Poems on various subjects in various styles. I hope that you like them


Gladioli; troupe of dancers flinging green arms above their heads. The spirit of life; of gay romance; their florid petals of flaming red.

June and July (Rhyme)

June and July, how soon they fly but, while they're here, let's smile and cheer.

Wish You Were Here

I wish you were here; I wish you could see sun-shimmer, like starlight, pour over the sea; hear wild blue waves crashing upon golden sand;

Deep Love

Love is not in the skin; the flesh; the hair; the eyes or teeth. True love is found within the heart that’s beating underneath.

Long, slow Summer

The long, slow kiss of summer; enjoy it while it lasts; the dripping honey sunshine; easy breezes brushing past; the sweet nothings of bird song Nature murmurs in your ear;

The Sun Collector

The buzzing bees can never rest; always upon their nectar quest; crawling on daffodils and daisies they must think I am very lazy just lying on my back and snoozing

To a book mite

Little book mite, munching on a page; chewing sayings by some ancient sage; while you’re busy feasting on a book don’t you ever stop to take a look at the pretty words which you devour;

As you sleep, my heart doth sleep

As you sleep, my heart doth sleep and, in your serene beauty, makes its bed.

The Pretty Picture

A picture used to hang upon my wall; a picture of green fields and hills and trees; silver rivers and pure, white waterfalls; blue skies and happy song birds flapping free.

2 Love Poems: Three Magic Words & Love, be Kind

3 Magic Words Three magic words, when spoken, the gates of heaven, open and make the world, bright beautiful and new like music they are to hear; gold dust sprinkled on the air

Dare To Love

If green shoots were far too timid to set themselves free from seeds, we would lose all of those vivid colours that the springtime breeds. If little chicks were all too shy

Cats in the night

What eery sound is that? Wild mating cries of cats; distorted steel guitars or some strange ray from mars in a 50’s drive-in movie. It sends shivers right through me.

An insomniac looks at the stars

Just think, without their blissful light how dark this restless night would be.

Remember the Spring

Remember the Spring when the Earth is cold; remember the sun’s gentle kiss of gold; remember the grass and the flowers that grow when the world is all hidden with ice and snow;

The song never heard

though nature gave it voice to spread the air with joys

The Leap of love

Within love’s land, though I may be a stranger and cannot tell what sorrows, there, may hide for you, my love, I’d put my heart in danger; for you such risk is surely justified.

Revolution Today (Lyrics)

1st Verse: Politics are parlour tricks; the fight has already been fixed; no matter who the people choose, the rich will win; the poor will lose. They only make a mockery

Love’s Invocation

Oh, joyous love, come unto me; come fill my heart with pipes and timbrels; the soaring notes of ecstasy; the clash and crash of passions cymbals. Come fill me with fathoms of gold.

The Private and The Free

No high walled garden can compare with wild spring blooms spread everywhere; no bird in a cage ever sings sweetly as those that stretch their wings; no man made lamp e’er shined as bright

The importance of joy

The mole comes up to see the sun and I, I am a lot like he. I’ve lived a life in gloom but none can bear the darkness constantly. Hearts must have joy as lungs need air;

Now my love has put down its roots

Now my love has put down its roots and can’t be shook by wind or storm; bright are its blossoms; sweet, its fruits touched by loves sunlight, gold and warm

The Vastness of Nature

No picture can capture the grandeur of Nature; no canvas is vast as her broad open skies; her clouds, like a snow capped mountain in stature her sun, like a blue god’s bright golden eye

The length versus the fullness of life

I’d rather do as flames and flowers do,

The Final Ecstasy

After the dance, we both lie down together and share the ecstasy of love inside. After the dance of life, lie down forever in that ecstasy upon the other side.

The Happy Song of Spring

Tomorrow is for fools; Today the spring is here; the sun’s a glistering jewel in the heavens bright and clear; there’s laughter on the breeze and blossoms fill the bough;

The Child and Springtime

Year after year, my colours shall return.

Love Speaks

Into the hearts of men, I go and there, the seeds of roses, sow; the brightest blooms that ever grew, of glittering and golden hue. Upon my flute I play an air

Rainbow Earth (For Earth Day)

The sun is her orange and her yellow; her blue, the seas below and skies above; her green, the leafy trees and grassy meadows; her red, the bright red rose which blooms for love

Life’s Great Carnival

An Infant’s heart begins to beat like a distant booming drum; coming nearer and growing louder, the closer it becomes. And it leads a carnival parade

Spring Things

I praise the joyful litany of things that are so wonderful about the Spring; her sun, a golden kiss on bluer skies; her gentle breeze, April’s contented sighs;

Because You Love Me

Your love shields me from all of sorrows darts so none, however sharp, can pierce my heart. I feel blessed, no matter with what I’m cursed and rich, no matter how empty my purse;

Robo-Hobo (Sci-Folk)

I am just a Robo-Hobo riding in a space boxcar; over lazer light rails I go, travelling across the stars. Other folks may live under domes but I’ve got no fixed address;

The Day Nature Got Tired

a smile spreading across the mothers face. Mankind had tried to put Nature in fetters but, perhaps, this species would do better; choose love, respect and kindness as its path.


Running through a summers day, I chased a butterfly of blue and gold but it would always fly away; would never stay still long enough to hold. That butterfly has long since gone


No wonder trees are all so slim; the way they bend and stretch their limbs; doing Treerobics all day long to keep them healthy, fit and strong.

In The Place Beyond (Automatic Poem)

Often the door to my Heaven opens; sometimes in the heart of a rose;

Springtime is Swingtime

Honey bees all jive in their be-bop hive; all the little bugs do the jitterbug. The daffodils grow like trumpets that blow; roses root-toot-toot in their red zoot suits.

Two little birds

Two little birds dance far above, performing their beautiful ballet of love; Rogers and Astaire on the stage of the air; they whirl and they glide, always side by side.

Nature’s Comfort

A love for Nature’s never unrequited. Into Earth’s spreading arms, we’re all invited. To each of us, the sunset’s kiss, she blows; for all the golden bloom of sunrise grows;

April Rain

Silver April raindrops shower; over everything they pour; touching all with Midas power; polishing the whole world’s floor; transforming the grey and grimmer

The Sanderlings

Long beaked sea-birds seek out little morsels on the shore. Anything they eke out is a thing they’re thankful for. Eagerly sanderlings scurry as the waves retreat;

Distant Voices

Distant voices are blurred; noises instead of words; arguments become storms; gentle laughter like birds; angry mobs bray and roar; crowds are waves on the shore but though you hear far less

The bower of my heart

My memory was given to adorn with twinkling silver nights and golden dawns; bright skies of woad and eve’s of indigo; green leaves and grass and every bloom that grows;

The irresistible Spring

The seed cannot contain the flower once it has heard the voice of Spring, nor has the cocoon any power to hold back the butterflies wings; the change of season has begun

On the scarcity of love

but love is an emotion; there should be mountains; there should be oceans

The Spring of Tom Thumb

Just wee Tom Thumb am I; lost in the towering grass; leaning upon the trunk of every daffodil I pass. My life span may be days; my heart beat a bee’s wing but I’m honoured to gaze

Albino Children

Albino children dance in the moonlight; the sun’s far too bright but the stars just right for their complexion, pale and the sweet nightingale sings its enchanting song

2 Poems : 'The Valiant Sun King' and 'The Sun Peers In A Classroom'

The rolling, golden bowling ball of sun shatters all the tall skittles of night; driving blackness back to oblivion with its amazing blades of blazing light.

Spring Forth

The axis of the earth rotates towards the sun; cold winters at an end; bold spring has just begun; a time to venture forth; for life to stretch its legs;

Spring is Here At Last

Chilly winter days are past. The happy spring is here at last. The sun that hid its head away is spreading all its golden rays. The birds are singing merrily in every branch of every tree


Blooms are brooms to sweep winter away; brushes to paint the world bright and gay; fairy wands that cast colourful spells; Nature’s symphony of ringing bells;

Baleen Ballet

Regally, like a queen, the beautiful baleen waves her tail up and down and makes a mellow cello sound. While, like in a ballet, her calf, around her, plays; he glides between her fins,


Its bill is like two dry sticks rubbed together and, like the blazing fire that they start are the amazing crossbills crimson feathers. That's why it starts a fire in my heart.

Blackbird Song

Blackbird, all the notes you use weave whirling, twirling curlicues; notes like little birds that fly through ear and heart like air and sky. On a blackboard, in bright chalks,

Beautiful Universe

Magical galaxies, towering over us; sprinkling twinkling showers all over us; sparkling starbursts and spirals and rings; fabulous nebulas; fairy tale things.


The wings of the blue morpho have no patterns; they look just like blue lingerie of satin. The swallowtail’s pretty wings always look just like crayon in a colouring book.

Bluebells blooming

Bluebells blooming; life resuming after winter harsh and cold; roses spraying sweet perfume and daffodils spreading their gold. Poppies popping up, no stopping Springtime once it has begun

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis awe-inspiring sight; when God takes out her paintbrush, splashing skies with coloured light; like ancient spirits dancing; or vast silk veils of green and red,

A Peaceful February Day

It is a peaceful day. The Earth tranquilly lays beneath the sky’s broad gaze and happy birds flit about, flap and play. A gentle, quiet breeze strokes through the willow trees

A little thing

A little thing can tip the scales; lighten the heart so joy prevails, like a flake of snow or a gentle kiss, small things containing worlds of bliss.

