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I have 3629 stories published in 31 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 2371920 times and 438 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Jeremy Corbyn Like Saint George (Song)

1. Based on a wicked lottery they were fed to the beast of hunger and of poverty while others had the feast. 2. Everyone knew it was not right; that...


Spreading on the poverty of darkness, I see the socialism of the Sun; the rich of stars looked down once, cold and heartless but now there's light...

Earth (For Earth Day)

Earth is such a strange name for a planet; it sounds like Planet Water; Planet Air. Why not a name like Susan, George or Janet or planet Fun? It...

The New Windrush

Windrush now is not a boat; Windrush is a Labour vote. Whether you are black or white, get on board and join the fight. Tory whiphands beat us all;...


Blairite: a cheap plastic; the kind used to make artificial smiles or fake weapons of mass destruction; extremely toxic. Corbynite: a magnet that...