The Story Of Horizon (Or Make Love Not War)

Adventures of a half-giant/half-gnome hero in the land of the humans.

Horizon (or Make Love Not War) - Chapter One

Unfortunately for Oak and Acorn, they were in love. Why unfortunately?

Horizon - Chapter 2 - The Fox With The Amber Collar

It was his first day in the land of men and women and, following the twitches and turns of his guiding arrow of Destiny, Horizon found himself in the middle of a dark forest.

Horizon - Chapter 3 - Horizon and The Demon

And one traveller, more than any, interested Horizon; though he said very little. A dark, cowelled figure

Horizon - Chapter 4 - The Battle Of Ghosts

“Drumming”, thought Horizon, “What could that be?

Horizon - Chapter 5 - The Cursed Beauty

Horizon found her hiding inside a cave covering her face. “Do not look at me please”, said the woman, “or it will be the last thing you ever see”.

Horizon - Chapter 6 - Horizon In Paradise

“Why do you refuse to enter?”, asked Horizon.

Horizon- Chapter 7 - Horizon In Paradise- Part 2: The Baby of Destruction

Horizon had felt sadness inside himself and had dreamed of smashing the world to end it but this ‘baby of destruction’ could do just that.

Horizon - Chapter 8 - The Beetle's Quest

“Odd little creature on your odd little quest”, he asked, “Where are you going?”

Horizon- Chapter 9 - The Bewitched City

Eventually, after several days and nights of what seemed sometimes like aimless wandering, Horizon entered the vast city of Efra

Horizon - Chapter 11 - In The Ash-King's Land - Part 2

When first Horizon saw the Ash-king, he was almost unable to look him in the face for the Ash-king was quite a terrifying sight.

Horizon And The Rosemort (Inspiration Point = It wasn't the wine...)

Wine did not agree with Horizon, in fact it practically had a punch-up with him.