: - ) SMILE (- :

Smile; make your frown a grin. Smile; let some sunshine in. Smile; let me see you beam. Smile; it makes your eyes gleam. Smile; it’s good for your health. Smile; just enjoy yourself.

4 Tiger Poems

Bigger. Stronger. Leaner. Meaner. Faster. Fiercer. Tiger. Roar! ------------------------ I am tiger. I am power and, when I grrr or I glower, craven creatures run and cower

Confessions of a Shape shifter

First my toes turn into talons, then my mouth becomes a beak, feathers grow upon my fingers; songs replace the words I speak. Then I spread my wings out widely

Daddy Long Legs

A spindly splodge of ink god spilt, you make up for your looks with grace; strutting upon the air with stilts; drifting past at a ghostly pace. Oh daddy long legs, you’re so queer

A Literary High

Language can alter consciousness; letters like L.S.D.; stories can take you on a trip beyond reality. Try prose instead of Prozac; lines of verse and not Cocaine;

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning; Sun is rising in blue skies of Bethlehem. Song birds serenade the new born like a choir of cherubim. Christmas morning; day is dawning; celebrate the infant king;

Christmas Lily

Christmas lily, as white as the snow and shaped like a trumpet an angel would blow; you announce to us all that the Christmas is here and bring into our hearts the gift of good cheer

A Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree, you’ve planted in my heart; a love both eternal and evergreen with silver bells of laughter and red ribbons of your smiles; soft glowing candles of joyful memories;

All Children Go To Heaven

Up to a happy golden place; a place where playtime never ends;

A Beach In Winter

I can’t wait till I spy that ship of gold; with sunray rigging and full sails of light

A Christmas Rhyme

Little Robin with your heart so big, chirping happily upon a twig; when I hear your jolly carolling, silver bells inside me start to ring. Little Holly leaves that prickle us;

A Love heart in the snow

But our true love shall never fade.

Braving The Storm

and, afterwards, the sun will shine; the sky will be bright blue and calm

Nature’s not just a pretty face, you know

Nature’s not just a pretty face, you know; there’s intellect in everything that grows. Some might even say that it looks designed but, in Nature’s form, I see Nature’s mind.

A Rubbing Of The Sun

A rubbing of the sun appears in gold and deep etched clouds in blue Crayola sky and myself, as I looked at six years old, with bright, new copper pennies for my eyes.

Ahh… but love is a wonderful thing.

Everywhere you’ll hear lovebirds sing and every day will be like the spring.


The darkness The light of hardship. of our love.

A Smile For Every Sunbeam (A cheerful rhyme)

I have a golden smile for every sunbeam; a gentle kiss for every pretty flower that blooms; a silver tear of joy for every tiny raindrop and, for the big bass drum of thunder, a heart that booms.

A Child of Nature

I see a gentle mother within everything I see; the way the trees embrace the birds within their boughs and sunlit clouds look like a mother who is smiling tenderly

Autumn Fire

Oh, great Muse of Autumn fire; gold and crimson, blazing bright, who could help but be inspired by such an amazing sight but there’s no true way to capture butterflies in black and white;

Autumn and Eve

Autumn born, full moon faced and naked as a tree, I grew to love each new Autumn as if it were born from me; love every leaf that bowed to earth, soft as an infant’s tread;

Autumn’s Magic Carpet

Oh, great magic patchwork carpet, woven from star-like leaves of gold, on tortoise wings of time you take me far from white Winters world of cold to the exotic realms of Summer

Blaze on, Summer bright

Blaze on, Summer bright; surround my heart in rays of light; armour of gold that glistens on long after August days have gone and press your flowers deep in me; heap up sweet scented memories

August, most august

August, most august; Summer's sweet parting kiss, like those sights and sounds of Heaven fallen angels sorely miss. Winter’s wall shall come between us but I take comfort in this;

At A Bat

Little, black, fluttering, pipistrelle bat; circling my ceiling like a surreal windmill sail; your tattered, leather wings unfolded like a flashers mac

Brain Clouds

Outside, I hear the loud percussion of rain falling in rank and file; splashing, clattering; grey clouds gushing on terracotta pots and tiles. Shooting shining silver quivers,

Breath Of Love

Breath of love, blow hard upon the sail of this, my little heart shaped sailing boat and stormy seas and thunder shan’t prevail. Though waves juggle her, she shall stay afloat.

A short rhyme

Inspiring, like spires and arches of churches, the little chicks chirping up high on their perches in branches of beeches and larches and birches

A Poem Worthy Of Our Love

A poem worthy of our love is a thing beyond the power of words. A poem is too small a thing; our love requires a choir of birds. Our love should have a hurricane with rose petals to strew,

Alone with the world

Alone, in the eyes of man, I was but I never felt alone; not in the warm embrace of summer; far away from the cold hearted crowds; not with the breath of her breeze in my hair;

Beauty’s gonna get ya

Beauty’s gonna get ya with a left hook and a right; a hundred bucks I bet ya, you’ll be seeing stars tonight. Beauty is a boxer; red roses are boxing gloves.

A bouquet of words (Poem)

A fluttering of hearts, a shimmering of memories and a miracle of hopes; a carnival of dreams; a summertime of hugs and a fairy tale of kisses; a jubilee of smiles; a rhapsody of rainbows


to shape our minds; to prune and shear.

A Time For Love

Now is the time when red roses bloom and the song of suckling swallows fills the air. Now, the world is fertile, painted and perfumed and wearing eglantine in tangled hair.

Christmas/Winter Haiku

Sunset upon snow; an infant’s eye grows sleepy. With laughter it will awake. Snowflakes, snowflakes, snow flakes falling. Winter gives me a book of Haiku. Present wrapped in white

Baby Seals (with a kiss)

Far warmer than fur garments is that fuzzy glow I feel; that happiness that hugs my heart when I see baby seals. My heart falls into their warm eyes; as bright as stars in the North Pole

Come Tread Upon The Snow

Come tread upon the snow with me; we’ve travelling to do. It looks so pretty and so pure and darling so do you but Winters not worth anything unless we’re having fun.

A Love Bright Garden

I know three comely misses named April, May and June; with tulips, they blow kisses; with blackbirds, whistle tunes. And over hills and vales, each wears a long, green velvet gown;

3 Poems

The Forgiving Springtime When the infant sheds white cloak of death; when newborn smile stretches across the Earth, she has no memory of the cold winter; of the harshly arguing winds;

Bohemian Gold (A happy, pro-hippy poem)

Dark flames eat butterfly wings, tear through the handiwork of time; ugly hearts hate beautiful things, they wallow in their age of grime. One eyed men hunt the unicorn.

A play for two hands.

I posted this earlier but thought it might be more appropriate now.


Poem I wrote years ago, after a house fire. Thought that I would post it now.

An ageless love

Ageless love

Autumn Fireworks

Young children run and laugh and scream towards the fireworks display; teenagers drift with inward dreams, fireworks filled their hearts today; parents watch kids with starry eyes,

Automatic Poem

Inspired by Steve Button I thought I'd write a quick automatic poem. Don't know if it's any good. It's kind of Nursery Rhymey.


Mission Control … we cannot speak about the worlds that we have seen


We zkoff Invader burgers, and we duz not zwink it strange,

Lament Of The Old Star Sailor

That siren song of starlight is calling to me again

Lash of Lallans

Probably doesn't fit the IP because it might be viewed as insulting but it's based upon the language of my childhood bullies.

Return To The Beach

Canutes cannot untie the tide

How Red Is Read.

Red river running; ever moving, never resting;

Spring Free

Little poem about spring

A Precious Gift.

I have a pretty, precious gift for you...

Bird Feeder

Poem inspired by watching a bird feeder surrounded by birds.


Ohhhhh- roarrrrr- aaaahhhh!

are the birdsong that brings peace to the morning.

This might seem a little corny, like a Valentines card poem but I always thought of it as a lock where the reader is a key.

Big, bad wolf

There is no army marching; storming your window pain

-ment of a mo-

A love poem, either for the Venus de Milo or for a woman without arms.

Gold, Frankenstein & Myrrh

We three kings of Orient are a little too early.

Woman with a telescope.

Curling clouds, of permanent waves, pinned back, her bright eye is pressed against the eye piece; in love with the light that freckles the black, like the freckles constellated on her face.

Joyful,noble people

Poem about our friends the dolphins.

The Lioness (A short poem)

A short poem about a lioness.


Alot of Shakespeare's Sonnets make the argument that a poem can give literary immortality to its subject. This Sonnet is a reaction to that idea.

The Slaughterhouse Of Souls

No, doctor, I am not insane.

Gripping Birdsong

Gripping in the title means both "that which holds your attention" and also "Clinging onto".

Secret Service

nature/spiritual poem drawing upon the world of espionage for its imagery/metaphor.


her heart growls with hunger

Little Lucy And The Debt Collector

Where is your daddy, little girl? Tell me, is he at home today? Where is your daddy, little girl? You know, he has some debts to pay.

Blood Month

We trudge through the smoke filled field, the cold and mud of Murrayfield park; the camera flash, of wailing candles, pinning ribbons on the dark.

