they stuck out just like an elephants and they said...

The Phone Pole; the Pylon and the Tree

Once, standing near to each other, there was a phone pole; a pylon and a tree and the phone pole was boasting, “Through my wires I am connected to...

Hans And The Easter Bunny

One Easter, a long time ago, a little boy named Hans was daydreaming beneath the shade of a large oak tree by the side of a lake when, because he was...

A Single Act Of Kindness

Once, a wicked old Miser named J. Arthur Skinflint; because an old woman couldn’t pay her rent, had her home taken away from her and the old woman...

The Unbreakable Easter Egg

There once was an unbreakable hardboiled Egg. It was discovered, one Easter, when a little girl called Emily; having painted a pretty face upon it...

The Easter Tale Of The Fox And The Three Little Rabbits

Once, a long time ago, in the middle of a green forest by the edge of a clear, sparkling blue stream, there lived three little white rabbits in a...

The Island of The Sea Troll

Once a poor fisherman named Finn McCulloch was saying farewell to his wife and two children because he intended to set out in his fishing boat with...

A Secret of the Heart

Once, a very long time ago, man did not have machines or knowledge of the Earth and stars. In fact, he was a hairy ape who only knew how to eat and...

The Blossom That Would Not Blow Away

There once was a fabulous blossom which clung onto the branch of its tree even though the wind blew so hard that it blew away all the other blossom...

The Wax Figurine

Once an evil witch named Nastia was spurned by a handsome prince named Rickhart and so, in a mood of vengeance, she made a figurine out of wax and...

How The Little Warrior Became Great

Once upon a time there was a village that was threatened by a terrible, greedy and ferocious ogre. He had raided the village many times and stolen...

The Strongest Magic In The World

Once there was a little girl called Karenella who lived with her old, white haired Auntie Una in a green painted wooden house at the edge of the...

Baringa and The Dragon-Roo

Once, in ages long ago, there was a boy called Baringa who could not throw a boomerang properly no matter how he tried. No matter what he did,...

Kanye and The Rainbow Dragon

On an island, far away, in the middle of a deep blue sea, lived a beautiful, honey skinned and raven tressed princess named Leolani and Leolani loved...

Whose House?

Once a little girl, named Lauralea, was walking through the woods when she passed an old house with the door open and, curious to know who lived in...

The Beast That Ate Up Everything

Once a beast came that ate up everything; it came down from the stars and it landed upon the earth. It was only a tiny beast at first; just as small...

The Tale of The Golden Princess

Once the golden princess of the Sun was abducted by her wicked Sister, Snow and Ice and Snow and Ice kept her a prisoner at the bottom of a deep pit...

The Dance of the Animals

Once, a long time ago, a little girl called Rumiyah heard from her old grandmother that, when the moon was full and bright, then all the animals in...

The shortest story about the longest day

Twas the longest day when the shortest man took the quickest walk down the greyest street to the greenest woods. In the greenest woods grew the...

The Riddle of The Ring

Once a White wizard said to his young apprentice that he must find The Wizard’s ring. “Only then shall you graduate from apprentice to wizard”, he...

Dinah and the dog

One warm, sunny summer day, a little girl called Dinah was walking along the street when she noticed a dog, a big golden Labrador, walking behind her...

Maurice the mole

Maurice the mole lived in a hole in the lawn of Number 12 Meadow Avenue and, because he was a very nice and well behaved mole, the two little girls...

Golden Gordon – The Golden Gift Giver of the Summer

It's Hero Day. That happy day of the year, every Summer, when little kids everywhere dress up as Super Heroes, designing their own super costumes and...

Saulina who was forbidden to smile (IP)

Once there was a king and a queen who lost their only child and they were so consumed with grief that they ordered that none within their kingdom...

The Flying Windmill

Long ago in a village in the Netherlands there lived a little boy named Jan and his grandmother. And, one day, while Jan was gazing out of the window...

