The Magic Company

The Quest of Rancliffe, the Wizard; Hallah, Trev and Gavrin to free Magic from the control of a powerful corporation.

The Magic Company - Part 1

The winged key fluttered beyond Florian’s cage; it was beautiful with butterfly wings of enamelled glass and gold that sparkled in the sunlight but she had learned long ago to loathe the sight of it

The Magic Company - Part 2

The packet of Magic Company "extra-strong magic healing" sat open upon a table. Rancliffe was slowly dying of a curse that was turning his body into granite.

The Magic Company - Part 3

Davorian had come a long way from the public school playing fields where he had first bargained away his soul to being the founder and chairman of The Magic Company...

The Magic Company – Part 4

It was a long hard ride over many nights and by many winding and perilous paths to the valley of Gwyndoor where Rancliffe was certain they would find the black tower in which the girl, Florian

The Magic Company – Part 5

Up ahead, Rancliffe and his friends now saw a small, old fashioned village full of houses with thatched roofs but there was something run down about the place; no smoke rose from the chimneys of th

The Magic Company – Part 6

“Welcome weary travellers, to Glisterland; the land where all that glisters IS gold”, said the beautiful, blonde woman in the sparkly golden dress, smiling sweetly as Rancliffe and his friends app

The Magic Company – Part 7

“You just can’t get good help these days”, said Davorian, reaching into his bag; pulling out his tiny, squirming chief creative officer and peeling off Mr Glister’s shiny suit like a sweet wr