The Look In her Eyes (IP)

This was meant to be a song but I couldn't think of another verse/chorus so I'm submitting it as a poem.

Where Does Yesterday Go?

Does yesterday die or live in today?


Blind, deaf and dumb and numb with death

Wynter Magyck

Mithras, Christmas or Abra-December.

The Arctic Hare

I thought that, since it's winter, I 'd write an arctic nature poem.

Reindeer Rhyme

Another short Christmas rhyme.

The Bear In Santa’s Sleigh

A short rhyme about a toy that comes to life in Santa's sleigh.

Young Santa Clause

A little poem about the childhood of Santa Clause.

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR LIFE (Based on a poem by Robert Herrick)

Based on "To the virgins, to make much of time" by Robert Herrick.

Dreaming of Clara Bow

Poem about the silent movie star Clara Bow.

My Heart Leaps Up*

Round about the roundabout and arcing over our car, as we drove home from the clinic, through the brainwashing tumbledrum, the constant stutter and tutting of rain, a rainbow rose above;

Sickness & Health

Come with us now through the perilous chapel.


In terrorizing visions, I see virions of greed; icosahedral capsids vaster than cathedral domes and, wherever they hover, poverty erupts and bleeds

The Auchinleck Prometheus

Poem about William Murdoch, the inventor of gas lighting.

Song Without A Cage (IP)

Thinking about this week’s IP, it occurred to me that no one needs to be transported by music more than those who are confined to a prison of some kind.

Emma is a kiss (IP)

What name pours forth instinctively when we are born again; borne into the arms of love; into a new eternity; tiny, helpless, wide-eyed and clinging? EM-MA! The mother of all words of love.

tongue - twister (IP)

A kind of tongue twister.

October Birthday

Birthday candles blazing in a circle, like the family and friends gathered around you, like the silver quiver of a hunter’s moon. Blow them out and then make your secret wish,

On The Stonechat

Stonechat; Nature’s Demosthenes, your beauty pleads her case with ease, your bright black coat and russet breast says all that needs to be expressed. When it seems as if men cannot

Sci- Ku

Attempt at some Science Fiction Haiku's

The Monarch (A Butterfly)

Silhouettes of trees, against a blazing amber sky;

Some More Haiku

Bright autumn peach trees.

My heart must be a mirror of the earth.

My heart must be a mirror of the earth, For when I see a rose one grows inside And gazing round at springtime’s spreading birth My heart bursts with broad fields and steep hillsides.


I see a fingerprint of god against the dusty plains. I see an X-ray showing me both death and glowing life. I see bars, but underneath a thing that won’t be caged.

The Salvation Of The Stag

I woke upon some hunter’s wall and could not feel my limbs at all; my body gone, in fear, I screamed but, thank the stars, it was a dream. Rejoicing; in my life, I thrilled;

nurturing a dove

The child’s eyes widen, behind binocular lenses, watching as featherless hatchlings grasp for air with tiny talons; tender mums and fathers feeding crop milk to their hungry young

Flower In A Thorn Tree (Inspired by paintings of Graham Sutherland)

Let us join hands, we five and sing a roundel of purple; purple that pricks with beauty against the thorny grimness of a stone shattered world.

Romantic Love Poem

Beside the face of heaven, there I rise and see the opening of your lustrous eyes. The birth of two bright stars, each morn, I see. No man was ever fortunate as me.

Exit The Labyrinthe

The light of Knos- sos lies beyond.


We gather brambles while the clouds above grow black. Soon sweet rain will flow. Curly clouds part and let the bright June sun shine through to warm my bald spot. My pumpkin lantern

The 30th Of Julia (IP)

Did I dream this weeks IP? It is the 30th of Julia right?

Proof Of Aphrodite

From Heaven’s hand my love was formed; from only Heaven did she come; a true miracle was performed and all who say ought else are dumb.

Marduk*, The Paper God (On Rupert Murdoch)

Marduk, who held a paper sun and paper world within your hands; maker of kings; lord of the lies. The fear of you is fading. All those who knelt at your feet now tear you down

Is All Beauty A Kind Of Seduction?

Why does the moon, like Audrey Hepburn, beam

The Lessons Of Nature

Our Mother Nature has so much to teach us;

Two Lovers

nature/love poem

What does April Mean To Me? (Alphabet Poem)

An attempt at an alphabet poem. Hope it's ok.

Their First Kiss

A very special kiss.

Natural High

I do not need a needle, no;

On the edge of death, reborn

Life affirming poem/story inspired by the forum thread on suicide.


In a dream of seagrass meadow,


Longing to write a nature poem

Your Kisses

A little love rhyme

My heart would have no sleep

Love like a nice, warm bed

Pigeon religion

Pigeons have a religion;

Peace & The Nightingale

Peace and the nightingale sing in harmony with each other, reminding me of infancy and the cooing of my mother. Thank goodness; like memories of my loved ones that live on,

Great Love

Oh love, that made the sun so warm and bright! Oh love, that set the stars within the night! I read the pages of my heart each day and strive to live according to love’s way.

Sunday Morning

Spiritual Nature poem
Poem of the week

Love and Socialism

We met infront of Marx’s tomb; watched the October setting sun; gazed up as stars rose from the gloom. I chose a star, said “You’re that one”. And then we kissed and raised a fist

May we not fall in love again?

May we not fall in love again? Now that the swallows have come home and the bright sun’s once more in the sky and cold and winter snow is gone and the golden flowers are reborn.

The Bringer of Light

Making all things shine; that is your noble art. ‘twas you who poured the gold into each atom of my heart. Yours was the kiss that kindled this bright candle in my breast,

Poems of Autumn/Seasons

Autumn Vow When the oestrogen of green has gone, I’ll still love you as I did in spring; When the wind turns harsh and night grows long; While the fires of anthocyanin

The Ghosts Of Flanders Field

And we find ourselves in Flanders field again, trapped by those bloody poppies, row on row. We say “Christ! Sweet dove, do not leave. For it is with you, we long to go”.

Your love that is without equal.

To the brightest suns of Summer, add the brightest stars and moons and the oceans gentlest murmur and the skylarks sweetest tune and all miracles together that this world was ever shown


Our bodies stood upon this earth; our hearts upon the moon; our cares in cold December; our lips in brightest June. There was no world around us, no skies of evening hue;

Kiss Me Under Heaven

Kiss me under heaven and let the stars see light. Teach angels to envy; let them gaze on greater heights. Your love makes a blasphemer of my heart with each sweet kiss;

To beauty born in an era of blindness

You’ve come too late, my love, to shine; an antique pearl in an age of swine. Man’s lost all love for things divine. You are the sun but men are blind.

Fireworks (IP)

Through right lense and left lense I saw rockets ascend,

The Ouija Man (A Narrative Horror Poem)

A narrative horror poem for Halloween. Hope you enjoy.

The Ghost Of Violets

ghostly nature poem

Our Wintertime Love

A fox and vixen, I have seen, make love amidst the evergreens. Two brazen flames that brightly glowed from wick of shadow and wax of snow. And honeybees, or so I’m told,

More praise for the homeward Sun

First, bright flaxen lashes, then the opened eye of sun, like loud cymbal crashes, flashes o’er the horizon. Bright as inspiration, it touches blank winter snow, then out pours creation;

The Army In The Snow – A Riddle

An army marches in the snow; each man carries a sword of sound but, with that sound, they strike a blow that can knock titans to the ground. Bound by meaning, they forward go

Little New Year Rhymes and a Prayer

On December 31st and at the midnight hour; fireworks go boom and burst into a big, bright shower. When Big Ben begins to chime, to let everyone know the time,

With the aid of Sun

The sun shall ever find wherever sorrow hides my heart; my heart, the hilt her bright blade gleams upon and side by side, the sun and I, split hopelessness apart

Not Poppies But Roses

King, keep St Crispian’s and I’ll have St Valentine’s; For the glory of life is in loving, not in war; In the booming of our passions and the marching of our hearts;


Snowdrops growing; new hope flowing; pretty, milk white petals dripping from the blessed breast of Spring.

Solar Prayer

Buried in boundless, sacred plains of azure; the turning key of time unveils your treasure; tipping a pot of gold of endless measure; kindling in all childkind, bright flames of pleasure.

Unveiling of a hidden rose

Between the gold and diamond hours, a rose called sunset blooms; a flower for all lonely hearts to rouse them from their gloom; for while they wait to gaze on bright inner vistas of love

Heaven in Autumn

It is Autumn in Heaven; for my love, she is old



Promise my heart

My heart, that looked upon your love, now dare not close its eyes for fear it shall not see again flowers rain from the skies or rainbows wrap themselves around a never setting sun.

The Victory Of Love

Little did I know that love had changed my heart; that love had come creeping, quietly as time, to plant new heart and make new man of me. Love, like a tempest but soft as breezes blow;


I am the dandelion; purse your rosebud lips and blow, then watch my seeds go flying; spreading my sun golden glow. I am the tall tree pushing up to branching stars above;

Pink Orchids

Pretty, pink phalaenopsis blooms; I bury my nose deep in you, till, tickled by your sweet perfumes, my nose always goes “Atishoo!”.

Reach Out

I must reach out in all directions; travel every avenue, like branching branches; stars and snowflakes, rivers and raindrops that split in two. I must reach out in all directions,

To Roses With Love

What rose can I give to roses to show them my deep love for them?