The Love Of The Fairy Prince

Once a fairy prince was given leave by his father to enter and spend seven days within the land of mortals. “If you do not return in seven days,...

Summerland – Part 2

“Wow”, said Sandy, to the Gnome, “I can’t believe that I’m really flying on a giant hotdog. It’s like I’m having a weird dream”. “Maybe you are”,...

Luckily, the Cat

There once was a cat called Luckily and one day he went for a walk. After he had walked quite far the cat came to a river that was running very fast...

The Invisible Treasure

Along time ago and a long way away there lived the evilest of evil witches; a vile, repulsive, black hearted villainess named Dezmerella and...

The Frogs and Francesca

Once upon a time there was a little girl, named Francesca, who longed to meet a handsome prince and, because her mother had told her the tale of the...

The Flumpjack

Once upon a time there was a little girl, called Tiffaly, who really didn’t like cleaning up her room at all. Whenever her mother asked her to clean...

The girl with the pretty flower

There once was a little girl with hair of gold and eyes of blue who had a very pretty flower and, one day, she was skipping through the woods when a...

The Broken Horn

Once there was a boy named Simon who was very happy doing the things that little boys do; playing with soldiers and having adventures but then, one...

The Little Rubber Man

Once, a long time ago, a little girl, of the ancient Olmec civilisation went into the forest and she saw a rubber tree out of which sap was flowing...

The Giant’s Birthday (Birthday themed fairytale)

Once, a long time ago, a giant girl had a birthday. She was 4 centuries old, which is very young in giant years. And she asked her father to get her...

The Slowworm

Once upon a time, two little girls called Susam and Tawitha were out in the forest picking flowers and berries when, suddenly, slithering out from...

Thomas And The Autumn Leaf

Once upon a time, a little boy called Thomas found a very peculiar Autumn leaf lying on the ground. It was not like any Autumn leaf of any tree he...

The Toffee Apple Tree

Once upon a time, in the corner of a field, grew a toffee apple tree and, every Autumn, its fruit would ripen and kids would go into the field and...

The tale of Donder and Blitzen

You have probably heard of Donder and Blitzen, two of the magical flying reindeers that pull Santa’s sleigh through the sky every Christmas Eve...

The Fireman Snowman

There was once a snowman, named Snowy, who longed to be a fireman; to ride in a big red fire engine; to wear a yellow fire helmet and put out fierce...

The Bear In the Window (A Christmas Tale)

One winter, a long time ago, in the brightly lit window of a toy shop, sat a bear; a warm, cute, cuddly, adorable brown bear. And a little poor girl...

The Nefarious God Father

Once upon a time there was little poor orphan girl who, through the bribery of the corrupt owner of an orphanage, was adopted by a wealthy but cruel...

Lost Magic

The old man entered the office behind the desk of which sat a fairy busily typing upon a computer. “Is this the department of lost magic?”, asked the...

The Cat Trap

Once upon a time, so mouse legend has it, a mouse, named Sorcio had a remarkable idea. He had just been chased round about the kitchen of the house...

The Paradox Beast

I have never actually seen the fabled Paradox beast or, to give it its proper name, a paradoxodile. They’re very hard to see or hear, you see; only...

The girl who was too bright

There was once a little girl, named Luminella, who shone very brightly. The day she was born it was as if a light had been turned on in the room. She...

The Icing Groom

Once, in a very posh bakers shop, on top of a table stood a tall, five tiered wedding cake covered in white icing and blue ribbons and, on top of the...

The Fairy Town Audio tour

Introduction - Ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls; elves and goblins and trolls, are you all seated comfortably? Then let us begin our magical tour...


It was a bright, sunny day when up the road a large blue suit case floated and then, coming to rest upon a doormat, outside the door of a little...

The Fortunate Friend (IP)

Once upon a time a Cautious man set out for a walk with his Clumsy friend and the Cautious man saw a hole up ahead and avoided falling into it but...

Lucky, the Pig (IP)

Once, there was a young man named Pierre who had a very lucky pig. The pig was named Lucky, in fact and, each day Pierre would take the pig out...

