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I have 3629 stories published in 31 collections on the site.
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Phoenix of Grenfell

Phoenix of Grenfell; people arise; tear down the sinful system of lies that puts saving money before saving lives. Together, as one, we can win if we...

A tree without blossoms

Knobbly with buds, its bubbling with spring; each brass bud's a mouth that is bursting to sing. Babbling with birds and wobbling with wind; a tree...

Out of the austerity of Winter

Out of the austerity of winter, a red rose, blooming, bravely raised its head. Frost clutched at it with blue and icy fingers and wished, in her cold...

May the 3rd is "Our Wars" day

May the 4th is Star Wars day but May the 3rd is Our Wars day; Corbyn our own Obi-wan; our force, the force of "Jez we can". Just like in the Star...

The Revolution In Sparta

Long ago there was a country called Sparta where every citizen was required to join the army. The reason why every citizen was required to join the...


34 of my comments have received 35 Great Feedback votes

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Thankyou, pia. I am greatly

Posted on Sat, 20 Aug 2011

Thankyou, pia. I am greatly inspired by the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins who used alot of alliteration and word play and wrote a great deal about nature. Though his poems viewed nature through the lense of Christian faith and I see, more like a...Read full comment

Posted in The Lessons Of Nature

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Thanks very much, pia. Your

Posted on Mon, 08 Aug 2011

Thanks very much, pia. Your comments are very encouraging. I think that, if you do hundreds of haikus, then eventually you'll come up with a handful of good ones, the scattergun approach; atleast, that's my theory. As Zen master 'Robert The Bruce...Read full comment

Posted in Sci- Ku

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Thanks, pia. When you're

Posted on Wed, 06 Jul 2011

Thanks, pia. When you're digging for potatoes, the blackbirds gather round because they know that your spade will turn up earthworms for them. Indirectly,your spade is feeding them and so, the spade is the blackbird cutlery, like a spoon or a...Read full comment

Posted in SOME HAIKU

1 Vote

Thankyou, maisie. I've

Posted on Sat, 25 Jun 2011

Thankyou, maisie. I've always thought that cool-ness was an underrated aesthetic quality. I'm very happy that you think it's cool.Read full comment

Posted in Scope