My seedling soul magnifies your shining body. I long to touch your smooth, lustrous, dark skin; look deep into your eyes that shine with knowledge and know the multitudes of worlds within.

Seashell Venus

With her laughter, light as lacy foam and her spritely eyes, bright as pearls; across the seashore, she shall roam; my pretty, precious, seashell girl. Wet sand sugaring her fingers

The Jester And The New World

“Your noble majesty”, said he, “I’ll be your clown no more for I am bound to sail around this earth to golden shores. A new world is awaiting; uncharted, unexplored, where men like me

Threnody For Sadness

Alas for alas and woe for woe! My grief, atlast, has gone below. I weep and weep sweet tears of joy; love struck a blow and grief’s destroyed. My gloom has gone to endless night;

The Little Piper and the Spring

Kneeling down, as if to pray, the little piper softly plays, upon the pipe, a melody of Spring that sings inside of me. Oh, how the gentle rosebud ripens; slowly opening its lips.

I blew you a kiss

I blew you a kiss on a windy day

Eros In Chains (A tortured prisoner to his love)

I dare not say I love you, for they hurt me when I do. They tear the wings from Angel love, so it no longer soars above. They torture me till I’m in tears; I am afraid of all my fears.

The Face Of My Lover Is Love’s Own Face

The face of my lover is Love’s own face; her arms; love’s warm, golden embrace; her smile, as bright as rapture’s gleam; her voice, like heart made music, seems;

Pretty Stormy

I love your lightning flash; your precious gems of hail the passion of your thunder the music of your wail. You’re pretty when your angry, you’re pretty when your sad

Hope Prophecy

Bright is the destiny of man, I see; for I am not a prophet of gloom.

Here grows a rose...

Here grows a rose that will not die, not in the harshest winter snows nor deserts cracked, barren and dry. Through endless night, it still would glow. It is the love between you and I.

Where my heart lives

Like the fishes at play in the water or birds that sing and dance through the skies; my heart lives in your love and laughter; in the air of your breath and the light from your eyes.

Flowers for my love

I send my love a Sunflower for the brightness her love brings; and daffodils and blue bells for the bells her bright love rings; the reddest of all roses for the passion her love starts

Wherever there is love

Wherever there is love, there will be hope; a fountain of hope that pours within our hearts and, bound together, we are bound to cope; each person, moved by love, to play their part.

Writing about love

When love lets me speak again then perhaps I may sing love songs; when my heart comes home again from higher realms; when its golden wings grow tired of circling love’s bright sun

Two Anti-War Poems : 'Charge!' and 'Overcoming The Beast'

What is it that seduces men to war? Why choose the hail and thunder to adore? Why not the snow white dove or crimson rose? Why can’t man be content with such as those?

The Legend Of Myself

Thunder gods grow older; their lightning bolts grow dim. My father towered over me; now I’m taller than him. Now time has turned him from a god into a wizened elf

Let me praise you

Let me cheer for you and sing your praise for the many wondrous things you’ve done. Let me pour upon you golden rays for being my constant rising sun.

Into a masterpiece

Into a masterpiece, I walked for miles; put my hand deep and brushed against the brushstrokes; closed my eyes and felt the colours; a silken soft and fragrant rainbow;

While my lover sleeps

Two bright stars lost within the land of dreaming; they will not shine again till you awake. A pretty rose that bursts with laughter gleaming will stay a rosebud until next you speak.

I will, truly, love you forever

How many times must I assure you that my love for you is without end? Infinity’s a teeny-tiny thing beside my love for you, my friend. Long beyond the beating of my heart;

Our Hearts Together

Look at our hearts together; how they wander happily over sunlit hills of heather; free in love’s captivity. Look at our hearts together; like two wings upon love’s bird.

Some Sunshine Rhymes

I hear the happy chaffinch chirping like a laughing child; see the yellow daffodils that bob like belfries in the wild but does the Summer hear, within my heart, that booming dove

Peeping Tom

He spies on her as she takes her bath, so beautiful and serene, but then she notices him watching and, spreading her

The Groom Of Life

Life long, unto life, I am betrothed; contented with this flesh in which I’m clothed; wearing this golden ring of days with pride; happily sleeping by the Springtime’s side.

Summer: The Real Jubilee

Enter wanton Summer sun; Winter’s buttons all undone. Enter the exotic queen; luscious luxury of green and gem hued; pearl dewed satin petals; lakes like polished, precious metals


Love’s sleeping giant has awoken. I hear its thunderous feet within my heart; feel enormous hands with grip that can’t be broken and power to raise me up or tear me apart.

The Runaway Heart (Redrafted)

Tonight I was awoken by a funny sort of feeling and, opening my eyes, I saw my heart high overhead. Like a helium balloon, it bobbed about upon the ceiling

The Wonder Of A Rose

Every rose is a colossus, towering overhead. Every rose is like a lighthouse with an eye of blazing red. Every petal more impressive than all the pyramids and tombs

Remember this bright Summer

Remember this bright Summer when all the Autumn sky is grey. Remember blossoms on the trees when Autumn leaves are tossed away. Remember her you loved; how she was young and bright and gay.

To all the seasons, I am thankful

To all the seasons, I am thankful, for their beauty, wisdom, hope and joy; my four noble, trusted companions without whom my heart would be destroyed. To the child of spring; the ever hopeful

The Beautiful Struggle

Go and bathe your deepest troubles in the ocean that an enormous, sinking sun has set ablaze; bury the mountain of your sorrows in a flowering field on the bluest and brightest of Summer days

Rose Hips

She asked me for roses; I gave her rose hips and said, “Here are roses as red as your lips with perfume more sweeter than any you’ll smell in expensive bottles brewed up by Chanel”.

To The Summer Breeze

Sweet, gentle spirit of the Summer breeze who whispers words of love in leaves of trees. It’s joy to feel the soft touch of your hand; your cooling breath, like being gently fanned.

This Sporting Life

The booming thunder like a starting gun, a torrent pours, a shining marathon; muscular clouds hurl javelins that flash whilst whistling winds begin a wrestling match.

The Love That Grows Wiser

Let the lines grow deep upon our love and let the hair of our friendship turn grey, for the love that grows wiser is a love forever strong;

The Rock and Roll Bus

Riding on the rock and roll bus that shakes and rolls and rattles us; pastoral symphonies flash past. Driver, why must we go so fast? Too fast to see the countryside;

Radio Summer

She is beaming out a gleaming signal to anyone at all whose heart will hear, in wavelengths of golden solar splendour which she hopes you are receiving loud and clear.

The Happy Willow Tree

Sad eyes see willows weeping but they never weep to me. A lovely, long haired maiden is the tree I always see or a tall, melting green candle that sustains the flame of life


There are pearls, deep at the bottom of the ocean and there are stars up in the endless night above; peaceful Summer days amid life’s restless motion

I Love Yew

Oh, I love yew and elm trees too. Elms overwhelm my heart with bliss. I love to stroke a sturdy oak or clasp an aspen close to kiss. Some, mocking, say Psychiatry is a tree

Faerie Magic

My favourite theory is silken winged faeries with dust made from moonbeams and glitter of stars that come, late at night, with pass keys of light and sprinkle, on my dreams,

Love’s Storm And Calm

Whirling, like a rose in a tornado; struck by the bright lightning of love; my heart's a hundred rumbling thunderstorms; my body, a tree in the high winds of passion

Save The Arctic

http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/arctic/ Blessed virgin of the Arctic; rarest, most flawless, most precious diamond of this world; my eyes melt and my heart cracks with aching;

The Summer sets as does the sun

The Summer sets as does the sun; sky turns to crimson; leaves to gold but time, round in a circle, runs; all will be young that now grows old. Fear not the darkness or the cold;

Thank Nature, we grow older

Oh, thank Nature, we grow older and too tired to run and play; tired enough to sit and contemplate a splendid August day. Little kids are far too busy flying to watch a bird in flight

Look Eastward

Look eastward, heart of sorrow. See that the darkness cannot hold back that brave phalanx of the light that brandishes bright spears of gold. See how the fearsome foe of winter

Idea for poem structure: A Word Symphony

Drip by drip and drop by drop, rain starts to fall then will not stop. It glimmers and glistens and shimmers and shines, it rattles and clatters and splashes and…

The Sleepy Autumn

How gentle and how blissful does the sleepy Autumn seem, like a child whose auburn hair spills on soft pillows of the earth; leaves like heavy eyelids drift off as if into dreams;

The Alchemy Of Autumn

The alchemy of Autumn is so awesome to behold, transforming elm and sycamore from emerald to gold; the weeping willows crying stops as tear drops turn to flames; the oak trees become lions


Spring shall come and fill the lives of all those who follow the fall.

Every day, I am reborn

Every day, I am reborn; every dawn’s the dawn of light; yesterday, the world seemed worn; now it seems new and shining bright. Every day, I am reborn; every morn, the world’s remade.

Nova Cygni, 1975

The star upon the swan shone beautifully bright; my eyes began to open as the nova was eclipsed, that’s when I took my first long look upon the light and when life laid its first

Whodunnit? : A Mystery Poem

Attempt at a whodunnit in poem form.

The Adorable Dormouse (Redrafted)

Little golden Dormouse, gently huddled; curled up, like the world’s most warmest cuddle; comfortably tucked in beds you weave from honeysuckle bark and grass and leaves.