The Rabbit who looked for truth

There once was a short eared rabbit who, gazing up at the moon and the stars often wondered; “They’re there tonight and they were there yesterday...

How the Panda got its beautiful eyes

Some think that a Panda bear is just a Polar bear that got into a fight and ended up with two black eyes but it’s not true. In fact, Panda Bears were...

The Little Lonely Girl and her friend, the bird.

There was once a little girl who was very ill; so ill that she had to stay in bed all the time and could never go out; Cherissa was her name. But,...

Tomella and the Clothes For Talking With

There was once a young woman named Tomella who hated wearing women’s clothing or dressing in anything pink or frilly. She always wore trousers...

In The Eyes of Marissa

Once a very evil pair of witches called Crone and Hagatha kidnapped a princess, named Marissa from her bed. They cast a spell of silence over the...

The Cradle Guard

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a young boy called Tom was walking through the woods in a dreamy state of mind when he passed by a soldier dressed...

The Pink Rose

Once a young peasant woman passed by an angel sitting beneath a tree who had fallen out of heaven and had broken both his wings and his legs. “Please...

The Easter Tree

Once upon a time, a long time ago; a little girl named Esther bought a brightly coloured magical egg from a peddlar woman or at least the peddlar...

How will the mouse get the cheese? (Puzzle for Small Children)

The mouse wants cheese. He has a pipe. The dog wants a bone. He has a ball. The cat wants a fish. He has a doll. The little boy wants a ball. He has...

The mother tree and the barren land

Once, in the middle of a barren land, there grew a tree surrounded by prickly cactuses and every spring the tree would say to her seedlings, “It’s...

The Mirror Girl (A Palindrome Story)

It was a quiet, dull, ordinary Sunday morning when a little girl uncovered an old mirror that had come from an Antique shop and smiled. “What a...

Starbright and The 7 Droids (A Space Opera Based Upon Snow White)– Part One

Once upon a time, in a distant corner of the universe, there lived a young woman named Princess Starbright. When her mother died of spacesickness,...

Starbright and The 7 Droids (A Space Opera Based Upon Snow White) – Part 2

The strange, small green alien creature with big bug eyes on stalks, webbed feet and tentacle arms hopped across the Faerian desert towards the...

Starbright and the 7 droids (A Space Opera Based Upon Snow White) – Part 3

Sliding into the pilots seat of the 7 droids old mining ship, Prince Meteors hand quickly darted over the control panel, pressing various buttons and...

The Fate of The Butterfly

One Summer day; a long, long time ago, a butterfly burst free from its cocoon and fluttered about happily in the Summer Sun, showing off its...

Belindella And The Fortune In Cats

Once upon a time, a young girl called Belindella inherited a 100 cats. The cats had belonged to her Aunt Habitha who, because she had not been able...

Flowers and Castles

One warm Summer day, a little girl named Lucy Brown was sitting on the towpath by the edge of a Canal when, suddenly, she saw a narrowboat float past...

The Shooting Starfish

Once, a long time ago, just west of Atlantis City, there was a little one seahorse town name of Driftwood. And, though it had a sheriff; a cowardly...

The hoop and stick

Once there was a little boy who had a hoop and a stick. He was a very poor boy and the hoop and stick were the only toys he possessed. Still, he got...

Keep believing and you can

Once a man, a man named Cuthbert, looked out of the window of his little house at the Golden mountain far beyond where the trees of paradise grow,...

The Marmalade Tiger

Once upon a time, there was a little marmalade cat who, finding a make-up box belonging to a little girl with white paint and black paint, decided to...

The Trollgarden

Once upon a time, a little boy and girl named Harry and Henny were walking through the forest when they passed by a cottage with a garden full of...

The Dandelion Seed

One warm Summer, long, long ago, in a garden grew a Dandelion with a tall green stem and hair of bright yellow and, as dandelions do, when the time...