Solution to “Whodunnit?”

That’s it! I think I’ve worked it out. I know who dunnit, without a doubt. Who it was that shot Lady Bloom and how they entered her locked room.

I love a lady called the Autumn

I love a lady called the Autumn; her eyes are Perseus and the Plough; her dark hair, dancing clouds of starlings; her kisses fall from maple boughs. With burning lips of amber, gold

Stop, Look and Listen

Look at the amber Autumn leaves. Look at the scarlet sunset hues. Why not take time to sit and wait; relax and contemplate the view. The Spring and Dawn will soon be here

The Heroic Autumn

The last words of the Autumn, at the dying of the year, are the oratory of beauty; ennobling to hear. With the sighing of the Autumn wind and tongues of blazing leaves,

Poetry for Ants

I try to make the writing small; try to mix sugar with my ink. The ants take no notice at all. I cannot think the way they think. Sometimes it puts me in a rage

The Hardy Birds of Autumn

The hardy birds of Autumn still seem so bright and gay.

Upon An Autumn Kiss

Oh, little flame of Autumn, never fear the winter snow for now you’ll go to where the Fall colours forever glow and silver moon that so adorns this blissful Autumn night,

Seize the day

reach out and seize the day.

The Angel & The Mermaid

An angel once loved a mermaid. She’d bring her stars down from the sky and invite her up to heaven but the poor mermaid couldn’t fly. Then the mermaid would say, “Hey, let’s

In a kiss

If seeds and sand grains make the fields and hills and oceans are, by tiny raindrops, filled; if starling flocks start from a single egg and * BANG! * one spark explodes a powder keg,

On Loneliness and Love

I hear a bird who’s singing all alone and the song it sings seems oh so monotone but then it’s joined by other happy birds and, suddenly, a melody is heard.

The Suitor And The Woman

A suitor loved a woman and he wanted her to know so he gave her songbirds in a cage but she just let them go. Then he bought her gold and diamonds but she gave them to the poor

Spiritual Love

Pure as angels, we both shall become when, our two hands joined like an angel’s wings and the halo of friendship round our hearts, we enter that Heaven of true love;


Wish I had special powers; that I could strettttch ouuut tiiiime; make minutes into hours. Wouldn’t that be sublime? Or I could sdrawkcab emit nrut; make yesterday today.

The Oracle of Love

and when I hold your hand, I know, we have only higher to climb. Our love's like an oracle that shows my heart glittering visions

Elevated (Please read from bottom to top)

evated. soul el- Your to inspire. written Words, from the dead. growing Life, flying higher. soaring; Bird overhead. rising Sun, into fire. bursting Spark,

The Autumn Flamenco

pretty leaves that were skipping and leaping and flapping

I Love You!

I’ll whistle it to the birds and I’ll buzz it to the bees. I’ll whisper it, like the wind does, to the grass and flowers and trees. “I love you!”. I’ll climb up a high mountain;

Where Winter goes, Spring Follows

Wherever a red leaf of Autumn falls, gently leaving a kiss upon the earth, there a pretty red rose of April blooms and wherever white snowflakes cover all,

Love’s Education

My heart only knew how to beat. You taught it so much more. You gave it nimble, dancing feet and wings on which to soar. You opened new eyes in my heart; made bright new worlds to see

The Sacred Flame Of Love

Love, cherish and do not take for granted that most generous of gifts from god to man, the truly sacred mystery of love; the secret of lighting love’s eternal flame.

The Nudes Of Autumn

Some have spreading, sensuous limbs that flow like rivers to the sky or twist like the roots of new growth in long, languid shapes that recline on blue satin of evening

Give Me A Sign - A Graphic Poem

All I really want is love, LOVE, L-O-V-E!

Election Knight

Oh, Barack Obama; black knight in bright armour with the sword of the light in your hand. Romney comes to joust you, hoping that he’ll oust you and bring back a dark age to the land.

Paradise Found

There is a pretty place I know; a place where crystal waters flow and flowers, of all colours, bloom filling the air with sweet perfumes; where birds that have bright rainbow wings

War & Love

red as the roses; Oh red princess;

Some Little Poems

A Bear Behind There is a bear who follows me everywhere I go. He hides when I turn round because he thinks I do not know but wherever I wander, near and far, I always find

Love makes everything brighter

Love makes everything righter; love gives a new shine to the moon; love paints the rainbow brighter and adds new notes to every tune. Love makes the rose more rosier

True Remembrance

Remember wicked lies were told; remember lives were bought and sold; that young men, who now won’t grow old, died to fill rich men’s hands with gold. Remember now the slaughtered youth

Intercity Synchronicity

I’m riding on a train; on a train through the rain; through the rain falling down; falling down to the ground. And little silver drops fall again and again and again without stop

Oh, moon

That beams so bright above me; reflecting on you, I feel blessed. I think Heaven must truly love me, to feed me milk from her own breast

The reason why I rhyme

Gentlemen of the jury. Please, listen to my petition. There is no cause for such fury against this happy repetition. To rhyme is not a crime. Some rhymes can be sublime; poetry in its prime

Upon an Ageless Love

Love sees springtime blossoms in the Autumn and leaves of green while branches are all bare; love still feels the golden kiss of Summer with winter winds nipping its nose and ear;

Happy Wishes

Upon the twinkling of the stars, I make this wish; that every dog shall have his bone; each cat, her fish; each little mouse his cheese and all the birds, their crumbs

Heaven is a disco

Saturn’s rings rotating; a record begins to play; then pulsars start pulsating with a beat that’s bright and gay. Then Angel’s straight and queer dressed in golden, glittering wings

Pansies in the snow

Pretty pansies in the snow; happy faces all aglow. Winter's when they show the mettle of their brightly mottled petals. I should be as bright as they on this chilly winter day.

Storm Gifts (Giving gifts to bring cheer in hard times)

We bring to you, these gifts in trouble and in storm; a shelter for your head; blankets to keep you warm. Together we will weather this storm until it ends; an unbreakable circle,

Eskimo Love

I’d like to be an Eskimo, live in a little house of snow; a little igloo just for two that I would build for me and you. We would live the Eskimo way; go riding about in our sleigh

Sun kissed

The humming of the honeybees and happy serenade


Some have hair like the midnight; some like blazing fire or sun but all have eyes that shine bright and I desire them, every one. Some have skin of burnished bronze

La Lune De L’Amour

They call you la Lune De L’Amour. How many love scenes you must have lit. Your crescent bow and beams have hit more than poor Cupid's arrows ever hit and yet you look so lonely to me;

Home to you

I am not home till I come home to you; till I see your face, beaming, at the door. In your arms is the only home that’s true and, without you, I’d be homeless forevermore.

Lighthouse In The Sky

Sun that shines in through my window, scattering your precious rays, can you see me sitting, trying to write this poem in your praise? In your divine golden image

Winter Sparkle

If Summer is golden, then Winter is diamond and pearl; a shimmering sequin of frost that swathes all of the world; there is a crystal star etched in each little snowflake of white

Springtime is the world falling in love.

Deep under the bare breast of winter snow are little seeds like stirrings of new love. From them, sweet blooms like pouting lips shall flow, blowing kisses to the bright sun above.

The Elegant Sunbird (Save the Elegant Sunbird)

The elegant sunbird’s a painting in oils with feathers as glossy as glistening foil. When it spreads its wings it also spreads delight ‘cause the Elegant Sunbird’s a rainbow in flight.

I am nothing but everything

While I am merely a man, let me admire that splendour I shall become part of, when I am dressed in the leaves and the flowers; when I am married to the Earth for all time;

The Proud Bird

I am a wren; little brown wren; not pretty nor fierce but proud;

Passionate Poinsettia

Oh, passionate Poinsettia; when nature paints her lips with red and gives us all a festive kiss. Like a winter sunset your broad leaves of blazing scarlet spread

Heart-breaking beauty

1st Verse: Over the snow-capped mountains spill silken shades of gold and pink; a thousand stars peek out and trees turn into fountains of ink. The sky is dyed like denim;

Happy Christmas, Heart

Happy Christmas, heart of mine; one dozen kisses sweet as wine and a great big smile for you, my face; wrapped up within her warm embrace.

Flowers for the New Year

Flowers for the New Year; flowers for the Spring; for bright hope; for good cheer and new life awakening. Ring in the year with bluebells and sing the Sun King’s praises

Fear not

Fear not what may or may not come; those shadows of the unforeseen; think only of the rising sun, blue skies, bright blooms and fields of green. Ask not what trials or sorrows may

The Poor Little Birds

Nature bless all the poor little birds; feed them for the joy that they give

Life is Grand (Automatic writing)

We are shooting stars falling through the cosmos; let us look at universes great and small; the way that rain shines gold upon the window pane or the stars seem to surround a person’s head;

New Year Near You

Like the magic stroke of Midnight was our kiss; filled with golden bells and fireworks of bliss and the love that, in our hearts, began to sing

The last piece of perfection

and your lips, kissing. All the stars are out tonight; each one bold, beautiful and bright. The moon's gigantic, full and round, pouring its gold upon the ground.