The Miser and The Monster: A Halloween Tale

Once upon a time, in a little town called Scaresville, there was an awful old Miser named Mr Crabtree, who really hated Halloween. The reason he...

The Christmas Gifts

One Christmas Day, a long time ago, a little boy sighed as, kneeling beneath his Christmas tree, he looked at what his Aunt Agatha had given him as a...

The Snow Goose

"Why does it snow, mother?", asked a little boy one cold December day as he looked out of the window and saw the snow falling down all around. "...

The Stroke Of Midnight

Once, a long time ago, time itself stood still. St Sylvester or, as he is more commonly known, Old Father Time, who every New Years Eve, upon the...

Prince Teddington - A bedtime story

Once Princess Sophie of 14 Greendale Avenue, a 5 year old girl, married Prince Teddington, her Teddy Bear. She announced her decision to marry the...

The Mouse In The House

Once upon a time, a mouse was playing in a little girls dolls house, trying on the pretty clothes of the dolls when a cat came sniffing about and,...

The Topless Tower

Once upon a time, a king, wishing to teach his son humility, built a small pile of stones on the ground and then asked his son, "Can you put a stone...

The Legend of Numbers

In the beginning there was only Zero; an immense, empty void of Zero-ness that could not be subtracted, divided or multiplied but because time had...

The Cat's Funeral

Once a cat, hoping to catch some mice, made himself a cat sized coffin and lay still in it, pretending to be dead, thinking, "When the mice see me...

The Girl Who Didn't Want Anything

There was once a girl who didn't want anything. She was very happy with her simple life in a little cottage in the woods but then, one day, she found...

Queen Mechanical (Inspired by the Queens 90th Birthday).

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a queen; Queen Bethazelle the 2nd was unexpectedly killed when she was thrown from her elephant during a...

The tallest tree in the world (A fable)

Once upon a time, a little tree grew in a wood and the little tree had a great ambition. "I am going to be the tallest tree in the wood", it said...

The Unremarkable Boy

Once upon a time, a long time ago, prehistoric days infact, there lived a very unremarkable boy named Bill Ugg. I call him unremarkable because, you...

The Fox And The Egg

Once upon a time a fox stole a ducks egg and was talking to himself about how he was going to eat it when, from inside the egg, he heard a little...

The Fisherman's Tale

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a poor fisherman caught a fish with his fishing rod; a very big fish as big as a pike but the fish was a flying...

The Warchildren

It was a bright Summer day in the forest; flowers were blooming, little animals were scurrying about and birds were sitting and twittering in the...

Sir Jim

There was once a knight with a bucket for a helmet and a mop for a lance; a fire poker for a sword and a frying pan for a shield; he rode upon a...

The Boy With The Catchers Mitt

There once was a little boy called Robin who had no friends but he was very inventive and so because he had no one to play catch with, he tied an...

The Dreamer and The Dreamkiller

There was once a young girl, a Dreamer who was kidnapped by a Dreamkiller and locked within a dark tower. This didn't frighten the Dreamer however...

The Would Be Prince

Once a young man who had read lots of fairytales went out into the world seeking a beautiful princess to rescue and marry. And as he was passing a...

The Shellkin

One warm summer day, a little girl call Sally was playing in her garden when she saw a shiny object lying under a bush and going over to see what it...

The Big Bully (My version of the Sicilian folktale 'Godmother Fox')

Once upon a time an ogre stole a little girls doll just to be mean and the little girl was sitting weeping and sobbing when a bear came walking by. "...

Lucy Lou And The Rosy Road

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lucy-Lou and her mother sent her to her grandmas house, telling her, "As long as you stay on the Rosy Road...

The Little Girl and the Snake (Based on the Austrian folktale "The Grass Snake of the House")

Once upon a time a little girl was sitting on the step of her house when a snake came crawling out of the grass towards her. At first she was afraid...

The Wizard and The Naughty Girl

Once upon a time a little girl was walking through the woods when she saw an old man asleep under a tree. And looking at the old man she saw that he...