Freedoms not infidelity

Freedom causes suspicion when looked on with jealous eyes; most people look unfaithful merely trying to loosen ties. I never loved any but you but love ties bound too tightly

She strides the Earth

She strides the Earth in her green gown and where she strides new life is sown. Living, growing, spreading, flowing; flowers thrusting free from seedlings;

The Ugly Truth

The truth is a geek. It doesn’t look chic; has spots on its face and specs on its eyes. The truth is a nerd; socially awkwerd and so shy you might miss it in a room full of lies.

Mother Heaven - Prayer (Personal Faith)

Mother Heaven help me to endure and I shall be a carrier of your cure. Mother Heaven help me win my fight and I will be a bearer of your light. Let your sacred milk of mercy flow.

Older but not lesser

Though your old eyes may be wrinkled, they’re as blue as periwinkles and they sparkle and they twinkle like the welkin* when its sprinkled with a trillion brilliant stars.

Hummingbird Kiss

Gentle as the hummingbird that hovers round the flowers; her tongue a beating-wing like blur as my nectar, she devours.


My eyes may not be wide enough to take this world inside; my heart too soft and gentle for life’s rough and rocky ride but Nature cannot hear me cry, “I’m too young to be born”.

From every end, a new beginning

Surrendering, the setting sun goes down but dawn will raise its golden sunray crown. Out of the deepest darkness climbs the day. And blazing green fire grows from the grey

Of Bees and Flowers

The Bees Oh, we plunder cotton thistle and we liberate the rose for wherever nectar glistens, there we honey makers go. God save our United Queendom;


Heaven. to /S/ \R\ /I/ \A\ /T/ \S\ the climbs heart my kisses your Upon

Virgin of Winter

Virgin of Winter, pale and pure; untouched by sunlight’s golden hand; time’s made a match for you, I’m sure. That beaming sun’s a handsome man and, within you, he will ignite

Love, let us be wedded in the Spring

Love, let us be wedded in the Spring. That’s when the Earth lifts up its bridal veil of white and the sun is like big, brass church bells that ring;

Written in stone

Silently the lichen grows on words engraved in grey; WOPDS THAT ARF WPITTFN IN STONF WILL NFVEP FADL AV AY

The Good News of Spring

On bright yellow, telephone like daffodils the spring is ringing; yelling hello and from swallow filled tree hollows, Spring is singing. April petals open like the envelopes of scented letters

My Bread And Wine

Breath is my bread; breast of the Earth; thread that binds me to you from birth; air I share with each beast and bird; lungs swelling with language and song.

Flickerbook butterfly

Yet real Springtime will be here soon; tattooed wings shattering cocoons part of the reawakened Spring; then my heart will beat bright red wings.

The stormy night

the sun will shine just like an empress and, with the world, kiss and make up.


I am Lily of the Valley. Forth, from the green Earth, I sally and, from my shoot, proud and tall; showers of snow white flowers fall. I am snowdrops in the Spring time;

Hail to thee, Gladiolus

Hail to thee, Gladiolus, brave, bright lily of the sword; with your bold colours, you console us more than a thousand pleasing words. Sword of the springtime; sword of joy

To Venus, greatest of all the Gods

There is no god more mighty than gentle Aphrodite; Jupiter’s bolts may pound but our hearts make more sound; Diana has her snares but none, to love, compare and brighter than Apollo

Nice weather for it (Little seasonal love rhyme)

The weather man predicts there’s going to be a chill. I hope that he is right and that, indeed, there will ‘cause then I can get cosy snuggling up to you

Reflecting upon our love

Me within your gaze like lake waters in the brightly shining moonlight. Moonlight, shining brightly in the lake waters like your gaze within me.

Night full of day

Stars glow like little pieces of the sun waiting to be assembled into day; in the night is the day that has not yet begun; like my heart, it must escape darkness some way.
Gold cherry

Love, actually

The hand that scattered gold across the night placed, in her eyes, two gemstones shining bright and, taking tincture from the setting sun, made her lips glow that same flaming crimson;

Oh, flaming Flamingos

Oh,flaming Flamingos; when you bow your heads, you’re the sun set that scatters soft feathers of red and against its light ballet you are musical notes in an appassionata

Our Friendship

Our ship has no crew except me and you; no hull and no keel but the way that we feel; no billowing sails but our hearts that prevail; nothing in the hold except memories of gold.

Perpetual Emotion

kiss me and and me kiss again and and again I’ll love you and and you love I’ll forever and and forever

Sleeping, dreaming and awakening

Little eyelids drooping she drifts deeply into sleep; then the creamy sky grows pink and the setting sun sinks deep. Then her head goes roaming far off to that distant land of dreaming


Press your ear up to the snow and you will hear the seedlings grow; embryos beneath the earth preparing for the Spring’s rebirth. Soon you’ll see their shoots of green

The Immortal Earth

with each year I grow closer to the spring.

The Grey and The Green

My mother’s the Earth and I’ll stay by her side;

If it were Spring everyday

that bright butterfly of Spring.

Spring’s First Kiss

Now March begins; first kiss of Spring; wings beat like hearts as birds take flight; buds open like hearts opening to new love’s glory and delight. And this is only the first kiss.


Intolerant winter, when all is black or white is starting to disinter- grate and vanish out of sight. Now all the many colours of the spectrum get to shine


To Earth’s Rebirthday party, you are cordially invited;

The Carefree Hare

How I would like to be a hare and run about without a care and, in the spring, go toe to toe in boxing bouts with buxom does; have lots of little leverets. I don’t think I would ever get

The Blue Rose

A blue rose, is the ocean; all its shark-fins are its thorns; all its waves, its bright blue petals that turn crimson in the dawn.

February Waits

February’s waiting; she’s waiting for the spring; for a blue sky in the heavens and the flowers opening. She’s waiting like a Helen for her bright Ulysses sun

Servant of Nature

She gave me hands that I may write sweet poems in her praise and eyes to see her glorious light spreading its golden rays; a feeling heart to fill with joys as I behold each spring

En Plein Air

I tried writing in the wind. The wind blew my pad away. I tried writing in the rain. The paper just got soggy. I tried writing in a storm. Lightning struck my ball-point pen.

Random meditations upon time

Time, the hours, like tall towers, piled; Time that makes a mother from a child; Time that files the mountain to a plain; Time that finds the cause and heals the pain;

For love not faith

Do not doubt that right is might; that there is fire in the light. Do not doubt kind hearts prevail; that courage wins while cowards fail. Do not doubt that truth will win;

Weavers In the Web

Little spider listen while I pluck on my guitar; my fingers weaving patterns from its strings. Your tiny web glistens like a galaxy of stars; strummed upon by the rain and sun of spring

The Willow and The Wind

The willow, by the wind’s forever hassled. He’s always tugging at her pretty tassels. Outside my window, I can hear the rustle as the willow and the wind wrestle and tussle

The Composite Flower

Amazing daisy; composite flower*; shining example of collective power; your petals, White knights round a table of gold; “All for one, one for all”, the bright creed they uphold.

The Schoolmaids of the Spring

When the Springtime sun appears, it is as if a school bell rings, from here and there and everywhere, out come the young school maids of Spring. They are the Spring flowers that spurt

Our Love Will Last Forever

I could compare it to a flower but a flower’s sure to wilt or compare it to the sweetest wine but wine can be spoilt and spilt. I could compare it to a Summer but a Summer always ends

V for Valentine

V for the Violets that, in your eyes, bloom. V for the plush, red Velvet of your kiss. V for when passions Volcano goes BOOM! V for love’s Visions of heavenly bliss.

March is on the march & The Apple Tree

March is on the march. I hear its tiny boots. I hear them in the rain that feeds new roots and shoots. Soon you will see the bugle call of golden daffodils then Springtime will come marching

Green Magic

As the magician conjures up a ring Behind his silken, snow white handkerchief; Rising, the golden sun unveils the Spring And vanishes the snow it hid beneath. Caterpillars turn into butterflies

The beginning

It started with a cosmic kiss; the heavens filled with stars of bliss; the planets, drops of joyful tears; the sun, the smile between god’s ears; that is the story told above,

The Spreading Spring

When prim white winter melts away then carefree Spring comes out to play; each peach tree the Winter undresses she covers with her soft pink kisses and stroking willows makes them gush;

Mother Tree

Standing beside the tall sycamore tree, I am reminded of when I was three and standing by my mother’s tree trunk legs gazing up at her face high overhead;

Poplars (Erotic Nature Poem)

Rain droplets drip on poplars as their green fingers grip the sky. Reflected, they are fingers probing deep between the rivers thighs.

The Season of Love

First he unfolds his golden peacock feathers, then sun and earth, in love, are joined together; the butterflies make love beds on the thistle and little lovebirds woo with songs and whistles;

The Epiphany

One day, as I was gazing at the branches of a tree, I had the most amazing and profound epiphany. In that shimmering fragment of an instant, did I see the body of the living universe

When will our finest hour be

When will our finest hour be, when we fight to defend from those who poison land and sea and sky, the Earth our friend.

Love for Mother Earth - Nature Hymn

Oh, precious sphere of sapphire,jade and gold set in the dazzling diamond seas of night; your beauties and your wonders many fold; it’s a joy to behold their splendid sight.

Your kisses take me higher

I climb upon your first kiss, roof top high; then your mighty second kiss sends me to the sky; I bounce off of your third kiss high as the Himalayas

The Image of the Sun

Man was made in the image of the sun; his fingers like its beams for spreading light; his smile, the sun rise when new day’s begun; his mind, a lamp to make the whole world bright.