Lucibella and The Troublesome Gnome

Once there was a girl called Lucibella who lived in a cottage in the woods and one day an old gnome with a long, grey beard knocked upon her door and...

Dave the Brave

There once was a prince called Dave the Brave, son of a king called Trevor the Clever who loved a princess called Kitty the Pretty but Kitty the...

The Tale of Pretty Polly and her 7 Sisters

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Pretty Polly, because she was as pretty as a flower, who had 7 sisters. One was called Messy Jessy...

Morris The Mouse To The Rescue

One day, Morris a little brown mouse was in the kitchen of the house where he lived and he was sniffing around looking for some food when he came...

The Tale of Johnny and Jenny

Once there was a little boy and girl named Johnny and Jenny who, whilst wandering through the woods came across an old rundown cottage with a door...

The Wild Horses

A long time ago there lived two herds of wild horses; a white herd and a black herd and the white horses and the black horses were fierce enemies who...

Simon, The Friendly Spaceman

Once upon a time there was a Spaceman called Simon who lived in a little, silver dome shaped house on the purple planet of Peep with a robot cat...

1001 Genies - Part 1

Once upon a time, as you may know, there were creatures called Genies and some of them, very few, granted people wishes and did nice things but the...

1001 Genies - Part 2

The Daxonomous took both the sisters by the hand again and they flew over the ancient city of Sandantis to a large stepped pyramid at its centre and...

The Incredible Pink Pyjamas

It was one snowy December when little Suzy Sanderson, a 5 year old girl with long hair of gold and eyes of blue, put down in her letter to Santa that...

Out Of Season

One chilly, Autumn day, Professor Brainy looked out of the window of his house and thought to himself, "I don't like the look of that. Its far too...

Wizilda And The Perfect Pumpkin Pie

One Halloween, long ago, a Witch named Wizilda started to make the perfect pumpkin pie. But as she was about to begin her pie making there was a...

The Autumn Friend

One chilly November day, when the ground was all covered in Autumn leaves and everything sparkled and glimmered with a coating of frost, leaving his...

The Traveller And His Companions

Once, through a wintry wood, there came a traveller in the cowelled habit of a monk with a walking staff in his hand. He looked like a pilgrim on...

The old man and the land of anythingspossible

Once, when I was walking in the woods, near my cousins farm I met an old man who seemed to be searching for something and he was crying. "Have you...

Macoya And The Giant Pirate

Once a giant pirate crawled out of the sea. He was so big that he had a ships mast for a wooden leg and a black sail for an eye patch and he set his...

The Children And The Krampus

Once, a long time ago, there were two sisters; one called Angelina who was very, very good and one called Sootitha who was very naughty. And one...

The Snowstorm

Once upon a time there was an old and very wicked witch who had a magic snowglobe and whenever she shook up the snowglobe and little snowflakes fell...

Simon, The Friendly Spaceman 2 - Simon and The Space Princess

Once upon a time, on the purple planet of Peep, in a silver dome, lived Simon, a friendly spaceman with his robot cat Kay. And, one day, Simon was in...

Simon, The Friendly Spaceman 3: Simon And The Badger City

Once upon a time, on the purple planet of Peep, in a silver dome, lived Simon, a friendly spaceman with his robot cat Kay. And one day, Simon was out...

The Girl And The Sausage Tree (A tree, called Kigelia Africana, that grows in some parts of tropical Africa)

Once upon a time a little girl saw a giraffe eating fruit off a sausage tree and, wondering what it tasted like, she asked the giraffe, "Oh giraffe...

Simon, The Friendly Spaceman 4: Simon And The Magic Jewel

One day, Simon the Friendly spaceman was in the silver dome where he lived and was testing out his new fix-it machine. He pointed his fixit machine...

The Magicalculator

Once there was a boy called Cal and one day Cal was sitting at a table struggling with his maths homework when he began daydreaming and, as he was...