Tyrannosaurus; like old Tyrants you have gone. Did you hear the Greek chorus of raptors and Pteradons? Once king of the carnivores now a big jigsaw of bone; like mighty thunder was your roar

Like the bee upon the clover

Like the bee upon the clover, you, my lover, will always be until the white cliffs of dover wash away into the sea. Like the booming of the bittern is this love that swells my heart.


Bar-headed geese near the star-studded sky, what can it feel like to fly so high? O’er cloud capped Himalayas you’ve trod; high as a prayer reaching out to god.

The Millipede

The many-legged millipede is an impressive sight, indeed; a one man, miniature stampede, past slugs and other bugs, he speeds; trampling through the tall grass and weeds.

Spring Is Getting Ready

The Spring is in her dressing room; she’s still getting prepared; picking the dress of grass and blooms that she is going to wear. Fixing her hair and make-up;

When March makes up her mind

When March makes up her mind to burst into the spring; bright blooms, from seeds, unwind and all the birds unfold their wings to embrace the broad blue skies and the sun that seems so shy


Oh, march; why are you so coy? Why not open yourself to joy? The passion of green fire blazing. The Springtime can be so amazing. Oh, march; why are you so shy?

Haiku (For St Patrick's Day)

Emerald Shamrock whose three hearts of green help lift my one heavy heart.

The Robin

Mr Robins always brightly dressed; a red waistcoat wrapped round his portly breast and, over that, a long tail coat of brown; his tails forever flapping up and down.

The Missionary of Spring

Her only words, the song of birds yet I’m convinced the Spring is right. She does not preach but strives to teach and civilize my heart with light. Her gentle flowers have greater power

The Infant of Spring

The springtime is like a new birth held in the loving arms of Earth, with rosebuds for her pouting lips; pink flowered boughs, her fingertips; bluebells her eyes so bright and clear


Desire is a creature that lives underground; in its long, dark tunnels it crawls all around. Some say it's a monster; some claim it’s not real and ignore that deep, gnawing desire they feel

The Magnificent Rose

Like an amphitheatre are your petals red and round; like the mouth of a spectator going ‘Wow!’; opening your curtain of bright petals you astound;

The Beauty of the Rose

What a heavenly bliss is the sweet beauty of a rose; just like kisses within kisses are its petals row on row; beautiful concentric circles of curling, silken, scarlet flame;

Lantern of Lantana

Lantern of Lantana; I love how you glow; like joy bursting inside when love first starts to grow; like a big-bang beginning when a universe starts; an explosion of colours

The Spirit of Spring

The Spirit of the spring is a transformative thing

The True Golden Dawn

They have taken the name of Eos in vain. The true golden dawn is a time of great peace. It’s a loving touch that brings warmth and not pain and smiles upon immigrant faces in Greece.


She is the fox with its fiery tail; the whirl in a shell worn by a garden snail; the red in the rosebud; the blue in bluebells; the little black dots on a ladybirds shell.

Sea of bluebells

The bluebell’s slender, curling cloches pour down just like water that sploshes, as over woodland floors it washes in pools deep enough for galoshes. Even bark covered trunks of trees


Sage birds enjoy their singing and I enjoy to hear their voices brightly ringing, bringing sweetness to my ear. Wise flowers enjoy the sunshine; their round faces beam with smiles

Springtime, like a friend

Cheep by cheep, the chirping birds chip away at my gloom. And sunlight keeps, in golden shards, slipping into my room. The Spring time like a faithful friend tries hard to cheer me up.


A mask is like a mark upon the face; honesty like the suns own shining grace. A lie is poison poured upon the ear while honest words are water pure and clear.


The beauty of the Earth that means more to me than gold.

Hold on

The rain slips through my fingers; and dark soil and grains of sand. It makes me wonder what else could. The grass and trees? This bright green land? This moment in this hour

Nesting Doll

In her mother’s lap the little girl sat and in her little hands she hugged a nesting doll. I stepped back from the painting that was called the ‘Nesting Doll’

Short Love Poem

Love sheds light upon the sun; love makes the worlds beauty clear; sorrow makes all dark and dun but love sees flowers everywhere.

Light and Music

How loud it is, love’s music; it’s deafening to our ears; how strange then that it’s music only we two can hear. And oh how bright love’s lustre; like a star in the sky

The Element of Ecstasy

When East and West winds are entwined; their bodies, a great whirlwind make. When Earth’s in ecstasy, divine; that’s when we feel the planet shake. When oceans are, with passions, wracked

Let me be your rainbow

Let me be your rainbow; the sunlight in your blue skies just to see the bright glow of happiness in your eyes. Let me be the bright song that fills up your heart with cheer,

The Hairafter

Oh where do hairs go when they’re shed, when they grow thin upon my head? To some Hair heaven high above where angels tousle them with love? Is there a paradise where they,

The Undaunted Cupid

And yet the little cherub soldiered on; making his bow a crutch to lean upon.

Solstice Dream

Vervain, trefoil, roses and rue, under my pillow, I did place and dreamed a happy dream of you; of your beautiful, shining face. We danced beneath the solstice sun;

A Spaceman Came

A Spaceman came to gaze upon a rose.

Summer Rain

And, suddenly, the rain fell down. In its coolness, I wanted to drown. Against my skin, it tasted sweet as it quenched away the summer heat. Like silver was each precious drop

The Forest For The Trees

We saw her when we gazed on her with Neolithic eyes and felt that close connection to the stars in deepest skies but the closer that we come to her, the more we drift apart;

The hunter and the birds

The hunter’s eyes are sharp eyes and yet they fail to see how beautiful the bird is that he aims at with such glee. The hunter’s ears are good ears yet never seem to hear

A Native Of The World (Based on the tune to ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’)

I salute the tricolor of the sky and earth and sea; the lion rampant of the rising Sun king’s livery; those are the only banners that mean liberty to me, a native of the world.

Swallows, swifts and martins

Swallows, swifts and martens fly; like a feathery, lightning flash, go by in the blink of an old birdwatchers eye, across the broad, blue summer sky. A glimpse of wing and a two pronged tail

Hail to all

From a seed comes a tree; a tree in a field; a field in a village; a village in a region; a region in a country; a country in a continent; a continent upon a planet

Summery Memories

Summery memories of green and blue and gold; the world so bright and trouble free and I, just five years old; waist deep in the unmown grass, up to my heart in joy.

My Spirit in Heaven

My soul already, through the heavens, sails; wanders amidst the countless, shimmering stars. It catches hold of comets by their tails; visits all the bright planets that there are;

Storm Survival Pod

Some people think it looks quite odd; our orb shaped, storm survival pod; our neighbours think we’re oddballs too. They wouldn’t think that if they knew how many storms we have survived;


Within the blink (Too fast to think; the cheetah, prince of wildcats sprints with engine grrr; its coat, a blur of spotted fur, it’s here then there, so fast it flies)

Life gave me a flower

Life gave me a flower; I wanted a gold ring. I threw away the flower now I don’t have anything. Life gave me an hour to gaze upon the sun; I spent my time complaining

Before Love

I saw your face; that is the moment when I knew that my life had truly begun

Lazy Lizard (Just a short rhyme that occurred to me) (Inspiration Point)

The lazy lizard; he slowly slithers; he's as slow as a snail. But he’s a wizard, ‘cause when its withered he can regrow his tail.

The thistle

The thistle is sweet Nature’s kiss; epistle of electric bliss. When life feels like a hammer fist; her lips shine like an amethyst. The thistle will, from morn to moon

Summer Music

There’s Bach in the bark covered limbs of the trees and Beethoven in the hummed hymns of the bees and the little birds sitting on telephone wires

A poor man looks at the stars

Who owns the stars, I wonder? Are they private property? May my weary eyes still wander round them aimlessly and free? Somehow, the Earth got given to the rich men, kings and Tsars

The Birth of Cool

First the sky has a blues attack then Nature slips on shades of black. Night draws up like a Cadillac while mellow trees sway forth and back.

The flower of man

If he could just remember how he once felt in his heart

Happy Ever After

It was sweltering Summer; so hot I could melt and the sun was a gold deck of cards being dealt and I felt the green field and it feeled just like felt;

Wild Angelica

These wild angel’s wings, out of Summer’s heaven, spring; branching outwards, they take flight; flower feathers, soft and white. Bursting out like light each bloom is a halo, bright

Sympathy for the sun

Which among us never wearies? Who has a smile that never dims? Though the day be bleak and bleary, at least the sun still strives to glim. And when the sun is in its glory;

I’m always amazed at the men who’re married

When I see a girl in a bridal gown and she’s arm in arm with some idle clown or a man who is mean or rude or dim then I wonder what can she see in him. When I see a girl with a band of gold

Solar Praise

I praise the royal rays of Sol; the boldly blazing golden gaze of solar rays that raise my soul. Arise tomorrow; erase my sorrow; as your azure skies are my merry eyes.

To a grey hair

Slender silver sliver; little hair of shining grey; age comes to deliver more and more of you each day. You resemble blades of grass that winters frost turns white

Fairy grass

There’s a feathery grass that’s as soft as a sigh that I oft like to stroke as I am walking by. Common Bent it is called and as it shakes its head

The Creation of the Rose

On the eye, it must be a kiss.