The Bird In The Egg- An argument for faith

Once there was an egg that wouldn't hatch or, to be more precise, there was a bird that refused to hatch out of its egg. And the birds elder brother...

The Clumsy Squid

There once was a Squid, a very friendly squid but a squid who was very, very clumsy. He was always tripping over his tentacles, you see and he would...

The Star Dog

There once was a boy, called Tom, who really wanted a pet dog. He wanted a pet dog more than anything in the whole world and at night he would lie in...

The Magic Birthday Cake

It was Billys 5th Birthday, he had got lots of presents from his mum and dad and he was in his living room at home standing infront of a big cake...

The Apple-elf

The Apple-elf is a strange kind of creature, a little bigger than a fairy but a little smaller than a gnome who steals things and leaves apples in...

Simon, The Friendly Spaceman 5 - Simon's Underwater Adventure

One day, Simon the friendly spaceman was exploring in his submarine beneath a big lake on the purple planet of Peep and as he was travelling through...

The Magic Bucket

Once a little boy was kidnapped by an old witch who kept him a prisoner in her house. She did not lock the door of her house but there was an...

Tommy and The Miserable Day

Tommy, a little boy, was having a miserable day. First of all he was really hungry because he hadn't eaten anything all day because he couldn't...

Mack and the Loch Boggart

There was once a boy named Mack and his mother was always telling him, "Now, Mack. Remember not to go near the edge of the lake. You might fall in or...

The Sad Poetry Book

There once was a very sad poetry book. It was a book of childrens poetry called ' Children's Poems to Enjoy' and it had been languishing on

3 lives; 3 festivals (IP)

I asked an old cat once, "They say that Cats have 9 lives. Is that so?". "It is", said the cat. "And how many of those lives have you lived?", I...

The Three Little Ducks

Once upon a time there were 3 little ducks, waddling along a river bank and as they waddled along they each made a quack. "Quack", went the first...

Simon The Friendly Spaceman 6: Simon and The Roboman

One day Simon the friendly spaceman was in the laboratory of his friend Professor Pootle and the professor was demonstating his wonderful new...

The Sweet Heart Of Sugarland

Far away, as the fairy flies, round about the rainbow and over the moon, on the otherside of the stars was a land called Sugarland; a land where...

Alfie's Alphabet Book - Part 1

Once there was a little boy called Alfie and he had an Alphabet book; a book with a different letter on every page and, beside it, a picture of...

Alfie's Alphabet Book - Part 2

But then the mouse ran onto the next page and both the mouse and the cat bumped into an enormous nose beside the letter N for nose. "Where is the boy...

Alfie's Alphabet Book - Part 3

And on the next page they saw a violin and its bow standing beside a large letter V but the violin and bow weren't happy. Infact they both looked...

Peter, The Painter

Once upon a time, on a farm, there lived a boy called Peter who was not very physically strong and his father and mother worried wether he would be...

The tale of the beautiful egg

Once a little girl was given a beautiful egg by her grandfather who was an artist; an egg painted by him with elegant flowers of all colours and...

A Luck Story

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack who was visited by three angels named Faith, Fate and Fortune. And Faith carried an angelfeather quill...

The Box Of Song

Once, in a far away place and a long ago time, a little girl named Sonitha was given a glowing music box by her old grandmother "Just hold it to your...

Stephen And The Star-Stealer

A wizard once put the moon and stars into a magic sack but then, because he'd made the night so dark, he couldn't see. "Let us out", the moon and...

The Prince And The Poisoned Jewel

Once, a Prince named Edvar, set out to find a fabulous, legendary jewel for his princess Sarahlina called the Star of the Sea. And finally, after a...

The Mouse Prince

Once there was a prince named Roxano who was being forced, by his parents, into marriage with a foreign princess but he was already in love with a...

The Bakers Dozen

Once upon a time, a baker and his family were haunted by an invisible imp. Often, the strange creature would run amok in their shop, gobbling up...

Pan and The Children

Once there was a little girls orphanage run by cruel and terrible nuns who treated the girls in their care like slaves; made them dress in rags, eat...

The Astounding Circus Boy

In Big Top city there was a superhero called Circus Boy; he was a super acrobat and juggler and used his amazing circus skills to fight crime. One...

Rock, Scissors, Paper

Once upon a time a boy called Jack was walking through the forest when he met a monster with three giant hands called The Papparok And the monster...

The Magic Picture Book

Once there was a little girl called Kessie who had a book in which she would draw pictures; pictures of things she had been told about by her mother...

The Magic Lullaby

Once upon a time there was a little boy and girl called Lulu and Bobby whose parents loved them very much and, every night, to send them off to sleep...

A Tea-Time Tale

Once, in the land of tablecloth, there lived King Pepper and his wife Queen Salt and they lived by the laws of the great cookbook and ruled their...

The Ghost and The Miser

Long ago there was a village where they believed that, on All Hallows Eve, one had to leave out offerings for ghosts. "If you leave out offerings",...

What giants are afraid of

Once a man found a ladybird crying upon a rose. When he asked why the ladybird was crying, she replied, "I have no spots upon my shell". So the man...

Fish, Bird, Mouse, Cat, Gulp!

Once a fish, a bird, a mouse and a cat lived together in a house. Gulp! Uh? I mean a fish, a bird and a slightly fatter cat lived together in a house...

The Ghosts and Mrs Calendar

There once was an old woman, an old widow, named Mrs Calendar, who knew all the ghosts in her old house. She knew poor Tom, the little boy who lived...

The Land Of Make Believe (IP)

Once upon a long ago in The Land Of Make Believe there was a wicked witch named Poison Ivy and, looking through her magic mirror, she said, "Mirror,...

The Painted Sails

There once was a boy who loved to draw and paint but his father was a sailor who wanted him to be a sailor too and so he refused to buy the boy the...

The Children of Canvey Island

Once, on Canvey island, an island that lies of the south coast of Essex in the Thames Estuary, in a little dutch cottage with an eight-sided roof,...

The Fixie

Once upon a time, a Fixie was flying about looking for work to do. A Fixie, as its name might suggest, is a cross between a fairy and a pixie but...

The Biggest Splash

Once, a little girl called Amy was having a lovely, warm bubbly bath when suddenly, a duck came waddling up to her bathtub. "Hello", quacked the duck...

The game of hide and seek

One frosty Autumn day, a long time ago, two little boys called Tim and Tam were out in the forest collecting apples for their mother to bake one of...

The fisherman and St Andrew

Long ago, in Scotland, when Christianity was a new religion in that country, there was a Christian fisherman named Fergus who, discovering that St...

The Turkey Flight

Long ago there was a turkey and long ago there was a boy called Tom who loved that turkey. Infact it was the best pet he had ever had. He would even...

The Perfect Heart For A Snowman

One Christmas Eve long ago, a snowman came knocking upon the door of a mean old miser who was a money lender. "Yes", said the miser, answering the...

The Reindeer Race

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jim who lived with his mother in a cottage in the forest. But the cottage belonged to a very mean and miserly...

The Sorceror Of Sorcerors

Once, many moons and suns ago, a red sorceror from Egypt called T'Pah , in a flying black pyramid, travelled to the deserts of Arabia to visit a Blue...

The Goblin Pot

Once a goblin peering through the window of a house, saw how the old woman inside would put food into a pot; potatoes, carrots, turnips; all kinds of...

The Magic Umbrella

There once was a Wizard named Wilbur who had a magic umbrella; magic because he could make it any size he wanted. On clear, sunny days he would...

The Choir Singers

Once a choir gathered in the forest to practice for an easter celebration and they sang so well that even the birds stopped their singing to listen...

The Border-Watchers (A Parable)

Once upon a time, a clever thief came to a town and said to the people of that town. "You're town is under threat. An army is coming to attack you. I...