Bagpipes and bells

Is that bagpipes and bells I hear? Is there a wedding somewhere near; coloured confetti being thrown on groom and girl in long, white gown

The Eternal Tree

with her I’ll be reunited

Mother Nature

Tenderly, she gazes, with blue skies upon us all and from soft bosom of the clouds milk of silver raindrops falls. With gentlest Summer breezes softly, does she stroke our hair

Happy Haiku's

The sun is setting; the sky is dressed in splendour and my soul is here. Summer birds chirp-chirp but just for a brief moment they were all talking...

The dancers (Changing perspectives)

He took my hand. She took my hand. He twirled me round. I whirled around. He danced. She danced. We danced together. She danced. He danced. We danced...

Traveller, take care (Narrative fantasy poem)

Traveller, take care try some other road instead; traveller beware, for grave danger lies ahead; a horrid monsters lair and the monsters not been fed...

Eternal Love Poem

This poem will go on as long as our love; the next line is below; the next line is above.


This is a diving board. Dive tluasremoS and SpLaSh deep below the surface of the blue green ocean; shattering reflections of the sun; rds blowing...

The Mad General (Anti-war Poem)

There once was a mad general named Octavius McGee who led ten thousand men, all just as brave as men can be. And he said to them “Keep marching and...

September Comes

Emerald is the little leaf that hangs upon the tree and happy is my heart, whenever I am near to thee but then September comes and that poor leaf...

Autumn Song

I sing a song of crimson and of gold. I sing a blazing song as bright as fire. I sing a song against darkness and cold; a song to raise our sunlorn...


On this page a poem’s hidden: Can you see where it is written? Then I’ll reveal it to you So that you can see it too. Heaven is a bit like this. You...

Badger Babies

Black and white badger babies snore, tucked up in beds of leaves and straw; huddled up snugly in their setts; mud-cuddled like the Earth’s own pets;...

The Friendly Dawn

At first two chinks of light amidst the gloom become my eyes and then fill with my room and then the smiling sun is there to meet me and birds, with...

Summers of Yesterday

Where have all the Summers of yesterday gone? They live in my heart and their light lustres on. From my heart, as from Earth, all their bright...

Love has wings


Poem with the Flu

A foul disease it is, this Flu. I cough add sdeeze. Atchoo! Atchoo! By dose is blocked. I caddot sbell. A rose from rocks, I could dot tell. Add by...

The Vulture

By nature, the vulture was built and designed to clear up the clutter lions leave behind. They may not be cultured and they may eat like slobs but...

Red Rose and Sky

Red roses and the setting sun, just for a moment, became one; of solid form, petals were purged and with the scarlet sky, they merged and in that...

Wilson's Bird of Paradise

I'm Wilson’s Bird of Paradise, behold these stunning plumes of scarlet, blue and gold; the whirling, swirling scroll-work of my tail; this fair fowls...

Chinese Bellflowers (Balloon Flowers)

Suddenly, the balloon flower’s swelling bud bursts open and open mouthed, the young girl gasps as purple stars unfold.

The Brave Little Robin (An Autumn Carol)

The Robin in the Autumn sings a different kind of song; different from the Summer and Spring when days were bright and long. Its tune becomes a...

Autumn Rabbits

What was that? That rustling sound? A brown leaf tumbling to the ground; nothing but old times gentle tread. Young rabbits lower long ears and heads...

Roses don't make promises

Roses don’t make promises and birds won’t tell me lies; the sweetness that’s in Nature’s kiss has nothing to disguise. And when I look up at the...

The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

It lifts my heart and soul to see the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree; bright colours dripped upon its bark; a rainbow shining in the dark, reminding me,...

Sleep well, Earth

Sleep well, gentle Earth, under your gold leaf blanket; lay down your weary head of fire and dream of emerald days. Soon enough you shall awaken and...

The Sandman, Autumn

Into the world the Sandman, Autumn, creeps and lulls the gentle child of Earth to sleep, blowing his twinkling stardust in her eyes; making her dream...

Some Autumn Haiku & A short Autumn Poem

A September day; leaves still green and sky still blue; Summer holding on. The Autumn is here when Maple leaves spread wings and become birds of fire...

The Blazing Autumn Tells Her Children

The blazing Autumn tells her children, that their suffering, she knows but that a season lies before them from whence milk and flowers flow that she...

How sad it would be but how happy it is.

How sad t’would be to see the sun no more; never again feel its warm rays against my face and all those blooms that, out of spring and summer, pour...

The Holly, Evergreen

Tightly, to life, the holly leaf is tethered; ‘twill not wither even in wintry weather. When blazing leaves have blown away like feathers, the holly...

A Web in the wind

I watched a web a spider spinned and, by spinned, I mean span or spun, toing and froing in the wind; its silk threads glistening in the sun. Though...

The Treasures of Autumn

Silver is the Autumn moon; stars, scattered diamonds, many fold; luxurious, the carpet strewn of leaves like bright and burnished gold. Silken are...

Autumn, To Some

To some, the Autumn season may seem duller; to me, it’s misty, magical and mellow; trees blazing with the most amazing colours; a rhapsody in red,...

A dram of Autumn

Drink a dram of autumn; of her whisky coloured leaves that drip like drops from branches and floors, with goldenness, flood. Though the days grow...


Look at the stars, Narcissus; they shine brighter than your eyes and each blooming rose is redder than your lips. Can’t you see their sweet kisses;...

Autumn poem and Autumn Nursery Rhyme

Autumn Leaves Red Autumn leaves whirl round and leap like dancing flames of wild desire or hearts of those who’ve fallen deep in love. They fail and...


Thistledown, soft as a kiss, went drifting through the Autumn air; bristling clouds, as light as bliss, blew here and there without a care. Like...

Made of Love

The Universe is made from love; I’ve seen it with my heart; each speck of dust; each star above; there’s love in every part. Some people might see...

All through the winter

All through the Winter bleak and dreary, the Sun seems like an absent friend but he will come home bright and cheery and, with green Springtime, make...

Beyond Autumn

A golden sun king sleeps beneath the veil of Autumn gloom and under every fallen leaf spring flowers wait to bloom. Now all the world grows bitter...
Gold cherry


Let us, a crimson sunset, be or wheeling starlings in the sky; try to live life more gloriously; blaze blindingly before we die. With music, let our...

The Victory of Light

Once more, the dawn's triumphant; once more birds sing its praise and, over fields and hills of green, the bright sun spreads its rays. Once more the...

Bright November Day

Oh rare and precious bright November day; I cherish each small inch of your blue sky; each sunbeam that you kindly throw my way means as much as all...

A Little Romantic Rhyme

Just like a pair of matching gloves you wear in wintry weather or like a pair of snow white doves; two bright birds of a feather, I believe, in my...

A flower grows

A flower grows, right here, within my heart; rainbow-like; a true miracle of joy but now, were you and I to ever part, I know love’s wondrous bloom...

Make Love Not War

Oh, why make war? Make love instead; share not cold trenches but warm beds; wear lipstick kisses, not red wounds; scream, not in pain, but rapturous...

All that Nature gives

She gives me all the stars within the night; one hundred, billion lanterns glimmering bright; the happy birds and pretty songs they sing; all the...

Nightingale Song

Too soon shall come the break of day; too soon the glistering sun shall rise when all the world awakes and they begin to yawn and rub their eyes. But...

November Wind

November wind, don’t blow too hard; the Autumn leaves are bright and gay; like golden stars and amber shards but you will blow them all away...

Merry as a peach tree

Dressed in motley costumes of their many Autumn colours; pretty peach trees do ragdoll like dances in the wind; making me feel gay when Autumn days...


What is this thing called happiness? Nobody knows. Some find it in a lover’s kiss; some in a rose. Some seek it all their lives yet don’t find it at...

The Moon Looks At Me

Gentle moon, I see you gazing; silver fire, blithely blazing for all humankind to see, yet you seem to look just at me. Why me, out of all the world...


The world of man, though on and on it goes, sometimes completely disappears from sight and there is nothing else except a rose; nothing beyond its...

Dream of a kiss

I dreamt last night of your sweet kiss and a bright sunset filled my heart; a pink and golden haze; a mist that poured into my every part. With honey...

Beautiful World

Whichever way I turn within this world, the most astounding beauty meets my eye; whether green velvet fields and hills unfurled or the majestic view...

Winter is...

Winter is a shell of snow from which the Springtime hatches. When Spring comes, green leaves shall glow as bright as flames of matches. When Spring...

The Meaning of Stars

I cannot read the words that heaven writes, in twinkling ink of stars across the night and yet their startling beauty speaks to me more than one...

Why should all men see god?

Do all see the same beauty who have looked at natures face? Does she move all men to tears or do some think her commonplace? Do all men see the value...

Remembering The Peach Tree

Oh, the peach tree has now shed its leaves, it’s true. Ahh, but what beautiful leaves, upon her, grew and what bright and cheery Spring blossoms of...

The domestic star

Candle flame; humble fire; spraying forth your fine gold wire, your pointed flame’s a spire, do you see? Do you aspire to be a star in heaven’s high...

It's daybreak

but daylight never breaks, it only can repair; repair my shattered heart with golden bandages of beams; repair me with a tender smile from its blue...

Love's Chosen

It seems a lucky few are blessed not once but twice; in this life I have you and, after, paradise.